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  1. all of my U F A buddys and I are going to the game tonight. I will be but a red pin in a sea of blue. don't make me look like a fool flames win

    1. DirtyDeeds


      A true Fan doesn't worry about their team making them look like a fool. Only you can make yourself look like a fool.

    2. travel_dude


      I was up in the Press Level, between waring factions; "Let go Oilers...Oilers Suck". Great game.

  2. damm university and now a lock out some one please shoot mee!!

    1. Pyromancer


      You forgot to include Edmonton. Things always come in 3's.......

  3. does anyone know what channel the Canada Russia game is on?

  4. LOL my rep has gone from -71 to -65 ..... I'm moving on up !!!

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    2. CastleMania


      It's amazing what happens when you stop commenting on every post.

    3. ifiwaschucknorris


      Are you comparing your forum rep to The Jeffersons? Lol

    4. successfulblackman


      yes I am ifiwaschucknorris, btw it was sarcasm people lol

  5. lol my rep has gone from -71 to -65 !!!!! I'M MOVING ON UP !

  6. Hello one and all I have change my name from Bernard12 to successfulblackman because I am no longer a kid I am a man A black man going ot university

  7. why is ti that every time this team has a chance to make it in 8th seed they choke?

  8. MASS EFFECT 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Still convinced you got your self a play off team jay? fire Sutter, and see what could happen!

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    2. DirtyDeeds


      Umm coaching and team.. KK and Feaster strap on your skates we are a tad shorthanded now.

    3. successfulblackman


      LOL I think that he just needs to toughen up our defense, and bottom six forwards, then find the right coach. If you guys think coaching is not part of the problem, then you're just blind

    4. sollostyles


      Uh Firing Sutter is a no brainer his archaic style is killing this team. Dont forget to take Feaster with you...

  10. sick to see my boys iggy and drake hang out after the all star game.

    1. Pyromancer


      Seeing them together makes you sick?

    2. successfulblackman


      umm no it's a slang. Sick means awesome

  11. ATTENTION EVERYONE I just added some more choices on my draft thread. feel free to comment and vote on you're favorites

  12. -47 ? Man people really love you on this board...

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