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  1. Can't script that any better.. unless it's regular season in Edmonton and Talbot in net . All that's missing now is Lucic getting in a scrap with Kassian 😁😎
  2. We need to remember too, as much as we value Valimaki, and expected him to take Anderson like strides this year.. we are looking for a 6/7 Kyllington will likely have dibs on the 6 spot, his to lose ..and we already have Davidson.. it's just if one more goes down we have no depth.. Fantenberg in hindsight was perfect..that's likely what BT is targeting..unless Brodie is still on the market
  3. Assuming you sign another cheap defenseman. He just replaces the cap hit we already assigned to valimaki since he will be on IR
  4. with this he likely does become the #6.. its the 7/8.. Davidson is likely a lock .. to be honest , i liked him in Edmonton , .. its that #8 spot we need to fill
  5. I put the biggest blame on Buffalo.. Eichel got his $10M. Way too soon.. I at least get McDavid , but even he is overpaid in my opinion
  6. That was my first thought..too bad we didn't pay a team to buy him out for us , now we can't even if we wanted to. Good thing is we can sign a cheap guy and it's not really cap affecting since valimaki will be on IR Bad as it sounds , Dion could be an option can't see him signing for more than a million The other irony here, is this is exact scenario BT gets in trouble with signings. He signs a guy out of Need.. then the unknown makes that player obsolete. Stone gets passed by the Kids, Jooris steps up etc. so . the silver lining here is if he spends money or assets on a new D, that means Yelesin will become a stud I wonder if it makes more sense to bring a few D into camp on PTO's and see what shakes down
  7. I do feel strongly that this whole thing is out of hand , and some team needs to make a statement by letting one of these players sit . My biggest issue is with "percentage of cap ".. I'm sorry , guaranteed it was an agent that came up with it , but its a joke that is creating this mess.. as well as this is one of the first true crops of RFA's who grew up getting participation trophies . In no way should any player in this league be getting paid more than Sidney Crosby.. not his biggest fan , but he has won Harts, Scoring Trophies, Stanley Cups , and I believe a Conn Smythe as well? Not even McDavid is worth it yet .. what has he done ? ok , scoring and Hart.. but hes nowhere near the credentials of Crosby Gio has won a Norris, been in the conversation many times.. Johnny is a true superstar .. they should be our highest paid players , period .. I'm sorry but Matthew hasn't earned it to be our highest paid player .. i could accept equal , but not more.. but he will likely get it In No world is Marner worth more money that Crosby, or even Tavares for that matter .. hes looked good coming out of his entry deal .. awesome , but hes gonna get over $10 M most likely Dubas needed to let Nylander rot on the vine last year , but he caved .. at some point one of these kids need to be told, here is your offer .. call when you are ready to sign it.
  8. he actually did very well in Boston, which is a good thing , since that was under Geoff Ward, so if he has use there we have the coach already that knows how to use him I agree we should temper expectations, but i do feel strongly one way or the other this time next year we will be saying good things about him
  9. I'm definitely ok with this.. I've read more than once that Oates is to Skills coaching what Sean Burke was to Goalie coaching I'm in no way expecting this, but how darn hilarious would it be if Lucic produced next year and Neal fell off a cliff again .. keeping in mind what ever Neal gets i'm subtracting how many Chaisson misses 20 by as a real gauge
  10. only problem is the closer you get to the TDL the less you get , and past that you lose him for nothing
  11. I feel at the end of the day,. Bill Torre's statement to Brian Burke nailed it.. It's no the heavy team , it's not the fast and skilled team and it's not the great Specialty Team that wins the cup.. it's the one that can beat all 3 We have skill, we are a much better at specialty teams. But we get beat up by the heavy teams Nobody knows better what this team is missing than the players in that room..so it says a lot when Frolik states we needed more heaviness,. Gio is pumped to have Lucic and Johnny is over the moon at getting Lucic as well
  12. Agreed , I'm not too concerned at this point . BT has stated he's confident he'll sign before camp. He never said that about Johnny, and Toronto certainly isn't saying that about Marner. In past cases he always have his stock " it's only down to term and money now " answer Derek Wills had an opinion that the parameters may already be in place but things like moving money may need to happen first. ( A possibility, not a prediction) Yea a team can exceed the cap during offseason but being over would kill any leverage they have to get a good return on guys like Frolik and Brodie for example In those cases I'm sure he already has dump offers but won't use them until absolutely necessary I get no sense from any side that there is any tension or fear of not getting something done in time
  13. I'm watching 2 things this year.. not only how many does Neal score but how many less does Chiasson score because if Neal gets his 20 and Chiasson drops to less than 10 then that's a direct benefit of his linemates I suspect he will slot in with RNH, as he like many is too slow to play with McDavid consistently Edmonton has the advantage with Neal as they have a 2nd line that is not a checking line Neal could have played with Backlund for offense , but he can't shutdown. Jankowski is a shooter , he needs a set up guy. It was pretty much top line or bust and lindholm owned that slot
  14. I am definitely on board with getting a little grittier. But I do think many are overreacting to the playoff exit in general Tweaks are normal and will happen every year but let's not forget, this team was 2nd best in the regular season..no small task, and we essentially did it without James Neal..so Lucic is an add. I don't think many are calling for John Cooper's hear or to blow up the Lightning and that was way more of an epic crash. For asset management reasons primarily Brodie and Frolik need to go, one of them (likely Frolik) need to be a salary dump with no salary coming back
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