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  1. Congrats FF52, this is the funniest post I have read on this or any board. Two thumbs way up. I am still wiping the tears off my cheeks.
  2. I enjoy reading this thread. It reminds me of the Pore Riting Skilz thread. It is purely for amusement as nothing of value is on it. In the end of the season, by which I mean come April, you can make all the comparisons you want. Only then will any of them hold any water.
  3. I like the 'nucks chances this year, but then again, I like ours just as much. This early into the season is, well, far too early to be making any predictions or assumptions though. It all comes down to the same thing every year..... who wants it more. Both of our teams, IMO have the talent to go that extra mile. So I guess in June, we will see who wants it more. Simple as that.
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