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  1. Man you would have to have some confidence in the situation to trade a boatload for him. It would be devastating to lose Matty, a first round pick, and prospect (suspected ask), then have Jack get the surgery and never play again. Tough situation and has to be driving the trade value way down. Who blinks first?
  2. It’s Tkachuk.....and I’m calling it here. First Kraken/Flames game, Gio and Matty scrap.
  3. Smitty is a free agent again....maybe a cheap back up option......? He would be good for the 20 games Sutter would give him.
  4. Florida reported a minor upper body injury I believe
  5. I just watched it as well. Amazing what a little confidence will do for a guy.....there is no way he made that shot here. It would have sailed wide or he would have tried to force himself around the defender and jam the goalie. Really weird how a switch can be flicked like that.
  6. Last night on the pre-game the panel was discussing the best trade deadline pick up this year. The hands down consensus was Bennett to Florida for all of the obvious reasons. Hated to see the player go, but I was one of the people calling to trade him. I mean as frustrated as I was with his deployment and handling, I cant imagine how he mist have felt. Good on him for always sucking it up and being a warrior here and I am pumped that he is taking full advantage to his new opportunity!
  7. Sammy with a goal last night and 3 assists tonight, 20 mins of ice. Imagine if we’d have played him with some quality wingers. We got 18 year old Sam Bennett and the panthers are going to love having 25-29 year old Sam Bennett......
  8. I also think we got a good chance at making the playoffs.....where, we are going to sorrily miss Benny....
  9. Goal and a fight....second star if the game in his home debut. Good job Sammy, get your mojo back!
  10. Go get’em Sammy old boy, I’ll be rooting for you.
  11. Yeah, good call. I bet they’d consider waiving for a real shot at the cup though
  12. The Leafs feel they have a very real chance this year and have pushed all the chips in. They have no issues scoring, but they're goaltending will be the Achilles heel. I think they can and would be willing to offer up some scoring touch to solidify the net. Radical proposal: Mitch Marner for Markstrom and Gio. I would be willing to lose Markstrom and go with a BSD and Wolf tandem for the remainder of the year, while solidifying our top line right side. Might not be the right second player add, but I do believe that the Leafs would be far more willing to talk Marner that most would think, especially if they continue to have net issues. Adding a tender like Markstrom would be huge for them and I believe they have enough scoring depth to lose Marner to do it. Flame away!
  13. In an interview a couple years ago about the Oiler hiring Ken Hitchcock, Drew Remenda commented that the team would win the next couple games and attributed it to the “dead cat bounce”. He claimed most teams win the next couple games under a new head coach, but it’s the results after 6 games that matter. I love Dutter and think this was a great move, but I don’t think he is that much of a genius to have solely turned this team around so drastically in a week. There are some obvious changes that have helped, but the biggest change is the effort from the players. By all accounts Dutter is a master motivator and will find a way to keep these guy playing hard, but once the shine of a new coach wears off and things get tough (hard practises, reduced ice, benching, etc), the real story will be told as to whether this core will keep working. I for one think that they will, but I’m not anointing them fixed based on two games. in the meantime, I love what I’m seeing and it shows just what this team is capable of if the effort is put in!
  14. Cross....I totally agree with your post. The one thing I see with Bennett is, yes he may end up in the press box, but if he does he’ll know why he’s there. I’ve got nothing to base this on of course but I really think Wardo benched him and didn’t use the opportunity as a learning experience. Instead it ended up being mass confusion for Benny, resulting in a player lost, then trying to do too much, then finally giving up. At least under Sutter, he gets benched, he’ll know exactly why and how to fix it. I think once you see Benny’s role defined you’ll see a more confident player and a new Benny. 🤞
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