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  1. Most of CDC did implode...... even now, while there are many fans trying to make the best of it and defending the pick, there are still a large amount of fans who were and are upset at this pick. I had Juolevi as the 3rd best d-man as well but passing on Tkachuk was just plain silly.
  2. I think most canuck fans are more than ok with losing right now.... Noone expecting them to be in a playoff spot so the worse they do the better chances at a higher draft pick . If you compare what the expectations were for both teams heading into the season, Id say its the flames fans who are much more upset with how this season has gone especially in the last 4 games or so that were must wins for Calgary ....
  3. lol, yeah, just after posting that comment he went out and had a forgettable game for sure. Tough call, do we spend that much on our 5th D-man ? Id be more inclined to go Tanev-Edler, Bieksa-Hamhuis, Weber-Clendening as a top 6 and re-sign Stanton or Corrado as our 7th D. The money saved on Sbisa can maybe go towards a 3 year 9 mil deal on Mattias or keeping Dorsett and Richardson . Not sure if thats enough for Mattias, but it would almost double his current salary and it gives him some stability to a team that he has found some success
  4. Tanev is one of those guys you'd have to watch regularly to understand why Canucks and the fans are high on him. You almost never see him cough the puck up or make a bad pinch. He makes the smart pass out , rarely ever takes penalties . He is exactly the type of player Edler needs as well , someone who can hang back and be the defensively responsible player. I dont mind Sbisa but i personally believe he was just a salary dump player from Anahiem in the Kesler trade. With Tanev expected to re-sign i dont think there was much thought of ever re-signing him
  5. Pretty happy about the Tanev signing...... Last season he was our most consistant D-man so 4.45 is a very fair deal. One of the things that annoys me is how most articles or analysts keep talking about the last 2 spots being up for grabs between Calgary, LA and the Jets. They are only 2 points behind Vancouver with lots of games left...... I dont think anything is safe with how this season has gone sneaky little pun added in . . .
  6. Then it will be up to the players to ask management for a trade. So far most of them have come out and said they wont waive or want to finish there career out in Vancouver. Lots of opinions on CDC, i dont usually put much into it . Having said that, if Benning can get Mattias to sign in vancouver for similar money to Higgens, then id be ok with trying to trade him. As far as Bouwmeester, I would take him on the canucks for sure. My comment wa more about you alluding to him being a top defensive d-man. While he is a good all around player, Id suggest he is more noted for his ability to eat big minutes every game and is a great puck moving, smooth skating D-man who can score 5 or 6 goals a year. Yeah, i could see him starting on a 3rd line with Horvat but its just a guess that he will be the player signed. I cant see Benning trading for him just to lose him 6 months later without giving him a chance to prove himself. I havent really seen much of Sven so other than reading comments on this thread, I dont know much about him
  7. I wasnt ignoring it, I just dont know who will stay and who Benning will sign in the off season. Our top 9 forwards are signed, top 3 D-men ( and Tanev being our 4th will be top priority ) and both goalies. If i had to guess id assume Vey, Baerch and Kenins will round out our forwards . Clendening, Corrado and either Weber or Stanton rounding outthe D-men. There should be enough money to sign those players i mentioned and be somewhere near the cap limit
  8. Vancouver has always been a team that is tight up against the cap. . . . as far as who they will keep from that group, i know that Tanev will be the top priority and the rest will play out on how we do the rest of this season and how much our prospects have moved along.
  9. The point he is making is why do they need to be traded ? They are on very decent contract terms and fill what the canucks need. If we were in a full rebuild mode then it would be a concern but we arent. I'll ignore the Jbow comment of being considered one of the best defensive D-men but this tells me the Flames were in a full blow it up rebuild and were trading or getting rid of any valuable vets that could fetch something back. This goes back to the differences between Calgary and Vancouver's rebuild's . Your team had missed the playoffs a few years in a row and it was obvious that it needed to get blown up. They have no reason to trde them so its not an issue..... You think its an issue to trade them because you see Calgary and Vancouver being in the same situation and needing to take the same course of action that Calgary did. What makes you think we have been trying to find a replacement for Higgins for the last 4 years ?
  10. That tells me the Flames did a full ' get rid of everyone' rebuild while the Canucks are doing a rebuild on the fly Just wondering what web site you got those stats from ? Id be curious to see where Vancouver matches up with the rest of the teams in the league
  11. Your Vancouver list includes 1 top 6 player ( Kesler ) and 1 top 4 D-man ( Garrison ) for the canucks. I listed almost your entire top 6 forwards and 2 of your top 4 D-men. I left off numerous of players who only played a couple games or who i wouldnt really consider core players otherwise i could have just as long as a list as you. And none of the moves that Vancouver made are the result of a rebuild. If you want, we can go back 3 years and see who is still playing for the Flames vs who is still playing for the Canucks and it may break it down better . But at the end of the day, im curious as to what got you so upset at me calling it a total rebuild ? What would you call it ?
  12. Since the start of this rebuild, here is a list of the players who are no longer with the Flames Iginla, Cammalleri, Stempniak, Tanguay, Glencross, Jackman, Bouwmeester, Butler, Sarich The Flames have had to replace both goalies, almost the entire top 6 forwards and atleast half of the D. If that isnt considered a complete rebuild then i dont know what is ?
  13. I dont see the Sedins ever being traded. It is very unlikely that i team can ever take on both of there contracts and that is fine with me. They have done so much for the city of Vancouver with there charity work and contributions that sometimes its not always about the on ice that makes players valuable to an organization. The biggest difference i see between the 2 clubs is that the first year Vancouver didnt make the playoffs they started making changes. Calgary didnt do this but stuck with the ' lets find someone for Iggy' mentality for a number of years before finally makingthe decisionto rebuild. Calgary is doing the 'get rid of everyone and completely rebuild ' and Vancouver is going through the rebuild on the fly mode of staying competetive . Both have positives and negatives to the approach
  14. Pay attention ? here is your original quote : Management - Trever Lindon is better? What experience in running a hockey team doe he have to improve the running of an NHL hockey team? How does running a few fitness clubs make him so much better a leader? You questioned if he was better and i gave you 3 examples of moves he did that makes him better than the previous president ( who you yourself have blasted a number of times ) Who cares what experience he has if he is making the right moves. Your own quote showed your answer : GM - Jim Benning. At least he has some decent apprentiship.. but upgrade?? no not yet... You asked if Benning was an upgrade over Gillis and followed it up with an answer of no not yet . That is a quote of you saying he is not an upgrade ! thats not me putting words in your mouth. You dont think he is an upgrade and i believe he is. I then listed examples of what he has done differently that Gillis and why i believe he is already an upgrade We both agree AV is the better coach. AV had just spent 8 seasons with Vancouver and it was time to move on..... this happens with all coaches. Pittsburg also disagrees with you on this since they offered Desjardins a contract. With 2 of the top 5 players in the league ( Crosby, Malkin) they are clearly not in a rebuil mode but are in a win now mode. If I pointed out that Miller has better numbers this year over Luongo an easy rebuttal would be that he is playing for a better team. The same can be said for Luongo's career compared to Miller who was stuck in Buffalo is entire career. I put these guys on very equal footing and always have regardless of what team they were playing on You do know what it means to be a prospect right ? Why would i judge Markstrom on 1 period of play 2-3 years from now ? I dont expect the Sedins to win a scoring title again. On average they are point a game players and had 2 above average years in which they won the titles. they have since returned to being point a game players so that is why i dont garee they are on the decline. The seasons following Iginla's first 52 goal season, he followed it up with 35, 41, 35 and 39 goals. Does that mean he was a declining asset or did he just return to his average scoring numbers after an exeptional year ?
  15. For some reason i cant quote the entire message , but i'll try to keep it in order . Your first complaint was about Trevor Linden and you questioned how he was gonna make things better, especially having no experience running a team. I gave you 3 examples of things he did to improve this team. As a rebuttal you talk about AV being a better coach and maybe Gillis should have been fired. Stick to the topic. The Linden topic is what he has done to make this team better. He fired Torts, he hired JB and hired WD. Those are 3 positive things He had nothing to do with AV nor could he bring him back so he hired a coach who was sought after by the Penguins, so Vancouver wasnt the only ones who think he was a good coach. Your 2nd complaint was saying that JB wasnt an upgrade. You need to pick a side and stick with it because so far youve only said negative things about Gillis and suggested he should have been fired before AV , but then you turn around and say that JB isnt an upgrade. We dont know how Benning will pan out in the long run but so far im pleased with what he has done. He drafted some safe picks and a couple of risky picks later on that would be great if they pan out. He didnt trade future for rentals ( which Gillis did ) , but has made 3 trades for players who are closer to being ready than a draft pick would be. Wayne Gretzky said in an interview that Vancouver's signing of Miller might be one of the best UFA signings in years and Vrbata has also been a solid pick up. Please explain how he isnt an upgrade ? Your 3rd complaint is about coaching and how AV is better than WD. Noone will disagree but AV had been here 8 seasons and his time had expired. Being the better coach doesnt mean that he is the better option. They needed a new voice and the owners thought Torts was the choice. They were wrong and he is gone. They brought in a very capable coach and he has done a good job so far . But why is AV even being brought up ? That was 3 seasons ago and has nothing to do with the present. Sorry, but your comment about WD is struggling to keep his team in the playoffs is silly. What is your opinion on Hartley who is also struggling ? or Sutter who isnt in a playoff spot ? Or Roy who also isnt in a playoff spot ? The canucks didnt make the playoffs last year and a rookie coach has had them in a playoff spot for this entire season despite having the top 3 D-men injured at the same time and the number 1 goalie. Claude Julian is also 'struggling' to keep boston in a playoff spot as well At the time of the Luongo contract, it was a loophole to get around the cap. I say that Torts screwed up the Luongo thing because the fences were mended and even Luongo said he thought he was gonna stick around until Torts benched him during the Heritage Classic game. That was the final nail in the coffin. Miller is still signed for 2 years and was in the top 5 in wins before his injury. Im more than ok if he is our starter which gives Lack, Markstrom, Erickson more time to develop. Why would i care about scoring titles ? How does that even become a question ? Sedins had a couple of amazing years when they lead the league and then went back to point a game players. They had an off year lat year and are back to being point a game players ( close ) . By default every teams core gets older when a new year starts, the question then becomes if they are still good enough players. If they were as bad as last year then id be worried, but they look good and have never played a speed game so i dont agree that they are slower. There strengths have been down low with a cycle so they should be able to continue that game for a couple more years Can you point out which comments i made that were homer rose glasses ?
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