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  1. Or Johnny Paycheck. He's actually worth it as much as any hockey can be.
  2. That's good news. 7 years would have been better but I guess they wanted to keep it at the GIO cap.
  3. I'd say it seems like the 6 high profile RFAs, Johnny included, are trying to get the big bucks now rather than wait till they're UFAs. Can't say I blame him, a players 20s are typically their peak years.
  4. BT is one cool customer. It was Gross who put in the fake WC deadline, BT is just slow in re-engaging. Or is it up to Gross to make the next move ? Either way, the next one to pick up the phone is going to have to make the first move off their line in the sand. If Gross won't move, they may as well bridge him as it makes no sense to pay him UFA $$$ until he's a UFA.
  5. Do not discount the influence from others within the organization. Murray Edwards is a very hands on type of guy and I would think he's heavily involved in this. I'm confident it'll get done, the only question is length of contract. I'd be disappointed with a bridge contract but at this point, not surprised. It also seems Lewis Gross is playing hard ball so it's not fair to put too much blame on the Flames.
  6. That's kind of what I think. An offer that is in the market value range that covers a couple of UFA years, needs to start with a 7. Using other Flames as comparable salaries doesn't make sense to me. Good on BT for getting some value contracts but that doesn't mean he's going to get Johnny into one. I'm fine with it dragging on this long but we're getting close to the season so time to get something done.
  7. The sitting him comment was based on the rumour of $8.5 million and IF he would not be wiling to come down significantly.
  8. I hate to say it, but if that's the price, I'd let him sit.
  9. The $8.5 number that Elliott Freidman dropped yesterday is a bit concerning. If true and if JG won't come significantly off that number, for a long term deal, maybe a 5 year bridge deal makes sense....or whatever the number of years to UFA is. Johnny simply hasn't been doing it long enough to get paid that much. Stamkos is not his comparable.
  10. If he disappears against a big physical team like team Canada ? It won't help him.
  11. For Iggy, it was more than just making him more high profile. He did it against the best players in the biggest game. It's one thing to do it in a regular season NHL game and it's quite another to do it in game 7 like Messier did against the Devils. I'm not sure how big the world cup is but if he's able to elevate his game against the likes of team Canada / US in a big game, he moves up a notch in my books.
  12. I'm also cynical of the tournament but the best players are in it and Johnny is playing with, and against the best players in the world. It's actually a great place to evaluate him. For reference, I think Iggy hit an entirely new level of stardom in the 2002 Olympics
  13. This tournament is getting interesting when it comes to JH. I fully expect Canada and the US to be able to shut down Gaudreau's line but if they can't, BT is going to wish he'd already signed him ! I hate that he's there without a contract right now.
  14. It's a good thing BT is negotiating and not me as I'd have caved by now ! If Johnny wants $8million, I'd insist on 8 years but I could live with that cap hit. I really hope the reports of Calgary wanting him for $6.5 aren't true as that's a low offer IMO.
  15. tincup1


    That was an entertaining read. I agree the Calgary and Reimer are a natural fit. With Pitts seemingly not keen on trading MAF, at least not for a reasonable deal, i'd get Reimer. He's a decent goalie and shouldn't break the bank. $3*3.
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