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  1. Shane O'Brien on waivers today, Makes me wonder if a trade is comming or giving one of the Heat players a look with the Flames

  2. hah Jermaine Franklin irrated Mr. Feaster I loved the way he set him straight

    1. s4xon


      What was Jermaine expecting Feaster to say? "Oh, we are going to lay down and hope for the 1st if not 2nd overall draft this season. A full year off for everyone!" TSN idiots.

    2. Invin


      Those questions were borderline trolling. "How do you feel about losing? Do you like to lose? What will you do when you lose? So, you expect to lose, right?"

      Most teams might as well not even play if they listened to the media.

    3. BobbyB12


      Well said S4x I don't know what he was he was expecting to hear. I agree Invin basically TSN trolling as usual. Thanks Oilers for spreading the Koolaid around and making Tanking, Accepting losing for 1st picks the only way to rebuild..

  3. Anyone have suggestions to a good mechanic in Calgary??

    1. s4xon


      Yeah, Knibbe Auto in Crowfoot. NW

      Guy is very honest and never let me down. I believe he has another location on Center street, but call the NW location.

    2. The_People1


      Lol John at Knibbe? Spikey blonde hair, older dude but high energy. I really liked the guy. He's an honest man. They closed the Center St one though. They only have the Crowfoot one.

    3. s4xon


      Wow, well I wouldn't have known they closed it down. I haven't lived in Calgary for 4 years, but Knibbe is the best mechanic I've had, definitely miss him out here. I mostly do everything myself now...mechanics out here in Van take you for all you are worth.

  4. When does Flames development camp start??

    1. Kulstad


      IIRC, July 10 at Winsport (COP)

    2. BobbyB12
  5. The Saddledome is underwater! Locker rooms are fully submerged, and water up to the tenth row, Jumbotron is ruined along with alot of other equipment..

    1. BobbyB12


      Make that the 14th row now..

    2. Invin


      We should probably deploy some sharks in there in case any Canucks try to use it for diving practice.

    3. BobbyB12


      They have plenty of room to practice that on the coast!

      The dome is half full freeaking crazy!

  6. Sweet jesus I hope my house isnt waterlogged garbadge in the morning!

  7. Looks like Baertschi will be a healthy scratch tonight, I don't like how his mins have been handled so far but im hoping this lights a fire under him and he comes back with a chip on his shoulder!

  8. Working on my truck 4 hawks landed in my tree and are goin to town on a gopher, Pretty narly i though they were loners? I cant recall ever seeing them hunt and eat toghether in the city like that wow!

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    2. Crzydrvr


      So what you're saying is that Pat Kane, Jonny Toews, Duncan Keith and Patty Sharp paid you a visit?

    3. Flyerfan52


      Maybe they just don't like your truck?

      Could be worse, they could have dive-bombed you with that load they carry.

      Not sure about Calgary but there was a colony of hawks or falcons (they like to nest up high) that lived on the roof of my old apartment. It was cool watching them go on the hunt & return with prey in their talons.

    4. BobbyB12


      haha maybe because i dont like my truck right now either! I live in the N.E we got tons of rabbits and deer running around and i always see and hear the hawks around here but not usually 4 of them pretty cool.Hopefuly they can help with this rat problem comming into Alberta Haha a sloth hey maybe the wisdom herbs tainted your vision?

  9. Of all days why today does my air conditioner have to break! FML my house is hotter than outside and its +30 out there!

    1. Flyerfan52


      You're lucky the humidity is low. I had the same problem a couple of years back.

      Try filling the bathtub & all sinks with cold water to absorb some of the heat. Make full use of your fans (including the furnace fan with heat off).

      If it's an older house opening windows to take advantage of any breeze (west wind - east & west windows open for example). Close curtains early to prevent the sun from heating up the place.

      To drain body heat put your wrists in cold...

    2. Flyerfan52



      I hope your A/C is fixed soon as I understand you're in for a warn spell.

      @ least Calgary cools down @ night. Wpg. doesn't.

    3. BobbyB12


      thanks man yeah its been hot here the last couple days it actually quit last night and i couldnt sleep because it was so hot and humid in the house. sitting in the basement with all the fans going is helping a bit im just glad im not sitting on a drilling rig right now with this dry heat is a killer. The Air con guy should be here within the hour!

  10. Dutters Fist Pump/ Bow n Arrow at the Kings rally was almost as epic as a loaded Quick dropping F bombs!

    1. BobbyB12


      lol well at least he didn't cover himself in glitter and stand in the sunlight !

  11. Longest 2 days of my life!!! Hurrry Up Sat. I wanna watch some hockey!

  12. I Saw 50Cent wearing a Calgary Flames hat! I was shocked but its cool

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