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  1. boarding that! Let those eastern bastards never talk about them. It's easier to keep the weapons a secret if nobody is mentioning them really. Sure out west our opponents will be well aware of what we have but the farther you get from Calgary the less they will realize just what they are coming up against. I do love and the Oiler "oil" the media is spraying all over though. No amount of press is going to suddenly make them the best team in the league.
  2. SKscout


    Not sure I like the decision, I get WHY it was decided but I am not convinced that we should be changing the way things worked in the regular season just because it's the playoffs. Sure Hiller will be playing like he's got something to prove but he's also a goalie that the Sharks are most familiar with. I just hope that Hartley will have him on a short leash for the start. I believe in my heart this is a 6 game series but I am completely lost as to deciding who will be the winner but if forced to choose I would give it to the Ducks. (yes that PAINS me to say it) The regular season record has them winning 3 to our 2 and one of ours was a shootout win which in the playoffs is a crap shoot so let's call that 3.5 to 1.5 with and we didn't win any on the road which is an obvious requirement here. They are deeper down the middle and certainly more "truculent" than we are, a team built to take the Kings head on in the playoffs and though we kicked some king checking from behind regular season hockey isn't the same as playoff hockey. Our only advantages are speed and hard work. That being said I can't count the Flames out at all if we can keep from trying to out "tough" them and force them to play our game then I think we have a chance as I honestly don't expect this series to be much of a goalie dual. Fingers are crossed, if we can get through this series I think we have a legitimate shot at a SCF! Go Flames!!
  3. I agree. In fact I am really happy to leave Bean with the C until he is no longer a flame either through retirement or trade. Honestly I think he was a fantastic Captain last year.
  4. Well I watched the games and he was playing well but he did play "small" then again against that Yotes game the whole fricking team looked kinda small .... *shrug* As for not going to the Heat, why can't he go there (he's never played for them so it wouldn't be going "back"). My understanding of the AHL rule is that a player has to be 18 by September 15 of any given season to be eligible to play. From what I can tell he didn't sign a one way deal of any kind and should be age Eligible unless the OHL and AHL have some sort of side agreement on player movement and ages.
  5. Also don't forget he is 18 so he could go to the Heat rather than back to the OHL.
  6. I dunno watching him play he plays timid for sure, that is a good word but he also plays small if that makes sense. It looks like he's not just worried about making a mistake but more he's worried he's going to get hurt. I don't doubt it's a hell of a jump when he starts playing at NHL speed and size and it's in his head at least subconsciously from what I am seeing on the ice. The kids 6'2" and just shy of 190 pounds, and he plays like a lanky tall guy. He's probably used to physically dominating the guys he plays against and now he's out on the ice where he's far closer to average. I think he'd be served best with a solid stint in the minors for the year working on adding about 20 pounds of solid muscle. Now so far the Flames history says that he'd get 6 or 7 early games, drop down and then get called up near the end or in case of an injury. Burke's in the mix now though so history might not be the best judge. I won't be surprised to see him stay but honestly that one more year treating it like an extended off season + training camp really could make a BIG difference on how his first 2 or 3 years in the NHL play out.
  7. SKscout


    you know the imp in me wonders if Louongo ends up here. We have the room and have a starter need ..... *shrug* I can't imagine it would actually happen but ..... *EVIL GRIN*
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