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  1. I blame the old boards for the Flames losing.

    1. FlamesFanatic


      Yeah, things really did go downhill after that...

  2. Satan himself could be in net for Canada and I wouldn't care - I cheer for the logo on the front of the sweater, not the name on the back. I question the loyalty and patriotism of any so called "fan" who doesn't. In the meantime, as a result of the continued OT discussoin better suited to the olympic thread, this topic will be temporarily put on hiatus, until after the olympics.
  3. DL, honestly if you want a direct link to the PK, it's more likely attributed to Lombardi, not Aucoin (who thankfully didn't see much PK time) However, a change in coaching staff by both the Flames and Yotes might have something to do with it too.
  4. Does that mean you're going to start using Kipru6-5off?
  5. [quote name='DL44 wrote: Hiphopopotamus']According to spike TV the Canucks have us beat at yet another thing... Not surprising considering the writer of that article is from calgary and/or is apparently a big Flames fan. what do you expect really. Not to mention uninformed. (the claim of "no hall of fame entries" isn't accurate)
  6. [quote name='The_Don wrote: Neufy_3 wrote: The_Don']Should we start calling Kipper "Ki6666off"? one for each time he allowed 6 goals in a game last season. Hey, I'm just telling you where it came from... But to answer your question, I don't think it'll stick. You can start using it if you want, but 7uongo is just a little more aesthetically pleasing, given the "7" looks like an upside-down "L" and all... How about Kip2.84off, to reflect his GAA from last season. You'd have to use something like Kipru5off. To represent five of something?
  7. My new buddy disagrees. http://jackinthebox.varit...AB0344686BB363DC29F53B25
  8. Glencross on the top line is not going to happen, no matter how good you may think he is (and no, he isn't better than Burrows) You'll see Bourque, Boyd, (hell, even Nystrom) on the top line before you see Glencross...
  9. [quote name='TheAce wrote: Codes']Wow. I'm literally blown away by peoples' inability to acknowledge that the Flames' defensive system was crap, which is very apparent if you look at team stats, and individual players' defensive statistics. With Sutter at the helm, I fully anticipate that the Flames will have better defensive stats than the Canucks right across the board. Not sure if this was directed at me but my whole point is that Mitchell is not that far out of Regehr's league as some have suggested. I only bring up stats to show that im not making stuff up and there is some proof to what Im saying. If I had a stick as big as Mitchel's I'd be a pretty good shutdown defenseman myself.
  10. This. Aucoin & Vandermeer are also missing, but those are minor details...
  11. [quote name='littlereddevil wrote: small_member'] This debate about the defense is getting a little out of hand. Calgary may have the star power, as it were, but the simple fact remains that, all things being equal, the Canucks top 6 put up considerably better numbers than the Flames top 6. Flames top 6 of Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Regehr, Giordano, Moss and Pardy combined for 175 points last season. Canucks top 6 of Bieksa, Edler, Erhoff, Schnieder, Mitchell and Salo put up 202 points last season. The Canucks have 4, possibly 5, players on defense that could put up 40 points. The Flames have only 3. Stats don't tell the whole story, but they do tell a lot. Its clealy in favor of the Canucks on this issue. So the Canucks clearly win this debate? Wow you're being very delusional Putting up points isn't the glory stat for a defenseman. It's keeping the puck out of his own net. It just amazes when everyone talks about Norris candidates, they all say it should go to someone that's put up points like Mike Green. I'm sorry but Mike Green could play as a forward since he is so lousy defensively in his own end. Chara certainly deserved the Norris last season, since he has a way more complete game. I'm still trying to figure out when Moss became a defenseman...
  12. Let's try and keep this to more of a discussion & debate, rather than a trash talk thread (which I'd have to shut down) kthx
  13. Let's try and keep this to more of a discussion & debate, rather than a trash talk thread (which I'd have to shut down) kthx
  14. Still, the bonuses count against the cap, whether they're met or not; so for all intents and purposes the number of $2.75 matters. Unless he has to play in all 82 games in which case $1.2 million is freed up if he misses one game. (if you could expand on the bonus details, it would be appreciated)
  15. Friends don't let friends use NHLNumbers.com. You're missing Schneider ($2.75) and 9 vs 6 is hardly an equal comparison.
  16. Actually the number for the Canucks is 23 million for the eight defensemen under contract, while for the Flames it is 23.6 million, according to capgeek. I used top 8 because we don't know (on either team) who's not going to make it through training camp.
  17. When talking about overpaid goalies though, I'd take Luongo at his current salary over Kipper in a heartbeat. (Next year's salary might be a bit different, however)
  18. Bourque v. Burrows is really too close to call. So it should be an interesting matchup. Bourque may see spot duty on the top line this year, and could theoretically triple his average PP time (considering he averaged less PP time / game than Greentree, that's saying something)
  19. [quote name='The_Don wrote: Flames13']If you asked any sane person (i.e not a nux fan) Bieksa vs. Bou who would they rather have on their team, 99.99% would say Bou. Because ALL Flames fans are sane, down to earth people. Not a single one of them is stupid, ignorant, crazy, ect... Just like ALL Canucks fans? Ignoring the salary implications, and looking at the skills of the individual, I don't think an argument can be made if someone were to say Bouwmeester > Bieksa. However, because you have to look at salary in the cap world, its just not that black & white anymore. If you ask the question of whether you'd rather have Bouwmeester, or have Bieksa & say, Dustin Brown (or other random $3 million forward) what's the response then? I might lean toward the latter.
  20. Ooh ooh, I want to play! 1/2 of a season vs. a full season? =) That's it, I'm out.
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