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    We have Gillies that will be requiring some action in a year or two as well (this was his second year in Prov I believe). You don't want to have too many young goalies that need playing time to develop. Ortio is going to be in the AHL as previously mentioned - seeing starting minutes. We just need someone as a competent backup for the next few years when Ortio can either become a starter or split duties in NHL / and Gillies can get starting minutes in the AHL. I'm suggesting a veteran because we need a few larger contracts to make the floor anyways while keeping a few skating roster spots open for youngsters. I think JMac only made around 1 million. A veteran goalie that makes more money helps us in more ways than one.
  2. joeyabs


    We need a couple of trades or UFA's to make the cap floor anyways. We also should keep a couple skating roster spots open for young players like Reinhart and Sven to make the team (these will be ELC's against the cap). So it makes sense to sign a veteran goalie that can help out. Preferably someone a little older to mentor.
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