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  1. Berra has to learn to shut the door in the last minute of games. It seems like teams score at will on him at the end of games on a constant basis. I know our D is suckage but still. How many times have we almost won or almost lost because of some last minute goal. When the last half of the third hits I brace myself for a flood of goals against the Flames. Give Ramo a few starts in a row. Of course he is shaky his confidence is shaken and he has never been allowed to play enough games in a row to get accustomed or redeem himself. Hartley does have his favorites so it will be Berra all the way.
  2. As I have said Mac will need to be lit up and lose big first before Ramo plays. I dont really want to lose like that though. I dont think it is fair to rot Ramo on the bench when we already know what we have in Big Rebound Mac. I guess as long as we are winning he plays.
  3. I just think there needs to be more balance. We are in a rebuild and there is suppose to be some development. You cant just let Ramo rot on the bench. We cant even judge Ramo properly on 1 game. I am sure he will get his chance on a back to back game I guess (after sitting cold for so long). I dont want to see a loss just to see another goalie in net but I think it will take getting lit up for Joey to lose his chair.
  4. J mac made some cool saves but he has terrible rebound control. I hope we get to still see Ramo in the not too distant future.
  5. I think that if Ramo lost a game 5-4 in SO and MCdonald lost a game in OT 5-4 then Ramo should get the next gig. I dont think it is a good idea playing Mcdonald and benchin Ramo all of the time. They need to Ramo a bounce back game sooner rather than later. MCdonald is a backup at best.
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