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  1. Neal a healthy scratch?
  2. But i'm sure they could take out the seats and put in smaller ones if you're playing Peeps.....they'll only be using the edge of them anyway.....
  3. Hathaway’s goal was another shorty for the team, no?
  4. That game was closer than it should have been. Nice win though boys!!
  5. He should get pissed more often....seems to work for him.
  6. Wrong time for a penalty.
  7. BSD is also doing his job to protect this lead. He hasn’t seen near as much, but he’s been solid when he has to be.
  8. Yep, the kid is putting on a clinic. If the hawks had Smith in net right now, it would be 8-2.
  9. Johnny seriously needs to snap and retaliate HARD one of these times, or he is risking that BS every time he steps on the ice. One of these times he is going to get a serious injury. Theo gave himself allot of room and “survived” as an undersized player by being unpredictable. Johnny needs to do it just once I think.
  10. What the heck could be the injury, that serious, from that fight?
  11. That’s a hard no from me. Tkachuk will be the captain once Geo is done, and there no way I’m trading that capability. Goal scoring is not our issue and Tkachuk brings way more to the table.
  12. At least big save Dave has been on his game. He’s giving us a chance
  13. Good call. Never a better time for one!
  14. Tough to score short handed. Stay out of the box boys!
  15. I like it. Bennett trying to get something going.....get in the goalies head.