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  1. But would it ? I was proposing Johnny ,but People is right .. Tkachuk , may be the way to go + TJ+Jankowski Matthews : $11.6 Tkachuk: 8M Brodie : 4.6M Janko : 1.7 Total: 14.3M Leaves us with 16M in cap space -- If its Johnny , thats 17M free We already have Top 6 D for next year we find a way to Move Stone , thats $20 M free .. only Sam and Hathaway as noteable FAs to worry about wanna take a run at same bigger UFA names .. Panarin ,Bob , Dzingel, Duchesne .. etgc .. lots of $ to do it In TO Case, they turn Matthews into 3 players of need ... if I'm Dubas, or BT .. i'm seriously considering this
  2. Its actually kinda scary how much sense this makes lol.. tho we dont want them to fire Babcock just yet , hes one of the keys to it happening I often wonder if BT or players read this board .... and if they say No , Offer Sheet Marner for the same salary .. they cant keep both
  3. Personally , I'm now pulling for the Islanders to win it all.. not just because it would be cool on its own , but also for the off chance somebody has a camera on JT when they do it That's like ultimate Karma.. only thing that would have been better , would have been them beating TO to get into the final to start with !
  4. definitely does make sense.. Bennett is certainly taking on more of the S-disturber role, so that part can be offloaded .. now if we can get them to add Kadri in , we definitely have something great i have a strong sense regardless you will see way more of alternate pairings for both those 2 .. I think BP learned we lived or died with them way too much
  5. I would also say that shots can be very misleading .. this is the 6-2 game, , lots of very low danger shots in there (high danger too ) They were shooting from anywhere and everywhere as an addon , I believe we had the 2nd lowest avg shots against per game in the reg season
  6. interesting thought .. both have have their merits , virtually guaranteed both pairs are linemates Gaudreau and mathews dishing it back and forth .. scary.. could be the space needed to get him open in the playoffs Tkachuk, does the dirty work .. no slouch in scoring himself .. for his intangibles alone, id likely lean towards keeping Tkachuk and moving Gaudreau.. but if they were to insist, id be ok moving Tkachuk instead
  7. I still shudder at the thought he almost went to Edmonton in that 3 way trade to get PoolParty but who knows., we may have developed him better ..
  8. INstead of Johnny? I might listen to that ..Matthews is borderline generational , if it got serious I'd think nobody is off the table
  9. Great point .. I actually wish we could have eavesdropped at the draft last year . I recall BT in some pretty deep discussions going back and forth between Dubas and Hextall, before the deal with Carolina went down Probably safe to say he was offering the same players to both .. in TO case , id bet money Nylander was the target .. possibly disagreeing on the D return ..we probably wanted Reilly I don't see anything from Philly being super tempting in that mold.. probably centered around Simmonds and we wanted to much more Read an article yesterday , BP said he went to bed the first night of the draft believing Dougie was going to St Louis .. mention of Parayko, not sure who else
  10. see, and I think Marner is way more untouchable to them. In a perfect world , they keep them all.. but this is a chemistry issue on their part. Just like us trading Dougie I'll go so far as to say they will not win a cup with both of them (TJ/Matthews) on the roster .. you can say all the right things , check your ego at the door.. but its obvious in so many ways .. he is not happy .. and if they are also committed to Babcock, there's another strike for me , Backlund is untouchable ..nobody on this team comes close to filling his role, but he needs to be usurped to the 3rd center .. focus primarily on shut down , expecting the 2nd line to shut down and score.. in many ways negates our top 2 lines
  11. The more I think about it , there is another player I'd take a serious run at if I'm BT Auston Matthews If you break it down , it makes a ton of sense from Toronto's perspective - you have to sign Marner to likely another 10+M, that's 3 players over 10M - They already have no money to improve their D - You already have a disgruntled player - its Hall/ McDavid all over again .. 2 alpha dogs where only one can exist - when they make Tavares captain its only going to get worse - his contract reeks of , when its up , I'm outta here . he wants to be where he can be the guy , which he thought he was until they shelled out for JT Calgary He'd be immediately the #1 center - push Mony to 2, Backs to 3 Id Start with Johnny , Jankowski and TJ.. pretty much 3 players with the same contract hit as 1 I dont think its unrealistic .. if Dubas is as smart as they say he'd see the value
  12. I've learned there is no such thing as never . Pretty sure if you scoured this thread from this time last'd find numerous references to " no way they trade Hamilton" 😎
  13. I would still put Calgary ahead Even if Fox does sign there , we knew he wasn't signing here there is no loss there ..he was a tipper that got the trade through Neither Hamilton or Ferland gave Carolina anything we didn't know they could do Ferland scored goals, showed flash of physical hurt..disappeared .. same way he played here . Somebody will pay him 5+ M this summer .. love the guy , but he's not 5M to me We knew what Hamilton is .. he logs high minutes , gets points, will never play physical He is a true#1 .. but there were other reasons he got traded .. he was addition by subtraction in many ways Lindholm, excelled ..showed he can be more than he was in Carolina and hes still growing Hanifin is where Hamilton was at 22.. we forget he's the same age as Kyllington.. this was his first season playing top 4 defensive minutes 30+ points on the 2nd pair. He is way ahead on his development , nowhere near his peak At this point I look at performance over expectation.. Carolina got what they thought they were getting... We got more than we expected.. for me that puts us in the lead
  14. What a Bizarre First round Both Conference winners gone All 4 Division winners gone 5/8 Home Ice Holders Gone It aint just Calgary Folks !
  15. Thats actually the idea.. 2/3 are also extremely effective puck holders.. slow the play down when needed and still maintain the attack