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  1. Still can't message anyone since Keyhatch banned me, even Dirty Deeds too, I think? But if you go to Wiziwig forums, it gives you the feeds or streams, if available, for all NCAA games!.. CHEERS!

  2. Actually, he is right. Boston College hasn't updated their website to include last nights game against Northeastern. Gaudreau assisted on the only goal last Saturday against Northeastern in a 3-1 loss. He then had a goal and assist on Friday against Massachusetts including the game winner in OT 5-4. Then last night, he ALSO had a goal and an assist against Northeastern again in a 3-0 victory. He has 2 goals, 3 assists, for 5 points, in 3 games this season. Looking very promising!
  3. lol @ Nuck fans and their "DEFUNCT" Vancouver Millioniares! No affiliation whatsoever other then a dirty city! They were NEVER an NHL team, who really cares if for some reason they are associated with a Stanley Cup! That was what 1915? May as well have been the "Memorial Cup"!!! Kudos to you Nuck fans! Kudos! Next thing you Nucks fans are gonna be tryin to brag bout is a golf tournament championship in April 2013! Then you be trying to claim it was a PGA tourney too, I bet! But the fact of the matter is, the Nucks wouldn't finish the job, even if it was the game of golf, but I bet the PGA would award you the prize just to shut you arrogant thick headed rioters up! Please Go Away!
  4. In terms of the Stanley Cup.....the Flames are gonna "Bring it Back" YO!
  5. Hey Bra, The Canucks are perennial losers. You should be used to it by now! The only thing that matters is the Flames have 26 playoff appearances versus the Nucks 24. The Flames have 3 Stanley Cup appearances versus' the Nucks 2. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Flames have a Stanley Cup, versus the Nucks.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, can't stop laughing!!!!! The Toronto Maple Leafs will win a cup FAR before the Nucks! And that says something! I wish you a long and prosperous life!
  6. It depends on how you define playoff success. Generally winning the cup would define playoff success. Outscoring your opponent could also lead you to playoff success, but the fact of the matter is, the Nucks HAVEN'T been outscoring their opponent in the "Gillis era" and HAVEN'T been having playoff success. Of the teams in comparison in playoff games played in the last four seasons, the successful teams have outscored their opponents. BOSTON - 56 GP, 166 GF, 128 GA DETROIT - 51 GP, 164 GF, 122 GA CHICAGO - 52 GP, 166 GF, 149 GA PITTSBURGH - 50 GP, 161 GF, 154 GA VANCOUVER - 52 GP, 139 GF, 150 GA On top of that, any Stanley Cup runner up in over a decade maybe more, has a positive goals for differential, but NOT the NUCKS. 2012 - NJ........59-58..........+1 2011 - VAN.....58-69..........-11 2010 - PHI.......76-61.........+15 2009 - DET......76-48........ +28 2008 - PIT....... 61-43........ +18 2007- OTT...... 59-47......... +12 2006- EDM..... 70-61.......... +9 2004- CGY..... 60-53........... +7 2003- ANA...... 45-40.......... +5 2002- CAR...... 47-43.......... +4 2001- NJ......... 69-52......... +17 2000- DAL....... 52-46.......... +6 1999- BUF....... 59-49......... +10 1998- WSH...... 53-47.......... +6 This would suggest that the Nucks had no business being in the Stanley Cup Finals to begin with. Even though they went the distance with the Bruins, they were BADLY outplayed by the Bruins. (Outscored 20-8) It was rather an embarrassment, no wonder the riot! Heck, if it wasn't for a lucky bounce in the 1st round against the Hawks in game 7 in OT, they would've been done. They were LUCKY to come away with that series, even outscored 22-16 yet won the series. Regardless, the list of teams at the top (Bos, Chi, Det, Pit) are examples of teams who have been successful in the playoffs over the past four seasons. ALL CHAMPIONS. And well, the Nucks, just simply are NOT on the list. They might be successful in getting to the playoffs, but they ALWAYS choke. You know it! Or at least you should if you are a Nucks fan!!!!!! Just sayin . . And for what it's worth..... when the Flames were in the Finals in '04, we outscored the Bolts 14-13 in that series. WE DESERVED TO BE THERE! . . Maybe one of the more "successful regular season teams not to win the cup" but if you look at the numbers you could also say the Nucks were the worst Stanley Cup runner up in DECADES!
  7. why does this stupid fuggin site post fricken twice every frucken time i post????????

  8. why does this stupid fuggin site post fricken twice every frucken time i post????????

  9. Happy Valentines' Day Space Monekey!

  10. Happy Valentines' Day Space Monekey!

  11. hmmmm...... I LET YOU!!!! HOW DOES THAT FEEL???? Your post was APPROVED BY THE MAN! :P

  12. hmmmm...... I LET YOU!!!! HOW DOES THAT FEEL???? Your post was APPROVED BY THE MAN! :P

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