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  1. My guess is they will pick Dawson Mercer in the 1st rd.
  2. Ha love it! 5 out of the 6 picks for Calgary are RW https://www.draftsite.com/nhl/mock-draft/2020/ Maybe they think we need some.
  3. So taking Bennett 4th overall lands us a superstar? Or some tiny little punk in the later rounds named Gaudreau? The point is you never really know what you are going to get so I'm for the shot gun approach. EVERY PICK THIS YEAR SHOULD BE RHS don't care if its RD RW or Center. Trading for them later is hard to find and expensive.
  4. Wow! everyone wants a RHS RW. I have been saying for years we need to pick some at the draft. Haven't had a good one since Iginla. Maybe don't pick BPA but B(RHS)A.
  5. At the time Raddysh looked good but its always going to a gamble. some 1st rounders never make it to the NHL Having said that still need to take a swing at some RW's next time
  6. (Just pick RHS D, RW, and C.) I have been saying that for years. (You have to pick BPA. Basically, whatever falls into your lap because the skill difference between one player and the next is large.) Not true just look at any year redraft. If the next option for a flames pick Is LW, LW, C, RW. Then ya pick the RW because we need them and the skill set will not be a large difference than the other guys.
  7. I was at this game near the goal line. it was in. At the game they never showed a replay and it took them a long time to make a bad call . Had to wait until I was home to see the replay. . .
  8. Noticed today on FUTURE WATCH UPDATE that all the top prospects were LW or center. Would it be so bad to draft a high end RW or RD?
  9. Best RH shot avalable @26 I think Lassi Thomson would be a good pick.
  10. TSN Has Lassi Thomson closer to our pick.
  11. No need to debate this, we can trade our 26th pick for picks 36 and 37 ( carolina ) then pick both Thomson and Korczak problem solved.
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