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  1. I agree, I have been on the RW power forward band wagon for many years. But lately they filled this position with trades and late round picks so not as critical as it used to be. However this year I have a feeling they could grab a goalie in the 1st round maybe Spencer Knight. If not then a RHD.
  2. If you were a Ottawa fan you would want to have the Tkachuk brothers on the same team, Im sure this is part of the discussion for a trade.
  3. Would if the flame were to leave Valimaki in the minors so he would not be eligible for the expansion pick?
  4. BPA is not always a good thing. What if every time they pick BPA is a goalie? so the 2019 draft they walk away with 7 goalies. This happened to us in the last 10 years no RW was picked so we had to go trade for one.
  5. So the general consensus is that the first pick should be a future top 6 forward then the next 3 picks D men to fill up the D cupboard?
  6. Not as good as Gaudreau but still a good player I don't see having two small players on the same team. After having a great AHL season the time to cash out is now.
  7. This was the same reason why there was a 10 player swap years ago If we could get Hoffman at a discount then why not someone is going to get traded from this.
  8. I like the idea that for our 4th rd pick we go BPA... that is a RHS....that plays RW....that is big. Riley Sutter 6'3 200lbs RW RHS
  9. I say we stay put till the 4th round then pick Riley Sutter 6'3 200lbs RW RHS
  10. My bad in the 4th Anyone like Riley Sutter as a pick? 6'3 200lbs RW RHS
  11. Time to take our lumps and pick in the 3rd round. If we trade it will be for a RW that is already in the NHL.
  12. Nope, this is a "Dam I wish we had a big RHS RW with some skill prospect" thing. Now we have to trade for one.
  13. I agree I also wanted to pick Raddysh instead of dube on draft day. A big RW that shoots right with some skill I don’t know how management missed the mark on this pick.
  14. I like most of this but if we could trade for Mark Stone RW instead of Hoffman that would be a lot better. What would they want for him? Brodie, Gillies, Brouwer (if we eat some salary) I wish , Maybe 1 of our D prospects (Andersson) , Draft pick? Really depends on their needs. I would not give up on Bennett just yet. Also Foo should be given a few games to see what he can do. Who ever they trade for I hope it's a RW
  15. Nor would I That's my point the trade would be one sided. That's why i suggested a prospect from the beginning