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  1. CHad Johnson fits as a guy to challenge ortio
  2. Yes Niemi is the worst choice (Reimer is better) BUT the only reason you get Niemi is if you deal Wideman back. I wish he included Bobrosky in the analysis
  3. Bishop is best goalie but Im not convinced Tampa needs to deal him. MAF needs to be dealt. Bobrovsky contributes to a horrible CBJ roster management problem. Could be rewarded for helping them out. Niemi or Lehtonen need to be moved. Rask/Subban have similar issue to Pitt.
  4. Thats the thing, Calgary cant afford Bishop with a raise next year either. Or would find it very difficult to do so with heavy investment in D and young forwards. So if its a one year thing as a stop gap then whats the cost?
  5. I think the Ben Bishop talk is false smoke. Tampa has no reason to deal him since protecting him isnt an issue (him being UFA and all). Infact they can probably get just as much as a deadline rental as they could right now. The only reason they would need to deal him would be for cap considerations. They only reason they would have cap considerations is if they are trying to pay Stamkos. The only way they can sign Stamkos is if they have Bishop in net. Pus you need Bishop to play ball with his NMC. As such I don't expect anything to happen on the Bishop front until at least a week after the start of UFA when Stamkos is likely signed. AND most likely, nothing until TDL 2017.
  6. And that why Hartley's system only works if you got Patrick Roy or Carey Price back there holding the fort.
  7. Agreed, they get more for him today than if they wait until end of next season. More certainty as well. Only gamble is if Murray is a replacement or if hes another Cam Ward (parlay a rookie cup run into multiple years of solid but uninspiring play).
  8. It would be between SC final and entry draft. And there is no guarantee that it will force a teams hands for this season unless some other rules of engagements come down that lock a player to a roster. I can see Pitt really wanted to take another kick at the can with the players they got and then worrying about dealing them in that short window.
  9. 4 options right now. a) MAF from Pitt - only if expansion forces it Anderson from ANA - only if expansion forces it or RFA deal can't get done c) Niemi for Wideman - Allows both teams to shift a contract they don't want to pay to a team that could make use of a decent player, just one that has an undesirable contract. (Niemi is more about having over 10M in goalie contracts) d) UFA likely Reimer OR outside chance of Chad Johnson or Antii Raanta Doing nothing isnt an option. Need a second goalie in NHL.
  10. Wideman for Niemi deal just got more real with Cam Ward signing and Goligoski being dealt
  11. Agreed, IF expansion comes, one of them becomes available. With the play of Murray being at least on par with MAF proper asset management would dictate they keep the more cost effective goalie. That makes MAF available. This is only if expansion becomes a factor. If not then they keep both as they are still affordable right now.
  12. I wonder why you couldnt design the new arena to handle football games. The field is bigger but the lower bowl can roll back seats to expand the floor area already in the saddle dome. Designing a 35000 seat stadium is not practical for flames games (infact they dont project more seats with their current design, just more suites and primo seats) so the question is, does the stamps need 35000 seats for stamps games? Or will 15-20k seats in an ENCLOSED area be of more use? Obviously scale ticket pricing to match. Im thinking there is a market for those paying $35 to sit outside in October to sit inside at $70. The ideal thing about the stamps is that they typically play in the non hockey months so it gives the venue another 10-12 solid uses per year. That said, I think the field house/mcmahon replacement may be something that a world games or olympics heralds in as a venue for opening/closing ceremonies and whatever events can take place on the floor of the venue. Thinking curling might be a good fit or even some of the figure skating events. Hockey obviously in new facility COP for ski jumps/snowboard/luge/bobsleigh, etc Mountains for some of the alpine events We already have the oval for speed skating, but maybe it needs a larger venue.
  13. What about moving Wideman for a NHL goalie from a team that has a goalie in a similar situation. ie, a player that still has value just perhaps isn't offering enough value on the contract. That way we trade our overpayment on DEF into the need in need. Dallas is a prime trade partner. They have Lehtonen at 5.9 for multiple years and Niemi at 4.5 for multiple years. Both are 32 yrs old. If they swapped Niemi for Wideman they have a guy at D that can feed their offensive players and can contribute every game. Whereas with two goalies like that they are having 5.9 or 4.5 mil sitting on the bench every game. Maybe Wideman isnt worth 5.25M anymore but hes still a valuable vet, just closer to the say 3-3.5M range. Both Niemi or Lehtonen are at least comparable to Cam Ward or Reimer in terms of skill and their contracts have 2 years remaining. Which is about the time we would have to get a good look at Ortio/Gillies/McDonald coming up in our system.
  14. Got to say, Freddy Anderson is looking good. Im still partial to a low cost UFA but maybe this guy might be worth something in trade. Hes probably going to demand in the 3.5-4.5 mil range and if we equate that to an offersheet we are looking at a first and third for the trade. Maybe Dallas first and our third is the price? (if we get them) or our second/third? Possibly could do that if his contract gets done and agreed to as part of the deal. 4x4?
  15. For everyone hookinging hookinging hookinging Hmmm