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  1. KidKappa


    GeneralFanager says condition on Elliot Re-signing before current contract expires. Which kinda begs the question, if we only get him for 1 year, do we still make a play at either Bishop or Fleury?
  2. KidKappa


    Theres no way, I'd be trading the 6th overall, or any roster player not named Wideman, England, Stajan for a goalie. Sign one of these goalies to a 1 year deal Ramo Lindback Reimer Bernier (if bought out) Pickard Then wait for the expansion draft and see what you can get when its, leave them unprotected, or get something for them. Also I personally believe that Ramo played well enough to warrant another go.
  3. KidKappa


    Also Zach Fucale/Carey Price tandem looks pretty tempting as well.
  4. KidKappa


    Took a look at a few Penguin message boards. Most are split 50/50 protecting Fleury or Murray. With most suggesting trading Fleury beforehand. The last Fleury worked out for us....
  5. KidKappa


    I've suggested getting Anders Lindback a few times, with the rules changing on goalie equipment, a physically large goalie is more important as well. I think he's athletic and large, and could be had on the cheap.
  6. I wouldn't trade for him at all. But if it came to it I would offer up Matt Stajan, Ian White, Jamal Mayers and Nik Hagman.
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