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  1. i think we will always listen... If im keeping true to my "nobody is untouchable" mantra .. then yes.. but to trade Backlund, to me anyway , now we're talking an upper echelon return. If its Toronto for example, those talks are dead if Nylander isnt part of the package ( just as an example. i dont think TO has need for Backlund ) and obviously BT feels the same way if he was willing to ship him to Edmonton (keeping in mind the prospect on Puljaarvi was much higher then ).. i read the other day the real reason it fell apart is we were insisting they take Wideman too
  2. I have love for Ryan , but he's not Backlund.. in center Backlund gets Selke votes . With the need Round the league for D, between Brodie, Bennett, Kyllington, you have dispensible assets to get that player .. I know I rallied against trading Bennett earlier but I could be convinced if the return made sense I do believe TJ and Jankowski can still be sent to TO.. Kapanen is realistic.. TJ and Bennett should get you Kapanen +
  3. I still shudder when I think about how close we came to sending him to Edmonton so we could nab Puljaarvi.. On the one hand we likely would have developed him better.. but that would have been a huge upgrade for Edmonton
  4. I 100% agree that he should get back to center , but I don't think he's tradeable ..we still have no replacement for him where he plays his best hockey I think you'll see a shakeup after the TDL.. if Jankowski isn't traded he'll be sent down..paving the way for Backlund back to center I think Janko is being shopped and sending him down now only lowers his already low return
  5. agreed on most, but we also have to remember any changes , especially with lines .. takes 10-15 games to see the true result - the old 1st line , and the 3M line weren't doing squat before the changes , so fine shake it up .. but ya have to leave it to let it start happening ironically both Monahan and johnny had brief resurgences just after , but it was short lived i read yesterday Ward is putting a heavy emphasis on higher danger shots .. not just taking them from way outside
  6. Bennett's production , we all have to wake up .. is not tied to points . Hes not the sniper we drafted him to be .. he never will be BUT .. hes a royal PITA to play against , battles the full 200 feet . makes space for others, brings energy .. his worth is not measured in points , far as I'm concerned he should be Backlunds heir apparent the bolded is my main issue with it all .. Great Players , leaders and line drivers.. make the OTHERS better .. they dont need players to make them better , if they do then they are just highly skilled players To me , Chucky drives play .. Johnny doesn't Even through the "Iggy needs a center" days.. he still drove his line and always got 30 goals Look at the greats.. Gretzky , Mario, Sid, Connor etc.. it didn't matter who they played with .. BJ Mc-Freaking_Donald got 50 with Gretzky, Kassian thinks hes an elite player now because he has 14 goals.. playing with Connor.. where Chiasson got 22 last year id be wiling to bet a line of Tkachuk, Monahan and Mangiapane would make this city forget Johnny eventually
  7. Love the Brodie one.. but in all seriousness Bennett is a guy I keep Sure he's not the player we envisioned , but he busts his hump every game, and come playoff time he's consistently our best player .. teams win cups with guys like him Czarnik I'm on the fence on..when he's gotten consistent ice time, he's produced .. just not sure who he bumps out to get it now I would definitely target Kapanen.. I'd try to resurrect the Zucker trade. Off season .. I'd , again sorry,. Sign Hall..then trade Johnny to an eastern team willing to pay.. get high picks and prospects..sign a Hall and you don't even need to get a top line player back ..he's a 2 1sts and a couple high prospects easy ... Talbot will likely move on next season, I'd target one of the backup goalies in New York to back up Rittich
  8. I for one have agreed with just about every coaching change.. GG, Hartley,.. Peter's was following the same path until the hockey gods removed him for us.. but one thing has remained constant , the players on the ice stopped responding. For me you have to go back to Brent Sutter to find a coach we should have kept ..he left because at the time ownership wouldn't make the changes that needed to be done (starting with trading Iginla) For me it's not a coaches job to motivate his players ..that has to come from within. We have a talented bunch..the talent is here to rival any so called true contender .. his job is to put them in a good position to win, a gm job is to give him the proper horses to do it with. We need the Czarnik's and Quines in the lineup.. the ones coasting with no job fear like Janko are the problem . Gimme the guys who bust their hump every time they step on the ice Johnny is Uber talented , but to me he is just not a game changer ..he's certainly not a leader. Say what you want about Hall, but even when he's been silent I've never seen him take a shift off . We just played 3 games and scored 3 goals .. 1 was garbage time .. the 2 meaningful ones were scored by Ryan and Janko Kane just torched the same Toronto team we needed a shootout to win.. big players show up in big games . How is this a coaching issue ? That in a nutshell is the difference between Johnny and Kane I don't care if you reincarnate a young Scotty Bowman.. coaching isn't the issue here I currently only have an issue with 2 players on this team..Johnny and Janko Yes I also want TJ moved , but I have no issues with his effort or teamwork.. just feel he's replaceable and needs to move on
  9. Also..my gut has a bad feeling about Dumba .maybe he's just having an off year, but he certainly hasn't been himself since the injury . And the fact Minny is willing to move a 25 yr old , on what should be a team friendly contract..makes me wonder if Minny thinks so too
  10. TBH if a move were to be made, Id be all over Laviolette before Gallant he's taken 3 different teams to the finals, and has a history of longevity no disrespect , or lack of acknowledgement to Gallant , but.. Vegas was a perfect storm - a team galvanized over a tragic unfortunate event - a team of chips derived from " your last team didn't want you " - some deals made by teams that should never have been made , that handed over Stars Full kudos to Gallant for pushing the buttons and keeping it rolling , but that wasnt all on him .,and again .. he has a mysterious shelf life I think Laviolette would be the better change if you're going to make one
  11. I get it .. i"m just not sold on Ward not having done enough to keep the job .. hes 14-6-1 , thats not brutal he changed what wasnt working under Peters , had some mild success , but he didn't break what wasn't already broken , our issue always comes back to hating to lose .. after break, I want to see Quine and Czarnik back in this lineup ... Both Gallant and Laviolette missed the playoffs their first seasons ... so its not like they're saviors . People are shocked Gallant getting fired being in hunt for 1st .. right now we're tied for 1st..and we certainly weren't when he took over I just think it sends the wrong message
  12. can't say I disagree.. its just a tenuous position. Promoted assistants dont usually transition well when again demoted. (see Playfair, Jim) i couldn't argue hard with the idea of the change, but you(meaning BT) just have to be 100 % sure he's not your guy , cuz you will likely lose him shortly after also ..associate coaches are typically hired under that premise .. that should anything happen they are next up .. like a head coach in waiting .. so again , you just better be sure
  13. i know i beat this dead horse a lot , but i dont think the Hall story is over.. if that happens, hes as good as gone
  14. its not often I 100% back Francis , but i have to agree.. if we dont get past 1st round this year . and johnny isnt a force that drives it .. i seriously dont see him back. even in a down season his trade value is high
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