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  1. Me too. I think they take this one and it sparks them to get their groove back. Didn’t think this series would go 7, but if we can prevail we’ll be better for it.
  2. For gods sakes sit Neil and buy him out in the off season. Invisible all game, lazy play on the OT goal. Little effort he could have at least had a chance at breaking up that pass. Playoff performer.....bullSatoshi Nakamoto!!
  3. Thanks Snowbear! I got the PVR all set now. Now GO FLAMES GO!
  4. What Sportsnet are we thinking this is on? My guide all says Dallas and Nashville.
  5. Looks like a very familiar scenario. I’m certainly not counting the Bolts out yet...not until the final buzzer of the 4th loss. They are an awesome, deep, team but sometimes upsets happen and I’m hoping we see one here. We’re going to the cup cup final this year and I’d rather not meet the Bolts there. 😬
  6. Yep the Bolts have dug a hole. Kucherov possibly out for 2, and down 2 games, it’s possible he’s played his last game this year. I like it....
  7. Nice start Jackets, stole 2 games on the road! Go ahead and get those President trophy winners out of our way.
  8. Thank you Mr Smith, for proving me completely wrong with your performance last night. Great to see him not inly making big saves, but doing it with confidence and swagger!
  9. Nice work Rocket! Smith with the start. What does that tell us about game 1 of the playoffs? Keeping Smith sharp for then.......or resting BSD for then? Lol. My guess is Peters plans on Smith as his playoff starter. We’ll see I guess, good problem to have if we can rely on both. Go Flames! Let’s end the Oilers dismal season in style!
  10. And the Habs officially eliminated. Only three Canadian teams make the cut.
  11. Seems a little knee jerk to me to mess with the lines that much after 1 loss to goalie that played pretty well. I get it that various lines have went cold at various times, but the wins still came from different lines. Not sure I’d mess with what has been working up to now at this point in the year... My guess is Mony is hurt more than we think and needs a lesser role for a bit to recover. That would require a fair bit of shuffling which is what we’ve seen.
  12. Mangi reminded me of Cammalleri there....one timer off of his knee. Beauty!
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