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  1. I would argue this wasn't a reaction to the playoffs, rather has been his MO from day one First player he signs ..Engelland Adds Brouwer based on one beast mode playoff Traded for Dalton Prout Peluso Went extremely hard at Ryan Reaves BT wanted this player profile all along I'm not overly concerned about the expansion draft just because with or without him we were likely already in a position to make a deal to make Seattle take a player to begin with And like I said before , I look at this as paying -$500k for Hathaway's replacement. Neal's replacement is already in house
  2. You left out Jankowski..which would move Bennett to the wing
  3. More like , pay Hathaway $1.5 over 4 years... Or pay Lucic -$500k I call that a win We didn't lose anything trading Neal..we already have his replacements on the payroll We dropped our payroll adding Lucic and replacing Hathaway with a better player for that position Now the most critical question that needs to be answered above all else ... Is will he really wear 17? Or will Czarnik give up 27
  4. True ..but as mentioned before his bar is low We don't need him to outperform Neal..we need him to be better than Hathaway..complete game wise ... Anything more , is a bonus
  5. Oh sure I'm not saying I liked the concept , just that we heard these Lucic for Neal rumors for weeks and many laughed them off as a joke ..well .. obviously they were true.. Recently we were hearing rumors of the Oilers and flames discussing Bennett for JP.. I'm more inclined to believe those discussions were really happening now Tho I would argue that Czarnik and mangiapane are virtually untouchable right now ..low cost offensive upside for your bottom 6..it's those players that allow you to pay your top 6 and not be a 1 line team Janko only goes if we get a center in trade for the same reason
  6. Whats really laughable is the oiler boards now calling for 35+ goals from Neal next year..lol Ya I can see the 21 but he's not suddenly finding the fountain of youth What makes me feel better in this, was hearing that he spoke with BT..he also spoke with Peters . This tells me BP is on board and knows where he wants him to fit .. Neal was always BPs 2nd choice for the top line , like he was given a Tetris piece and told to Fit it in somewhere He phrased it much more diplomatically but I'm also encouraged by Lucic saying he was sick of losing ..trying to do too much.. just wants to play his game again and have it actually mean something Losing can suck life out of you..he's always been a player that brings it when games mean something ..we should see a better version of Lucic here than Edmonton saw for the last 2 years
  7. Yep..personally I think he will but at the end of the day, 2 teams got rid of a problem. I'm not jumping on the couch but I don't hate it . On our side the good news is we don't need Lucic to score any more than we relied on Hathaway to score . Production is a bonus .we were perceived as a soft team, we should not have that perception any more Oilers are banking on Neal rebounding. Both teams still have players that provide what the other player is taking with them.. Oilers still have Kassian, nurse etc to be tough.. they needed Lucic to score ..so they won't miss him Flames have Czarnik, mangiapane who outplayed Neal..so we won't miss him here . The irony is , we have more 4 line depth than Edmonton so the odds are good that Lucic likely will score more here than he did in Edmonton.. The conditional pick is merely insurance against Neal bouncing back I would have greatly preferred JP in the deal, but at the end of the day ..I'm happy to have the player in Calgary having no expectations of him being a scorer
  8. He played on the top power play under Geoff Ward in Boston..he knows how to use him so wouldn't be surprised to see him used on the pp here as well to a good extent
  9. I actually don't hate it 99/100 people wanted Neal gone .. he's gone . We got a player back who fills a role that we needed filled .. we potentially have the horses already to replace the player we lost..the only players in the league that do what Lucic does as well as he dows it,. Are Wilson and Reaves ..and neither were gonna take Neal for bait ..let alone save us money in the end There has been smoke around this since the draft so not surprising there was fire .. Makes me wonder now if not including Bennett is if why JP wasn't part of it
  10. Oilers eat 12%, approx 750K.. so at the end of the day we saved 500K off the cap .. they're basically paying Neal 6.25 conditional 3rd.. weird rule .. we get the 3rd if Neal scores more than 20 AND at least 10 more than Lucic
  11. I suspect he takes over Hathaways spot at worst ... He also also has a very long history with Geoff Ward from Boston and Damn Iggy .. no problem talking Lucic into waiving but you couldn't pick up the phone and call Kadri ?? LOL https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/play-my-game-play-hard-be-physical/c-308305740
  12. The way I see it is this .. mostly comes down to fit . We know what we are getting with Lucic : - defensively responsible - a Massive upgrade to Hathaway ..whose role he will likely fill - if he pitches in goals, bonus - that beast in the playoffs we have been missing - a better player than Reaves Edmonton needed him to be a top 6 producing player and was acquired to play on a line with McDavid .. so in Edmonton , Failure .. so long as he more than makes up for the loss of Hathaway , he will fit in way better here I have no issues with him on the ice defending a lead ... I have no issues giving him a regular shift in the playoffs Neal .. if he isn't scoring , he's essentially useless.. hes not good defensively , hes not a play maker .. he uses the body somewhat , but nobody is scared of him Edmonton is gambling that he returns to being a top 6 player scoring 20+ goals.. if he doesn't , and ends up in the bottom 6 again , they will be hating him I'm the first to admit I truly believe this year was a blip for Neal, but hes again going to be asked to produce with fast players.. granted RNH will be much more effective in getting him the puck than Jankowski was , and Tippett knows the player already .. so the chances of him regaining form are good This isn't sour grapes.. I like Neal .. but as long as we get the Lucic we know we are getting .. if Neal rebounds and gets 20 again , then i call it a draw .. If Neal falls off a cliff again , we win .. if Lucic rediscovers a scoring touch and get 15 or more ? we win Czarnik looked great in Neal's spot when he was injured .. so its not like he is leaving a hole .. Lucic fills a hole for us .. an everyday player , who brings toughness, and doesnt hurt you on the ice .. we arent asking him to be a top 6 scoring forward like Edmonton was .. the bar is actually pretty low for him to be successful here Ive said the whole time , always liked the player .. just hated the salary .. i can look past it if he brings the beast for us and besides .. Edmontons playoff run a few years back was due largely to 3 players .. and now we got 2 of 'em
  13. they would take the % equivalent of salary retained in their cap hit
  14. well its official -- 750K retained, so we save $500K off our cap .. 3rd round conditional https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/flames-acquire-milan-lucic/c-308304944
  15. I like Erickson less than NeaL.. Lucic can at least play in his own end
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