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  1. Do not discount the influence from others within the organization. Murray Edwards is a very hands on type of guy and I would think he's heavily involved in this. I'm confident it'll get done, the only question is length of contract. I'd be disappointed with a bridge contract but at this point, not surprised. It also seems Lewis Gross is playing hard ball so it's not fair to put too much blame on the Flames.
  2. tincup1


    That was an entertaining read. I agree the Calgary and Reimer are a natural fit. With Pitts seemingly not keen on trading MAF, at least not for a reasonable deal, i'd get Reimer. He's a decent goalie and shouldn't break the bank. $3*3.
  3. He's certainly meticulous and not impulsive. I just hope he was in on Andersen and lost because it was a divisional thing...or the price was too high. Last year I thought we missed out on Talbot and Jones as well and ended up back with Ramo. I'm nervous that we're sitting here once again in late June with very little as far as goalies go.
  4. Is our GM slow ? I'm getting frustrated how long things are taking to get done. Took way too long IMO to fire Hartley, then took a long time to to hire the new coach. Nothing on the Gaudreau / Monahan contract or any other contracts. Missed out on Andersen. I'm not going to judge him on any one of these but I see a pattern developing. I guess one thing is for sure, he's not impulsive !
  5. tincup1


    That's one way to look at it and it's true. Another fact is they currently don't have a Goalie under contract who's played a singe game ! Other GMs know this and maybe this is why the ridiculous offer of 6OA for Fleury.
  6. And your numbers, which I agree with, don't even take into account the marketability of Johnny Hockey. Every kid in Calgary and in other cities are getting on the Johnny Hockey bandwagon. The Flames would be wise to get him signed to 8 years right now and not mess around with bridge contracts.
  7. IMO, the term on both of these guys is a no-brainer. 8 years. Monahan and JH (especially Johnny) put bums in seats and they are the franchise going forward. Even if it's $8 million for JH, they have to do it. I'm not sure what's taking so long with this but I'm starting to get worried. Although BT doesn't seem to be a guy who rushes anything.
  8. Every tweet there sounds like Burke. He def says what's on his mind ! Sounds like Colborne isn't in for a big raise...at least not here.
  9. tincup1


    I kind of like that idea too. Bring in two good young guys who can push each other. With Gillies and Ortio also in the mix, someone should emerge. I think it's a mistake to bring in one expensive vet and anoint them the new king.
  10. tincup1


    I wouldn't be upset either. He's solid and the right age. This talk of expansion is really costing him $$$ as the best UFA on the market. If Calgary can't make a trade for a good up and comer, I'd settle for Reimer. Not sure what it would take but I think his price probably has come down from $4ish to maybe $3 ish. If they could get him in the 3-4 range for 2 years, I'd be all over it.
  11. tincup1


    I'm following that as well. Glad to see the Flames have another decent prospect in goal to go with MacDonald and Gillies. Good goaltending partly comes from internal competition and we're looking better as far as that goes.
  12. tincup1


    I also agree that the Flames are a good no. 1 goalie away from competing for the playoffs. Throw in a top line RW, and we might be a threat. Ortio and Ramo have shown flashes and when they do, this team is competitive with pretty much anyone except maybe the Chicago/Anaheims. BT's biggest challenge is obviously strengthening the goalie position and that means more than one guy. They need better everything in goal: coaching, prospects and a no. 1. I guess they're no bad enough to snag one of those Finns...unless the lottery goes our way.
  13. tincup1


    Have to side with those questioning Hartley. His decision to keep coming back to Hiller is to me, giving up. What message does that send to the skaters on this team when he keeps putting in a goalie who's obviously lost his confidence. As a fan, I like it because I want the higher pick but it's got to be tough on the players when your coach isn't giving you the best chance to win.
  14. tincup1


    I really thought Backstrom looked good. Everything just seemed more calm with him in there. I know it's Montreal and everything but i'd like to see him again. I'd like to see Ortio and Backstrom finish the season together... not sure why Hiller's getting another start tomorrow. Hartley seems determined to keep giving him chances for some strange reason.
  15. tincup1


    I agree, this might be Calgary best chance to get a good up and coming tender at a reasonable price. Then add a vet to the mix and we're set.
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