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  1. I like Danault don't get me wrong, but he is a LHS.
  2. Yeah that should have been and should be disciplined for sure. Especially in the dying minute of the game. I mean they even have the fighting in the last 5 mins rule in place to prevent any garbage from happening when it's most likely to happen. Why not for similar extreme stick infractions??
  3. Yeah I did listen in as best I could ! but had other people in the car ride too haha so didn't quite get what happened just knew he potted one!
  4. NICE Hammer scored?! Another shortyy!! Just had to drive home from a fam jam I was at so I missed it How was the goal?
  5. The ref in the clip at least looks like he's looking right at it too. Flagrant elbow
  6. Just curious as to how exactly people think Bennett would have been at a different level now if he had spent time in the AHL?
  7. Seriously gonna blame Smith? Where was anybody else on the play in front? Brutal coverage
  8. Cant seem to find a working stream for the game. If anyone can help please, kindly DM me a link - would be much appreciated!
  9. Can anyone please kindly share a stream link in DM?
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