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  1. It's funny how I comment on your entire posts and you come back with a very selective bit to counter with. Gave you a better prospect ranking than hockeysfuture.... crickets from you.
  2. I read several Oiler blogs, one of which is Lowetide who frequently outlines the potential in Gernat. MacTavish himself pointed out Marincin's strong play in the AHL this year (his rookie season) and states that he isn't far away from being able to play at the NHL level. I read and listen to several Oilers based media. (Something with a lot more credit than hockeysfuture) Hockeysfutre is a joke. It just takes players draft rankings and then puts a number on that. If you're basing your entire prospect opinion on hockeysfuture you have very little knowledge in the area. You again are being insulting. If all you can do is resort to insulting people on the internet you need to get a better hobby. Most useless post ever. Why am I being associated with Katz? Is that what the best you can come up with? It sucks when the team you cheer for misses the playoffs. Cheering for 3 teams and all of them missing the playoffs must be brutal.
  3. Oil Barons make it to 2nd round
  4. Oh yes, you're beloved Hockeysfuture. You may base your entire opinion of prospects on what they say but they are wrong when it comes to the Oilers defensive prospects. Gernat has been a force for the Oil Kings. He plays a more prominent role on the team, is 12th in WHL playoff scoring leading all defencemen on the team in scoring by a large margin. Marincin has been one of the best players thus far for the Barons in the playoffs. Musil is good positionally and defensively but his footspeed needs to improve if he want to become an NHL regular. He will never be an offensive contributor, more of a 5, 6 defenceman. Again, try to enlighten yourself on a topic before trying to tell me how I am incorrect in my analysis.
  5. You're forgetting about Gernat. All three of those guys project to become decent top 4, left hand shot defencemen. Musil could become a Smid type, then there is the 2nd tier of left hand shot defencemen where maybe one can turn out to be a decent NHLer in Davidson, Simpson, Gustafsson and LaLeggia. The right side is weaker with Fedun, Teubert, Plante and Bigos. FlyerFan believes in pretending he knows a subject when he doesn't. When did I say I don't believe in D? I said defencemen are harder to project. A team should draft best player available. So many Flamatics are bellowing for a centre, Flames might end up drafting Shinkaruk (unless there's some high school prospect that nobody has heard that Feaster's has a hard one for)
  6. Oil Kings beat Hitmen
  7. So I pick your sig for the playoffs?
  8. Not that you would take time to look into the Oilers prospect pool but the majority of the Oilers prospects are defencemen. The defensive depth in prospects (not playing in the NHL) is by far the Oilers strongest area. The Oilers are short on centres of all kinds and top 6 forwards. The Oilers are also short on goaltenders in the system. Add to that, defencemen usually take longer to develop. If the Oilers are short a defenceman now, drafting one will be a solution 3 years too late. Defencemen are also harder to identify in potential. Often some of the best defencemen in drafts don't come out of the 1st round. Anyway, drafting best player available is always best for teams long term.
  9. How is the standard of being competitive playoffs but then missing it but being close is being competitive? You either make it or you don't. Yeah, teams that make it to 8th place can win the cup but if you think the Flames had a potential Stanley Cup winning team any of the last few years you're sadly mistaken. Both these points are moot. The Flames fell down the standings this season and even if you considered them a competitive team because they were close to the playoffs, they aren't close anymore. And what would you know? Neither the Oilers nor the Flames have even been contenders in a long time. See right there, you are being insulting. Try to be civilized. If Flames' ownership was putting the wants and desires ahead of maximizing return, that would be affecting his trade value. The Flames could have asked Iginla to waive his NTC the first season after the Flames missed the playoffs and they would have gotten a lot more for him, one would presume. What excuse am I making? I didn't at all say the Oilers lack of success this season was due to RNH's injury. Oilers need to drastically improve in a bunch of areas. I hope they make the playoffs next season but obviously it will take some shrewd moves from MacTavish to accomplish this. Oilers won't be able to self gain a better attitude in one season but if the Oilers can bring in the right people to help develop the right attitude that would suffice. When have I praised MacTavish? Show me a quote. More insulting posts from you. I'm not losing my emotions on these posts, try to respond in a more appropriate manner.
  10. I beg to differ. What you are labelling as a competitive team is a team that was missing the playoffs season after season. The difference was the Flames were never a threat to win the Stanley Cup, not even close. The team had a core of primed or past prime players and were still coming up short to make the show, never threatening to win or even be a dark horse. You may try to compare the Flames making the playoffs in 8th as the Kings last year. The difference is the Kings have talented players and they were a far younger group. FYI, a team has to win the have a winning attitude. Just because the owner demands playoffs next season doesn't mean the Flames have a winning attitude. - I am certain the Flames couldn't have moved Kiprusoff. Kiprusoff told his agent he didn't want to go to another team. Kiprrusoff/his agent make a statement saying that he wouldn't report if traded. Feaster tries talking to Kipprusoff, Feaster gives permission for Nonis to talk to him and KIprusoff says he doesn't want to get traded and would not report hence no trade. - No. The owner of the Flames and Iginla were tight. The owner wanted Iginla to be a life long Flame according to 960. If Iginla didn't request to be traded he would have stayed and retired. To what end? It's fine treating players with respect but if it becomes to the detriment of a successful team then goal of the organization is lost. - So where is the salary retention from the owner? How much more value could have Bouwmeester have gotten if he was a 3.34 mil cap hit making 3.3 mil? I would imagaine a heck of a lot more. This is an example of Flames' ownership not going above and beyond to build a better team. The Oilers highly drafted players are playing well. These are the players who are making a difference on the team. The Oilers finished above the Flames so that streak is over. As of now, the Oilers are above the Flames in the standing and have a much, much younger core than the Flames. The Oilers were a disappointment this year. They have one of if not the youngest core in the league and the Oilers need better players to support the young core. Has Wideman and Hudler made the Flames a better team this year? These are not the type of players the Oilers need nor have any desire for. We will see if MacTavish will have a better ability than Tambellini in filling out a supporting cast. Filling out a supporting task is an easier job than replacing a core with new, younger players about to enter their prime which is what you're suggesting Feaster's task is. Oilers have drafted Eberle at 22. Klefbom at 19 looks like a pick that can become a productive top 4 defenceman in a season or two. That statement you made about RNH is aggrivating. First off, you likely hold no knowledge on the subject yet make statements like that. RNH has had a shoulder injury all season and played through it. Lowe is elitist and out of touch but just because Lowe is you simply cannot label everyone else the same way. See, there's the difference. People will say the Oilers are going nowhere, their managment sucks and so forth. They will then go on to say that the Flames will probably be better than the Oilers next season. Why wait for moves? If someone is confident that their team's management is better than the Oilers than make the bet now. First the Oilers were the Islanders of the west but now the Islanders look like a team. The season before people were saying how drafting high has gotten the Kings nowhere. Oilers still have to still surround the picks with the right players. Feaster has shown himself to be a bad manager. He said his fool me once quote to get fooled again and again. He also was close to throwing a major part of the Flames' future away for nothing. I still believe the Oilers will win the Cup in a few years. The Oilers have the talent which is by far the hardest thing to acquire. The Oilers need a GM who can bring in the right mix on the team to win. What are you even talking about here? Katz puts a lot of money into the Oilers both on and off the ice. The arena has also been finalized. I would expect better from you but you made a lot of statements in this post without having any knowledge on the topic.
  11. But what were the Flames doing the last 3 years? They weren't winning Stanley Cups or even making the playoffs. They were treading water. The Oilers do have a few overpaid vets on their team and Smyth can't be compliance bought out because he makes under 3 mil. And yes, the Oilers will have to consider the cap going forward with their young players. According the Friedman from 960, Tambellini was the one making the final calls. Moved your aging players? For what return? Iginla got two no name prospects and likely a low 1st rounder. Same with Bouwmeester who was supposedly this amazing big minute defenceman who was getting back to his offensive ways. Flames couldn't even move Kiprusoff. What highly sought after free agents? Hudler? Wideman? These guys signed big contracts and the Flames are worse this season with them in the lineup. The Flames traded their best forwad and their best defenceman. Yes, that would likely clear up cap space but is that cap space going to lead to more bang for buck? Bartschi was a decent draft choice. No one knows if Jankowski will turn out. Whenever the Flames are going to be a playoff team again, I don't believe Feaster will be the GM of the Flames.
  12. - I'm not saying that MacTavish will be better. I am saying that MacTavish is more of an unknown. Will he be able to do his own thing? Does he have a better understanding of the Oilers' needs than Tambellini? Don't know. What is known though is Feaster's body of work which isn't great. - Oilers do need to get some winners in the lineup. - Yes the Oilers need a #1 defenceman. The same thing could be said about a lot of teams. There aren't that many bonafide #1 defencemen out there and probably none that are available via trade. Oilers will have to make due with what is available. Not sure what the price is for the better defencemen available but Gagner is a decent trade piece. - That is not logical at all. Let me get this straight, you think that the Flames couldn't have used any of the Oilers forwards? Hall is the best player on either team this season. - The young players aren't the problem in Edmonton, its the lack of support from the vets.
  13. - Oilers need a big centre and there are a few players in this draft that fit that bill. It's hard to acquire impact centres, especially ones with size and skill. - Rub a dub has been ok. I assume that when you mention the Oilers top 5 forwards you're saying that's Nuge, Hall, Eberle, Yakupov and Gagner. There is no way they are trading Hall. He is by far the Oilers best players and some advanced stats show he is one of the best players in the leauge but these advanced stats might be skewed from him being a winger. If the Oilers aren't trading Hall they pretty much can't trade Eberle since they are best buds and trading Eberle might lead to distance between the organization and Hall. Nuge is the only bonafide centre of the group which would make trading him stupid. I would be mightily pissed off if the Oilers traded Yakupov. He has some great skill and fire. IMO Gagner has to go. - Oilers fans are caught up with being an offensive dynamo again like they were in the 80s. They can't be that team again even if they had the best players in the world. The Oilers still could be a offensive based contending team if the right pieces are put in place though. - I think the Oilers potential for this season was a mirage. Players that didn't contribute last season were assumed to contribute this season which didn't happen. If the Flames had those players they would be doing a lot better. The Flames have a good amount veteran support players so they probably would have been able to run a deeper team. Oilers support players have been non-supportive to say the least. - Dubnyk playing better is a half truth. He is more consistent which is what the Oilers need but his stats are inflated. Oilers are more defensive this year giving Dubnyk better looks at shots. I always say that coaches' systems make goalies. There are few goalies in the league who raise their team's success level. Kiprusoff is/was like that, it seems every other year. Hasek is the all time best goalie I've ever seen play. Look at Rinne and Lundqusit. Those guys both play on defence oriented teams but now that their team aren't playing as well their numbers are going down. - There aren't many team changing goalies. I can't even think of one who is playing like that this season. Bobrovsky is getting a lot of kudos but again the Jackets are a defensive team and his numbers are likely to be less impressive next season. Teams need steady goalies and then a good, consistent system around them be it allowing less scoring chances or allowing a lot of scoring chances but getting even more. Dubnyk seems to be getting to a level where he can be steady which is all you really need from a goalie. 1. I now hate Lowe. He can get the F out of here. I think MacT will not have to work in the shadow of Lowe like Tambellini did but I would prefer it if there was no shadow at all. I don't have a read on how MacT will do or what he'll do so I'm not overly optimistic. All I have to go on is MacT knows the Oilers need a change but he feels the players we got with the 1st overall picks were at a very high cost (of sucking for a season) so he is very hesitant to trade them which I hope he sticks to. As for Feaster, I don't know how you can be confident in him. He misanalysed the Flames twice and almost cost them a huge part of the future. One theory from the radio was Feaster might stay GM to be the eventual fall guy ie Tambellini after the Flames are done drafting high. That could be true but with Feaster saying the mandate is to make the playoffs next season, that seems unlikely unless that is a lie. 3. I agree mostly except about the losing. Some forwards except losing easier than others but I wouldn't paint them all with the same brush. 4. I agree. Dubnyk needs to be steady which he seems to be more or less this season. - See, I'm not sure where your confidence in the Flames' management is coming from. I can understand and agree to some point in the Oilers lack of management. If Lowe can be merely a spectator and a consultant when asked for advice, I'd be ok with that. If he is going to be active in management decisions I will be far less optimistic. I am 95% confident that MacT will do with the Oilers what MacT wants to do, we just don't know what he wants to do yet or his ability in analyzing a team and potential talent to fill in the gaps. We do know that Feaster was off on his projection of the Flames this year and last year. I'm not sure how you feel about the returns in trades he received but to me it seemed to be less than market with the returns other players got this deadline. - Why didn't you include Gagner in your trade list? Oilers should trade Hemsky and Gagner. Trading one of the 1st overall picks would be stupid IMO because no matter what the Oilers are likely to lose that trade. - Krueger needs one more year. If we still suck half way through next season then hire somebody else but I'm not sure about those guys. They like teams very defensive and that wouldn't be the best fit for the players the Oilers have. Boudreau would have been a great fit but he was snapped up quick. - I don't see Edmonton or Calgary as attractive destinations for UFAs this coming off season. Oilers could overpay a UFA but I don't think that would be good cap management. What the Oilers should do which is similar to overpaying a UFA is taking on a bad contract for one season and then buying him out the next season. This is something I suggested on the Oilers board; Oilers trade Eager, Belanger, 6th overall pick FOR Lecavalier 4th overall pick. Lecavalier would be unlikely to waive this NTC but if the Oilers told him that we will buy you out next season and he can resign with the Lightning, then the Oilers get one year of Lecavalier, get to dump their crappy players and get to flip picks. Of course this proposal has a lot of question marks like cap circumvention and if Katz would be willing to pay 2 million a year for 20 years. It would be a high financial price but it would leave the Oilers in a lot better of a position cap wise and player wise next season.
  14. - On paper those are all losses for the Oilers and I still believe if you're not going to make the playoffs, you might as well get the best pick possible. Oilers will then likely win one out of the three to get them out of being able to draft an impact player. - I am disappointed in my teams performance this season and the lack of adequate adjustment from management. I also think Lowe is a douche and needs to go. I can say that about my team. Can you say that about your team? I had hope that is more or less lost that this thread could've been more intellectual in nature with sound debate about which team of Alberta's is headed in a better direction. Unfortunately it has become a crap on the Oilers thread littered with stupid pictures and comments. I admit I lost my cool pages ago and it became a poo throwing contest. - No. What he stated was they were going to continue downward from that point which didn't happen. - I disagree that crapping the bed at the end is worse. They played games that mattered later in the season which will help with development. It is worse from a fan standpoint to have your heart ripped out but at least us fans where able to care about games in April. - The thing is there are so few posts on this thread now that are factual based. Dirty and Carty just crap on the Oilers and I become defensive and become just as bad as them which I admit is not good. - I'm not sure if Flames' fans are as critical as you say. I'd say the majority of Flames' fans approve of most Flames' moves. It might have something to do with the majority of the outsiders questioning Flames' moves which makes Flames' fans defensive and supportive. - Acting like a snob? This thread has transformed into something that I did not want but instead of trying to diffuse it I contributed to it getting completely out of control. I'm going to try to start fresh to see if it can get to the right place. - I resurrected this thread. I wanted this to be an Oilers vs Flames thread and instead of creating a new one I just found a thread in this section labelled Oilers. - If I critique the Flames without it being hostile, I would hope that someone would come and defend it without getting hostile of insulting. In the same fashion if someone critiques the Oilers I would agree of disagree and then try to support my argument. - OK, lets have intellectual conversation. - What are you basing your idea that the Flames can become contenders faster than the Oilers? - I had a couple bets that I remember. One was who'd get more points and another was a playoffs vs President's trophy. I will honor any bet I lose. - Maybe it's lack of being able to fully communicate one's thought process in a post but I made that thread much earlier in the season because I was troubled with the Oilers lack of success. One thing I am guilty of is riding the good and bad waves of my team and projecting that on the entire season. You did the same thing when you made your statement because you anticipated a downward trend from there. - The Oilers are eliminated from the playoffs. The better the pick they can get, the better off the team will be down the road.
  15. - In hindsight, the advantage of playing during the lockout wasn't all it was cracked up to be. They still had an advantage where they were playing together but players like Schultz were gassed out in the home stretch. - I agree - Obviously not happening. The were there but they lost three in a row then they lost all motivation. - Is it April? Spell my name right. - You didn't call that. A lot happened between Valentines day and today. Oilers had a playoff spot between "your prediction" and now. Are you needing to construe a post you made to boost your self esteem? - Please. That game wasn't the "If we win this game, we're in the thick of it" game. Oilers were already morally defeated by losing 4 in a row before that game. I'll give the Flames credit (which is something you NEVER DO for the Oilers) that they played hard that game. Saying that because the Flames farm prospects were plentiful in a game they won means they are a great group of prospects is very short sighted. - Oilers crapped the bed in the home stretch. It is what it is. - Where's the better? 1. Taylor Hall is showing signs of being a top 10 scorer 2. Dubnyk has a great save % 3. Paajarvi and Gagner have improved offensive seasons 4. Oilers have two rookies that are Calder candidates 5. The Oilers special teams have improved 6. They were playing games that mattered in April This is where how I misstated the Oilers season 1. Whitney - When he was in training camp media was making it out like he was flying around the ice. He is the Oilers worst defenceman this season and I had him pegged as a decent top 4 guy. 2. I said earlier that if the Oilers were able to get a better team save% they should be able to make the playoffs. They have the improved % but it was at the cost of offence. 3. There is a complete lack of support from the veteran players in Edmonton. Horcoff has been the best veteran, Hemsky had moments and Brown is doing ok in his role but players like Belanger, Eager, Jones, Hordichuk, Whitney and even N. Schultz are not only completely failing at leading the kids but they give no support whatsoever. 4. Again, playing during the lockout wasn't all it was cracked up to be. A lot of teams doing well didn't have a lot of players playing during the lockout. 5. Failure to act accordingly by management not once but twice. Management failed to bring in help when they could've used it and they failed to recognize the team as it was at the deadline. At the deadline, a team has to be either a buyer or a seller because being both of neither isn't good asset management. I thought this deadline was one of the rare times that the Oilers were suited for being neither but that ultimately proved wrong. That's the difference between me and you. I can actually say I was right or I was wrong and also admit my team's faults. You're the one who is so full of bias you'd spend an extra $10 to get Oiler toilet paper. I may be younger but you're the one who needs to grow up.