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  1. Its been long overdue, but i am finally back!!

  2. Happy 35th Birthday Iggy!

  3. Happy 35th Birthday Iggy!!!

  4. I finally am out of my teen years, The big bad 20 years old today!

  5. Holy poop happy birthday to 378 members! Haha biggest total i have seen yet!

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    2. The_People1


      Everyone is 29 years old today... @.@

    3. Anie8706


      I counted... 16 aren't 29 today

    4. Anie8706


      16 people are not 29 today.... I counted

  6. Sorry that i havent been around guys, March break. Will be returning in the near future for the time being Go Flames Go!!

  7. One Angry fan...... Nuff said

  8. Smith And Glenny Cleared to play! Sutters decision for PHX

  9. Glenny and Smith Skating with Rich!!!! Yessir!!!

    1. flames1217


      Actually sorry i was mistaken. They are skating with the team!

    2. 403Loyalty


      YES!!!! exciting!

    3. DirtyDeeds


      I was happy to see Glenny and Moss walking around without crutches in that Dierks Bentley vid on front page.

  10. Joker and Iggy split up tonight, Backs Gets first line duty. Can't wait to see them show their stuff to the Injured Wild

  11. Having troubles With making an image appear in my Signature please imbox me if anyone has information on how to do this! Thanks A Million.

  12. Good change to the boards!

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