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  1. Wonder where Iggy will land...

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    2. TrippinVdUb


      How is that a dick move? the guy wanted to play in Pitts, it didn't work out so now hes going else where....

    3. TheAce


      wonder how the fans will react to him ?

    4. Invin


      I bet there will be a few boos on opening night but they'll get over it as soon as he scores haha.

  2. Not digging the heat... I'd better get use to it though considering that I'm going on a cruise in August.

    1. Invin


      I thought you meant Abbotsford haha.

    2. FlamesShine4ever


      Hahah nice one. Can't exactly cruise on land though. ;)

  3. This flooding is insane... I was only a few blocks away from being evacuated. Hope everyone here is doin' alright.

  4. The Kings-Blues series has some wicked awesome playoff hockey going on. My favourite series this playoffs by far (although watching the Canucks get blown up is pretty great too).

  5. Iggy playing well tonight so far. :) Nice to see playoffs Iggy

  6. This draft lotto is awfully suspicious...

  7. I just have to do this: LOL Oilers. :D

  8. Musical lineup? T'is going to be an interesting evening.

  9. Nice to hear that Iggy scored his first for the Pens already. :)

  10. Man them 'allergies' sure are bad this year.

  11. Beautiful day today. :) Although this also means that allergy season is drawing ever closer.

  12. A six hour break is a bit extreme... 'm bored and hungry.

    1. s4xon


      Unfortunately that is a downfall of going to school in our adult lives. I'm in the same boat, and I feel your pain :(

    2. FlamesShine4ever


      Yup. I remember the days where having a little over an hour off felt like forever. :P I have a long 6ish years left (assuming I got to law school and don't take a break at 22, which is something I'm considering)

  13. Well that essay was all kinds of painful... I also wish Anie a happy happy birthday!

  14. Wow. New look for the board. :3

  15. "It's time for the flirting to be over. Let's get married. Let's go to church," Bob Hartley on pushing past the .500 mark ~ Is it weird I laughed for about 10 minutes when I read this on facebook?

    1. Invin


      We need to start documenting Hartley's metaphors. Whipped cream, cutting down trees, getting married... could make quite the list :D

  16. Can't stand afternoon games. Ughhh.

  17. Rocks for Jocks is probably the most boring class I've ever taken. At least I can look forward to going to the game tomorrow after my midterm. :)

  18. Got a pair of ticket for my bday to the Dallas game on Wednesday! :) I haven't been to a game in ages! (Also got Hitmen ticket to the Saturday game!)

  19. Poor Backs. :( Out 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain.

  20. Well crap. Looks like I'll miss most of the game tomorrow.

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    2. FlamesShine4ever


      I wish I could phone in sick. I have two lectures in that time period. I can miss one, but the prof for the other class doesn't use blackboard...at all

    3. DirtyDeeds


      Blackboards?? Are you guys still in the Ice Age?? How about video conferencing and between periods 2x 15 min lectures which is about the max attention span of the average person these days anyway. (c:

    4. FlamesShine4ever


      Blackboard is computer system thingy (think of D2L... if you know about that). So you can get notes off of it and all. Actually this prof uses the overhead which is essentially the same as a blackboard hence why I can't skip.

      I may have chat open during my second lecture so I can keep up and all. (I bet my attention span is about 5 minutes at the max now anyway xD)

  21. Kip is day-to-day. :/ Hopefully he gets back soon (and Irv plays well in his absence)

  22. Who knew a button on the inside of my teeth (for my braces) could be so annoying. Arrgggggg. I'll also miss some of the game tonight as I have a class that doesn't end until 6:15 (getting me home around 7).

  23. Aww crap. Sven is injured and is listed as week-to-week.

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