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  1. Wow, this is truly a shock. I am not one of the huge posters here, however I am always on and reading others opinions. FF52 was definitely a great poster and you could tell that he was a great person as well. Rest in peace Larry, and hopefully we all can carry on his legacy on here, in some way.
  2. The more I watch Calgary lately the more I think that they need to add one more top end forward, like Stone. Plus I believe that they should go after Howard or another goalie, and carry three goalies or trade Smith.
  3. Everyone needs to ignore me and ban me from the message boards. I didn't mean to raise everyone's blood pressure for an hour or so, however I was able to go back and listen to the interview finally. He said what I said he did, with one big difference. He said the word "could" instead of "will". I could have sworn he said "will". Go easy on me.
  4. I am taking it with a grain of salt too, however this was on a Saskatchewan sports show, that was focusing on CFL free agency. Not exactly the high traffic time and place to troll Flames fans.
  5. He was referring to Mark out of Ottawa for sure. He was asked if tonight’s matchup of Calgary and Tampa Bay was a Stanley Cup preview. He said no, and then stated that about Stone, and said that would change his mind and make it a SC preview tonight.
  6. Take this bit of news however you would like. I was just listening to Drew Remenda (Oilers colour guy) on a local radio show here. He said in these exact words, “I am hearing that Stone will be a Flame by the deadline.” Obviously he is not a nobody, so that’s a pretty serious comment. I will try and post the audio here, when it’s available.
  7. Ok, put this one in the far fetched/crazy pile, however what else would need to be added on either side (or taken away) to make this a fair trade? To Calgary: Mitch Marner To Toronto: Frolik Brodie 2020 1st round pick With Marner’s agent making a few comments that blew up, and the possibility of offer sheets, would Toronto entertain this idea? This would be more of an off-season move.
  8. I understand that it was a personal thing for Lindholm, however does anyone think that it has a little bit to do with all of the other teams in the NHL having a problem with the post game celebrations, by Carolina? Apparently Lindholm is not the first player to do it. Also, in leagues like the NFL and NBA, which are known for more outlandish celebrations and bigger personalities, even they don’t celebrate like that after a game is done.
  9. You’re definitely right that they are BS. How does Pavelski, with 33 points, get picked ahead of any of Monahan, Lindholm or Tkachuk. Taking off the Flames coloured glasses even, how does he make it ahead of Draisaitl? Being the host city should have nothing to do with it. Then you look at Karlsson getting selected ahead of Gio and it just makes you shake your head in disgust.
  10. I think that the best all around choice to bring in would be Wayne Simmonds. Would Philly be open to a deal with Michael Stone going back, to even out the dollars? Obviously there would be another piece going back, like a draft pick or a young guy. Someone like Kylington or Dube. Would this deal be worth it, to add some more toughness with some skill? Another option, although I doubt they trade him, is Lawson Crouse from Arizona. He’s a big tough forward, who has some skill.
  11. I was looking at it tonight with the possible injury to Smith. If he is out long term and his money can be put on LTIR, then Jake Allen could be added to this trade somehow. Besides that, does a trade like the one below appeal to STL? To Calgary: Vladimir Tarasenko Robby Fabbri To St. Louis: James Neal Mark Jankowski Oliver Kylington I am not sure so maybe others more in the know on the value of Fabbri, could say how close or far off this deal is. Would you need to swap Bennett in instead of Janko? The only aspect to consider is how much of a leadership/attitude role does Neal play in the dressing room. Is he a big part of why this teams got more of a winning culture it seems, despite his lack of offence? He could be bringing the intangibles that we were missing.
  12. So Lomberg gets a suspension, as he should, and Giordano gets a hearing for the knee/trip. No word on Dumba getting anything.
  13. I feel like we have been waiting a long time to see the Flames respond to one of their players (usually Johnny Hockey) getting run at. They have really stood up for each other this season though, and tonight was the best response by far. Both an automatic response with the fight, and then the huge comeback. These are the types of wins that really bond a team together.
  14. I have really liked how Lindholm has looked as well. His puck pursuit and determination have really stood out to me.
  15. By reading some of your posts I am beginning to think that you are a troll of some kind. You are nothing but negative about everything Flames related. I don’t mean to be offensive or anything, however it’s tough when you are continually bashing every move the Flames make.
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