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  1. Nice win boys! Over 100 points!!
  2. Mangi reminded me of Cammalleri timer off of his knee. Beauty!
  3. Pretty cool stat that this Flames team is the first to have 5 players with 70 + points since the Peggie’s in 2000/2001. Great news for our young team.
  4. Love that part as well!! Goal!!
  5. A healthy Bennett would be a nice addition to this game as well
  6. Yep. Love his game at times like this.
  7. Looks like Johnny may need Neal’s dentists phone number....
  8. What happens to Johnny?
  9. Loser point for the Sharks, and the losing streak stays alive!
  10. Sitting in a pretty comfortable position now. 5 points is allot to make up in 8 games for the Sharks. Let’s keep the peddle down!
  11. Anybody else notice that whenever the camera shows a close up of Brodie, he is never winded? He must be an efficient skater and be in top shape.
  12. Lol. Tried that.....lucks all used up. Time for a big third. Top line very quiet in that one.
  13. Yep. It really says something about your 4th line center when he gets the bump to the top line when Mony goes down.
  14. That something the Flames have been missing for a couple years, a solid fourth line. The team was looking pretty flat until they stepped on the ice this period and did their job.