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  1. possibly .. but i believe if its not a head coach .. if the other team is still paying him they have to top up the difference
  2. He was apparently approached about doing that in TO, so its not out of the question
  3. This is baffling me.. your biggest knock is that he kept starting Johnnys line in the D zone Do you really think for one second he did that thinking it would get them scoring ? No ..its because they sucked in the offensive zone 5v5 and other players were having better success creating and cashing in chances , so THEY got the O starts He got them out of there because they were hurting us ... come power play time , back to front and center Playoff games arent where you tray and get someone going .. you do things in practice , try them in game , and if its not working get em out of there .. I dont care if your name is Rinaldo or McDavid .. if you arent getting the job done , you lose your job .. and someone doing it better than you gets to do it.. simple That was always my peeve of the others.. they suck.. but just keep throwing them out there .. hoping that sooner or later they will click . This to me is the responsible thing to do.. do you think a $5M coach wouldn't staple them to the bench ?
  4. I seriously want nothing to do with him . First is the money , he will likely get paid like a 2x cup winner in arbitration second is his injuries Third , and i think most important is his game . I was hearing a roundtable on him and his game has to change , He has weakness for cross net passes .. lateral is not that strong ..teams figured it out and he's been extremely average ever since .. the game changed and he didnt He's basically a project again and I think now is not the time to be taking on an expensive project.. of the potential trade names I'm hearing, really only Anderson appeals to me
  5. and this is my thinking too .. keep the continuity , bring in players that meet his criteria Biggest thing for me , is get him a quality associate coach. Lots of good B coaches looking for work right now ..Hynes, Montgomery, Boucher , Maclean.. Boughner if he doesnt get the job ... Maybe Gallant would do it for a year if he doesn't get a HC job .. heck id even check out Tim Hunter and Rocky Thompson The rest of the staff i dont see changing
  6. Now just need to get him a good Associate Coach
  7. I realize it's not an exact science .. but when all is said and done , we were one blocked shot away from taking out the team that, barring a miracle , is going to the finals . Essentially we were Hamonic away.. U can question their path to this point , but Vegas is no slouch
  8. Makes sense . Also, should be interesting to see how players who may have a high cap hit, but low actual salary factor into movement Like Lucic has a $6m hit not including what the Oilers kept . But his actual salary is only $3.5 this year A player lo ik Getzlaf only gets $1M this year.. etc.. You may see more teams that need to spend for cap give things up to get players like this
  9. I missed that one..were they one of the teams listed as cutting payroll? I knew the Penguins were
  10. Id personally only want to to take a real stab at Anderson. Murray is arb eligible and likely will get paid like a 2x cup winner, when he hasn't played like one in 2 years and can't stay healthy. Kuemper is good .. but I don't see him being a full #1.. but he does have a good contact for 2 more years
  11. He has been . Won a cup with the Bruins . No he wasn't the head coach but assistant coaches play a big role as well. Left them to coach in Europe , won coach of the year and a championship. Returned as an assistant in NJ.. they made the playoffs and Taylor Hall won the Hart.. Success follows this guy and he plays a part in it .. Again, I would love Laviolette, 3 different teams to the finals puts you in the hall of fame .. but if you only value head coach experience in the finals then Babcock is your only other choice This guy(Ward) is a winner..period
  12. Actually no you can't .. you can only be 10% over at any time of the offseason and at this stage we've already signed Hall for $8M
  13. You mean like that massive overpayment we got for Iggy?
  14. Yes but you're forgetting..in your offer we can't afford him. Gio has to go to bring on his cap
  15. I would likely want frost in a deal but if I'm trading Johnny, I want an established top 6 forward as well
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