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  1. Seriously? What is it with the OOT Scoreboard this year. NOTHING gos our way.

  2. With the King's loss today, if we beat Nashville on Tuesday we move into 8th in the west. Food for thought.

    1. DarthHenning


      Note, this time last year we were dead last (yes 1 point behind the Oilers!!)

  3. We've been outscored 8-2 in second periods (twice our GF-GA deficit). Someone want to explain that one?

  4. GlenX down. Tangs, Babs, Karls and BMo to go.

  5. well...that's that. A good showing by the boys since Dec. 23. 0.667 hockey as hoped. Tweaks for next year, and we're a top 4 team.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Lanks back on the ice again. Hope they at least give him a couple shifts with Tangs and Iggy for show. Still, any line and I'm happy.

  7. Its official. Every single other team wants the Flames to miss the playoffs. Unbelievable.

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    2. tachaudh


      In the end, it's gonna be us having shot ourselves in the foot.

    3. Pyromancer


      Yes - The gun has always been in our own hands and the shovel for grave digging.

    4. DarthHenning


      2010 killed us, but you'd think we'd get a little help just by chance...

  8. 2-0-2 would allow us to salvage the trip, but we must get a win somehow on both teams (even if its the shoot out).

  9. not quite the death knell, but we can only aford 1 more loss this season. 7-1? I'd love to see it, prove you can do it guys.

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