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  1. Both these two teams are clearly in the exact same echilon, being skilled but highly inconsistent - Henrik Sedin has clearly been the better forward of either team thus far. Canucks most consistent player and MVP has been Hank, (I give him the slight edge over Luongo who still lays an egg once in a while) Flames' most consistent player and MVP is pretty obvious...Kipper. I think its bizarre how the two teams' offensive fortunes have criss-crossed over the course of the season. Canucks struggled to find the back of the net early on while the Flames were steady 3.4/4 goal p/game pace to start...But the Canucks have busted out bigtime since before Xmas, while the Flames...............well...........
  2. Burrows reputation aside... Its about goddamned time the players blew the whistle on the referees for a change. "10 minute gross misconduct for interference (with the integrity of the game of hockey)"
  3. After seeing the replays, and the interview, I can honestly say Burrows has a point. But... Problem number one: Burrows is a noted diver. Problem number Two: He went national before going private (talking to the media post-game before filing an official complaint to the league) That said, I hope Burrow's case goes through the proper channels and Auger is disciplined along with Burrows (who will no doubt be given some form of punishment). I personally find Auger to be among the leagues worst officials. I had no idea about his history with Burrows until this incident, but it doesn't surprise me that he would stoop to making it personal. On a side note, its gotta be frustrating for all the players who still (6 years after the lockout) don't know what a penalty is anymore. The Calgary/Canucks game on Sat was almost a no-holds-barred affair. The Nash/Van game was subsequently the opposite. Players were getting called for looking at other guys the wrong way. I think the consistency among the refs needs to change. And the league needs to stop pandering to the officiating union and crack down on weak links in the chain. As for Luongo's comments, I have only heard a small clip of him saying something like "I've never seen anything like that..." so I can't really comment on whether it was controversial. Why? What else did Lu say?
  4. Cause there's nothing better to look forward to on a Friday night than coming to a rival fan forum and talking trash on the internet. Sorry- I just had to. It's just that you sounded waaaay to enthusiastic to come home from work on a sunny weekend and sit in front of the computer.
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