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  1. Thank God we weren't major buyers at the deadline, what a waste that would have been!
  2. I really have to wonder why Bennett would not be kept centering the third line. He has really looked good as a center in my opinion and should be groomed as one to replace Backlund in the near future.
  3. The Leafs are in desperation mode and really need a defencman, as well as a high pick to satisfy their fan base. I'd offer: Brodie, UFA - gives the Leafs the defenceman they need (I would rather this be Hammer, but I think the Leafs want Brodie) Lucic - makes the money even and gives the Leafs some grit which they severely lack (even though I've been happier with his play since Bennett started centering) And our 2020 first round pick Flames get Mitch Marner.
  4. Ice Ice Baby..... kinda hockey related.
  5. Keep the pedal down. This is fun to watch.....and later on, someone kick the s*** out of Kane please.
  6. I dunno....she makes me consider a move to the USA....
  7. Addicted


    Yep....Neal with 30, and the Oiler’s still miss the playoffs! Lucic with 3......
  8. Addicted


    Neal with yet another goal tonight this guy says he scores 30 this year......😕
  9. Addicted


    And Neal scores again......still leading the NHL in goals with 8 on the year. I know he never would have repeated that performnce on the Flames team, but I still don't like the trade one bit. Neal at least had some upside, Lucic is a complete boat anchor as far as I'm concerned....both in play and contract.
  10. I still think Kevin Hayes would fit our team well, but we couldn’t give up the farm as he is a rental. Maybe our first and a conditional second in 2020 if he signs? I really have no idea, just think he’d fit well centering our third line and dishing pucks to Neal. I think with Hayes’s ability to pass, Neal starts scoring allot more. That’s what makes it worth a first for me, you get Hayes’s production and a rejuvenated Neal in one swoop
  11. I think one should remember that all the other teams, with the exception of TB, are adding/tinkering to compete with US. Adding a little more depth for the right price makes sense, but I wouldn’t be moving any roster players at this point. These guys got us here, let’s see how they perform. I hope Tre only deal picks this year (1st included for the right player), and we can recover some picks at the draft.
  12. I know that Bennett has been tossed around on this site as trade bait, but I think that would be a very bad move for the Flames in the long run. This year Bennett has changed his game and became a protector, agitator, and a physical force out there. He is on pace to tie his peak points totals and is making a real difference in more games then not. Considering he is only 22 years old I think he will be the type of player that, at 25, will be highly sought after in the league. I like the player he is becoming, and the player I foresee that he will become.
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