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  1. jus' sayin'.. i mean Scott N flat out said he was only going to Anaheim to play with his brother.. took a lesser offer to do it but at the same time he was near the end of his career too ..
  2. ya I read that Blog too.. figured even then either this guy is a total insider , or no way anybody knows yet
  3. oh, not saying its a guarantee but its certainly a negotiation point
  4. agreed.. dont wanna hash up the whole drama again , but I seriously believe it was concocted by Karlssons wife , to get her husband out of Ottawa without being the "bad guy"
  5. never underestimate the Bro factor.. how many players get to win a cup with their brother ? I think the Niedermeyer's did it last
  6. yep.. i do believe his intent is to see what UFA offers him .. which is actually I do believe is rental price wont be the sky high haul we are hearing about . Something like Brodie, our 1st (maybe next years 1st conditional on resigning ) and another small piece COULD get it done
  7. oh i totally agree that's his market value .. but for some reason , BT has come in with a number way under predicted every single time .. so ive given up trying to seriously predict
  8. hes probably the only player out there that I'd consider getting slightly uncomfortable for .. a 30 goal winger still young , fits the model of our team perfectly . BT has a charm somehow , could probably lock him down near 7-7.5 But again , I trust BT not to do something silly... I just have this gut feeling one of those 3 is coming by Monday
  9. I trust BT to walk away if the price gets ridiculous, but having said that .. i do suspect still that the final sell price will be well below what we are hearing unless an extension is involved . Since I haven't seen it in a very long time , I'm assuming "future considerations" are no longer a thing (eg if he resigns we will give you x player ) so the haul of Grade A prospects being speculated on I don't see happening
  10. there was chatter on this yesterday .. Sens were going short term , higher $..ala Matthews .. i figure if that were a 7 or 8 year, that AAV comes down
  11. not yet , i read yesterday we are only at around 45.. but totally , ya this makes me think hes working on something that needs every penny I'm gonna go out on a limb , and predict what my gut says .. we get one of the Big 3-- Stone , Duchesne or Panarin
  12. same ...a $1M UFA depth fwd with a history of performing in the playoffs .. thought that was a no brainer myself Only thing that makes sense to me is BT is working on something bigger and even the $1M hit could not leave enough room
  13. This is Hilarious .. Gotta Love Lou lol
  14. What bad habits are you referring to?
  15. They really gotta start putting Backlund out for shootouts..guy has amazing one on one skills