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  1. geos


    Ortio was solid tonight. I'm happy for the guy, he's got some skills.
  2. geos


    Berra has been mighty fine these last few games. Might even get an Olympic start to give Hiller a break. Though the back to back for Switzerland is Sweden/Czech so maybe not...
  3. geos


    ^ Why? He'll be back down for the Olympic break. Ortio is just getting a taste of the NHL, what it's like to practice in the big time, watch how it all works on the bench. Even if he doesn't play, I think this is a good learning opportunity. It's not like he's sitting there getting fat. He gets most of the practice time and what not as backup. He's playing lots, just not in games, which is fine at this point in his development.
  4. geos


    I wasn't suggesting he is going to acquire one today. It's a long-term thing. Maybe Ortio is the answer, but who cares, Ramo and Berra are not. If Ortio pans out, then you can trade Ortio or the new guy (whoever that may be). Burke builds from the net out and there is a very weak foundation at the net right now. We do not currently have an NHL quality goalie on the roster. If you want longshots, retreads and young guys running the show, you can see the results of that up north. You can have young guys in the works, and that's great, but you need someone established to challenge for that role every night. Someone that can play NHL hockey. Doesn't have to be Lundqvist good. But it has to be a decent goalie.
  5. geos


    I think there is little doubt at this point that Burke will be looking to acquire some goaltending talent.
  6. geos


    Yeah, Gilles was pretty medicore. Certainly not a top talent compared to his peers at the WJC.
  7. I just think the rest of the world is catching up to us. The AHL certainly wasn't up to Swiss league standards at Spengler this year. In 2009 the ZSC Lions beat the Blackhawks (now, I don't claim that this would have happened over a 3 or 5 game series, but...). There is alot more parity in the world of hockey. I don't think a gold or even a medal is a certain thing anymore. The Swedes, Finns, Russians, and even Americans are as good as us when you can just select 20 odd players. Now if you're making a league, obviously Canada has depth. But in a pick your best format, our depth is worthless.
  8. It's a little fracture in his foot, no big deal. It's not like he's playing with a soft tissue injury. It might be sore, but there isn't any long-term danger. Lots of players get these and don't even know they have them other than some throbbing in their foot. Common. Meh. It doesn't matter if they would or not, it's about giving him the opportunity to have done so. "Oh Canada lost anyway so he shouldn't have gone" is a terrible line of reasoning. Monahan probably would have been a difference maker though. Was another goal against Russia or an early one against the Finns? Who knows. Doesn't matter.
  9. geos


    I think the fact he is left off the team, especially behind some of those guys, is telling that Burke's assessment is more widely shared than dismissed. Good on Berra.
  10. Yeah, seeing the expression on Ristolainen's face when he won made me realise the WJHC is just a write off that has no value to developing players... yeah... sure.... It was a mistake not sending Monahan, end of story. The fact we lost is irrelevant to the opportunity that was presented. In the time he would have missed with the Flames, the team was 1-4 and scored 0.8 goals per game. Great experience for the kid.
  11. I don't think anyone is claiming the WJC will be a life changing experience. Missing a couple NHL games to lead your national team to victory is a huge experience though. Leadership, etc. Big deal. Will it make a big difference to his game? Who knows. But it will be a big learning experience when it comes to attitude and leadership. It's a character building thing. Not a skill building thing. And again, it's not like he's going to miss the season as a result, we're talking a few games. No big deal.
  12. geos


    Need to keep in mind Berra is fresh to the NHL game, whereas Ramo is considerably more seasoned with 63 NHL games. Let's see where Berra is at by the end of the year an compare. It takes time to adapt. At this point, I don't see a large gap between the two in terms of ability or results. Neither has been at the quality of a bona fide NHL starter.
  13. I didn't think he was going to go. There was just a sliver of hope when Feaster departed. Oh well. No reason to think we won't do everything we can to work against yet another top prospect.
  14. Yeah, we'll see what Burke thinks I guess. Hopefully he is healthy and can go.
  15. It's probably too late now for them to change their mind, and I doubt they will anyway.
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