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  1. Been away a awhile, haven't been able to think hockey.. but the spirit is coming back... too many to quote so just a few thoughts .. The lottery is definitely broken , its gone from a deterrent to tanking to an almost impossibility a real bad team gets that #1.. but it is what it is .. if the Flames win it ? Id seriously entertain trading it for 3 and 5... no knock on Lafreniere .. but hes not a McDavid ..i'm not even sure hes a McKinnon . Getting 2 Extremely good players for 1 , is a good gamble ... I'd want more than just 3 and 5 tho If the Hall effect is real , then Arizona will win ..even if hes leaving , at the time of the lottery he'll still be AZ property If EdM wins it , I'll lose my mind ..LOL aside from the obvious Calgary Hope ( assuming we lose the play in .. id rather win the play in TBH) i just hope it goes to a legitimate bottom 16 team
  2. Actually, if i understand correctly .. if you dig under the surface what the Oilers are doing is 100% PR They are bridging the wait period to EI benefit as well as "topping up the difference between EI and their wage " well.. I read that EI is waiving the waiting period, and unless EI is also waiving the allowed minimum earnings while on EI , the money they pay them will actually lower their benefits I gotta admit to being really ambivalent on this on the one hand , the Flames have always been known as being world class and above the rest for their giving .. and going the extra mile in the community , so i was very surprised when I read they wont cover .. i didnt see it as the Right thing to do , I saw it as The Flames thing to do .. not to throw shade on the new guy , but , I really feel Ken King would have done that on the other , CSEC workers are not unique .. there are many workers in the same position , in many industries..day cares, bar/restaurant servers , travel industry , etc.. who wont be getting work or as much work .. who is subsidizing them ? Everything the Flames stil have to pay for, is now being done with $0 revenue .. this is literally in the Millions even the gesture we are shaming them for , is nearly 2.5 Million ( i think I read there's approx 1500 workers who will lose an average of $1500) so again , its a fine line .. i dont think they should have felt obligated , but i do agree I'm disappointed they did not go their usual "extra mile "
  3. Sad day for sure .. I did have the opportunity to meet him a couple times , and I recall the first time realizing that unless you meet him in person you have no appreciation for just how big the man was . Love or hate what he accomplished, you have to appreciate his legacy .. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say without him the Flames likely would have been gone long ago. He truly believed and lived Calgary being the best city, the best place to be and stopped at nothing to push that agenda .. it is sad he won't see his final legacy, but I'm sure he was proud and we should be too that it's his signature on the deal that ensured it will happen . The man may be gone, but his accomplishments will live forever
  4. phoenix66


    Next year should be intriguing. We have to determine the backup situation, does Talbot resign? Certainly not comfortable handing it to Gillies yet.. What has me really curious.. is Rittich I'll go on record as saying i like Rittich.. he has progressed every year..and if they come out and say he's next year's starter I won't be disappointed . But BT is always quick to say if you can improve the team , you do it .. and some very tempting names are looking at UFA this offseason Markstrom Holtby Lehner Etc Again I like Rittich, but can't argue some better starter names will be available
  5. That's actually on mangiapane.. Rittich's position was correct were it not deflected off his stick Unfortunate mistake , but that's on him
  6. I'm not worried about Monahan without Gaudreau. He played a full season as a rookie without him .still got 20 goals playing with the likes of Jones, Sven and Stempniak.. We have enough playmaking wingers Monahan will be just fine
  7. And theres the rub.. good teams keep their top centers..bad teams rebuild around them .. but agreed if one should come available we should be all over it This one has had smoke around it for awhile .. if it were to be true , BT should be offering to wash Botterill's car tomorrow
  8. I agree with the point of improving #1 center .. ideally if we could do it, id keep Monahan-- that gives you Player X, Monahan, Backlund and Ryan down the middle .. thats a really deep center combo issue is , like you said, #1 center is probably the hardest player to acquire ..teams dont give them up , and if you can snag one in UFA they're likely either over the hill , or just about to ....this years list is very unimpressive.. you might be able to talk me into Mikael Granlund on the entire list Sutter tried for years , the best he could do was Olli Jokkinen Plan B is like you said, pair him with wingers that drive the play . because he can finish and typically is very responsible defensively (this is not a good year )
  9. i don't necessarily buy that .. i mean , Sid and Mcdavid wont be winning Selke's anytime soon .. i'm never against improving a team, and not saying hes a stud.. but hes having an off year and still already has 20.. What we lack is our top players being our top players game in , game out .. thats what MVP's do .. not necessarily offensively, but you can still "bring it" and not be on the score sheet
  10. i agree,, if you were going to do it it needed to be done right away .. i get how much a new coach can inject short term success, but that would be 3 coaches in one season .. recipe for disaster ... i feel its his to win or lose now .. ROS will help clarify that
  11. I am in no way advocating for Babcock here, but you look at Toronto these days and gotta think he actually knew what he was doing with that group
  12. EDM plays NSH next..don't know who to cheer for in that one ..just need it to end in regulation. Sucks almost have to pull for EDM to keep NSH from catching up
  13. Ya I would have actually played Talbot yesterday, then you can always come back to Rittich for the most win..or give Talbot another if he was hot
  14. Well if I'm picking between Gio and Gustafson to qb my powerplay it's Gustafson hands down So then it's between Gio and Anderson to qb the other one
  15. Ya between Gio and Gustafson that should be your 1st and 2nd ..in what order can be adjusted So far I'm not sure they've had a real true practice since the TDL so that will be a big help once they get back
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