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  1. Been saying since day one.. people will end up living this signing Mann i forgot how good it feels to have a real solid goalie in there game after game
  2. Gotta admit tho still annoys me teams let them off the hook. Yes you can get a damn good player for cheap.. but teams gotta start making them pay for it..toss in a good prospect or pick with that player
  3. They seem pretty mixed.. no arguing he's a good d... 6×6 good tho? Hmm
  4. He is a good Dman.. but even tho he's been playing the right a lot, he is a LHS
  5. He probabaly got it from Freidman and Lebrun where I got it . Ya saw that.. good grab for a 3rd round pick... See we just need to be patient and hit these desperate teams
  6. He's already replaced ..his name is Andersson.. Andersson's spot has already been replaced.. his name is Valimaki What we didn't have was a replacement for Hamonic . Forbort wasn't it.. can't handle the minutes required
  7. Vatanen is not a defensive Dman ..we had to replace Hamonic
  8. It also involved them trading Laine apparently
  9. No..just a pick..he'd have to go with no money coming back... Now ..if he's still going to trade him he can go after teams desperate to move and swap money ..we don't know what conversation has been had
  10. The only people who think Tanev is overpaid are Calgary fans . Bottom line we have been trying to solidify goal for nearly 10 years.. you don't get this opportunity often and when you do it costs way more . Nobody wanted hall more than me ..but the fact is we didnt have the money..we already have to move more just to finish what we have We don't know what was offered elsewhere and turned down... Kadri and Zucker should both be on this team right now. No fault of BT they aren't
  11. And if he had ..youd be ok moving Johnny for a pick?
  12. darn ..was kind of hoping wed give him another shot
  13. No he made a decision to give us a true #1 goalie that we havent had since Kipper .. he cant do both If he had signed Hall people would be whining we didn't upgrade the net Last year that would have cost way more ($10 M - Bob) but he did try and keep Talbot , Reider and apparently even Gus,,
  14. word is they have a deal in place to send Schmidt to Winnipeg
  15. actually they dont ..have to move the money before they can officially sign him in their case even with overage they only have about 6.7 open
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