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  1. I would go so far as to say that Eichel > McKinnon. People forget , McKinnon has only come into his own for the last few seasons , his first few seasons we looked like geniuses for not trading 3 1sts to get him because Monahan was looking like the better player . Once Duchesne left , almost to the day .. he's been a completely different player (anybody notice wherever Duchesne goes the team tanks??) Get Eichel out of Buffalo and you will likely see the same transformation
  2. phoenix66

    UFA 2021

    not a red flag at all.. players have a window to elect , and if a deal isnt already in place its just semantics that they file.. its not a flag that negotiations are bad BT also would have already known what the player was asking for before the trade .. i doubt it gets to arb day
  3. i think we are discounting the Toxic environment in Buffalo .. Eichel is a top 5 talent in this league .. hes in that Elite category .... at draft time he wasn't considered that far behind McDavid.. not as good, but was deemed a very acceptable consolation -- how many "bad " players have left Buffalo? and become what they should be ?.. Lehner, Hall, O'Reilly .. etc .. is not the player, it's Buffalo .. even Skinner has become a dud playing there ..
  4. my take on any Eichel trade is this ; cant include Monahan , cuz regardless of the right thing or not .. i cant see him waiving for Buffalo Johnny is a low chip in this from a Buffalo perspective, due to his ufa status, unless they get a chance to sign him first ( and then if he even agrees to waive but i think hes more likely to than Monahan ) Tkachuk would be the prize here even tho he carries a bit of risk signing wise..due to he can just accept his QO and walk after another year Buffalo cant possiby "win now" this trade.. it has to be about future .. regardless of his position , and demands.. trading Eichel is a concession of a full blown rebuild Calgary , regardless of whether they should be or not.. is in win now mode.. BT has 2 years left .. Darryl has 2 years left and is a win now coach .. we dont push the needle hard to the winning side , we will be full blown rebuild in 2 years with a new GM and Coach .. futures be damned .. If it gets done without another team involved, I see it being something like : Tkachuk Valimaki Zary or Phillips 1st 2022 1st 2023 conditional on games played , or playoff success , otherwise a 2nd if Eichel misses a ton of games, we get the cap space back from LTIR BT has to go all in on this .. he really has no choice . regardless of who it is he refuses to include, if it comes to light he turned down a done deal he's cooked
  5. i know what you are referring to but I did notice a distinct shift in crowd when the team fell on hard times in the early 00's. Many corporations gave up their season tickets and when the big ticket push was on "real " fans bought them.. so its been 100% better since then. Like JJ said we may not be rioters but games got more fun for sure after that . also when it really matters , it's insane.. went to one of the 2004 Finals games and my ears were ringing for a week . It was non stop deafening from puck drop to final buzzer
  6. true, thats just curb appeal.. TBH I'm glad its not some big behemoth in the middle of the neighborhood
  7. phoenix66

    UFA 2021

    ive been wondering , if there's any fire to the smoke that Pittsburgh inquired about Lucic, a few weeks ago id be very reluctant to lose him.. but now with Lewis, Zadorov, etc if we could flip him for a Zucker or something similar if its not something we'd consider . I still see him as a leader and captain material, and come playoffs he's a beast.. but i wonder now if his role is spread out enough that he doesnt need to be that guy .. but i credit Dube's and Mang's evolution to him for sure
  8. phoenix66


    did i miss something ? where is Parsons, does that put him starting in the E?
  9. here's the thing about risk. BT and Sutter both have 2 years left on their contract. I've said before I've liked may of BT's moves , but truth is truth ,, he hasn't moved this team ahead in this whole time. Some things weren't his fault (Peters, Kadri, Zucker).. but some things were ( not getting stone due to refusal to include Valimaki) It's chips in time.. no more playing safe ..... if it fails , he's fired.. if he plays it safe and we are still the team with questions in 2 years .. he's fired This team has a 2 year window before it gets blown up , or gets over the hump .. gotta go for it
  10. For what it's worth, I read the ask of Calgary for Reinhart was our 1st, Mangiapane and a prospect .. pass I also would not have included Dube
  11. phoenix66

    UFA 2021

    nope.. not even close to done. SOMETHNG has to happen with Johnny, we're not taking him into the season and riding him to UFA..his value drops every game if they do . they either sign him or trade him.. and even tho he now has his 5 team list in effect, thats not too much of an obstacle cuz it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess who those 5 teams are .. and all of them would love to have him. My guess is we sign him ... but the big move is waiting for some dominoes to fall or somebody to blink and i'd bet the farm Stone is back cheap again .. Sutter liked him , he plays the simple game
  12. also , with a small big team sample, one game can hide the real potential
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