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  1. No one, and I mean no one that has any credibility in the NHL and of NHL media would call the Flames a contender or even headed in that direction.
  2. Salo's contract is bad but he probably would've taken a lot less to stay in couver. I'm not sold on Garrison. I guess we'll see but Ballard was another defenceman out of Florida that became a big flop once he hit Vancouver.
  3. That's pretty bold. The only way I can see that possibly happening is if Gillis doesn't trade Luongo and it eats away at the dressing room.
  4. I'm not sure about the Canucks and their defence going into next season. They lose an offensive right hand shot defenceman in Salo who probably could've been re-signed for 3 mil over two years. They replace him with Garrison. He came out of nowhere this season as a career AHLer. He played on a pairing with Campbell getting 13 goals. He was signed on a six year, 4.6 mil cap hit. He could very easily end up being a bust like Ballard. I think this contract will come back to the Canucks. Is their window already closing?
  5. I'm surprised they didn't merge the Canucks thread with the diving thread yet. I told you Edler was the best defenceman in the North West division.
  6. He probably will become an NHler, I'm just saying he's no shoe in yet.
  7. Horrible trade by Canucks. If they were going to trade Hodgson, they should have gotten someone more proven. Kassian may or may not end being an NHLer. If he can't make the Sabres, why would be some key ingredient for the Canucks. This was a delayed knee jerk reaction from last year's playoffs.
  8. What's your take on Thursday game?

  9. Where's your picture Darryl?

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