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    Yep....Neal with 30, and the Oiler’s still miss the playoffs! Lucic with 3......
  2. Addicted


    Neal with yet another goal tonight this guy says he scores 30 this year......😕
  3. Addicted


    And Neal scores again......still leading the NHL in goals with 8 on the year. I know he never would have repeated that performnce on the Flames team, but I still don't like the trade one bit. Neal at least had some upside, Lucic is a complete boat anchor as far as I'm concerned....both in play and contract.
  4. Looks like a very familiar scenario. I’m certainly not counting the Bolts out yet...not until the final buzzer of the 4th loss. They are an awesome, deep, team but sometimes upsets happen and I’m hoping we see one here. We’re going to the cup cup final this year and I’d rather not meet the Bolts there. 😬
  5. Yep the Bolts have dug a hole. Kucherov possibly out for 2, and down 2 games, it’s possible he’s played his last game this year. I like it....
  6. Nice start Jackets, stole 2 games on the road! Go ahead and get those President trophy winners out of our way.
  7. And the Habs officially eliminated. Only three Canadian teams make the cut.
  8. Loser point for the Sharks, and the losing streak stays alive!
  9. Sitting in a pretty comfortable position now. 5 points is allot to make up in 8 games for the Sharks. Let’s keep the peddle down!
  10. We need to remember that, in an 82 game season, it is impossible for a team to "give it their all," or "get up" for every game. With the Flames being one of the top teams for the majority of the year, they are an opponent that teams definitely circle on their calendar and bring their A game....top goalies, top effort, etc, and consider them "statement" games like we do againt TB. That being said the Flames have continued to win, or at least be close in almost every game, while facing top competition that is bringing their A game. The playoffs will be a different story with every team playing their top game, and I don't see a team other than TB that Calgary cannot beat in a 7 game series. Let's get there and beat TB this year like we should have in '04!
  11. Rumoured to be a 1st and Brendan Lemieux. Pretty steep price to pay for a rental.....would be like us giving a first and Rychel. I'd be very comfortable with a first for Hayes and a conditional pick if we signed him, but thats about all.
  12. Our first is going to be a very late first rounder, so close to a second anyway. Price is high, but if it gives us center depth and ignites Neal, it would be very worth it. If Hayes is a fit we would be moving out a couple pieces at the draft to accommodate cap, so the opportunity to recover a higher placed first would be there. And no, I don’t see Hayes centering JH. I see him as our third line center, or second line between Tkachuk and Neal.
  13. I think if we add Hayes we have no need to blow our brains out for Stone. I’d think Hayes would require our first, so any pieces to try and get Stone would significantly change our team. Not necessary in my mind. I think Hayes moves the needle enough.
  14. I still think Kevin Hayes would fit our team well, but we couldn’t give up the farm as he is a rental. Maybe our first and a conditional second in 2020 if he signs? I really have no idea, just think he’d fit well centering our third line and dishing pucks to Neal. I think with Hayes’s ability to pass, Neal starts scoring allot more. That’s what makes it worth a first for me, you get Hayes’s production and a rejuvenated Neal in one swoop
  15. I think one should remember that all the other teams, with the exception of TB, are adding/tinkering to compete with US. Adding a little more depth for the right price makes sense, but I wouldn’t be moving any roster players at this point. These guys got us here, let’s see how they perform. I hope Tre only deal picks this year (1st included for the right player), and we can recover some picks at the draft.
  16. I know that Bennett has been tossed around on this site as trade bait, but I think that would be a very bad move for the Flames in the long run. This year Bennett has changed his game and became a protector, agitator, and a physical force out there. He is on pace to tie his peak points totals and is making a real difference in more games then not. Considering he is only 22 years old I think he will be the type of player that, at 25, will be highly sought after in the league. I like the player he is becoming, and the player I foresee that he will become.
  17. The best way to win these battles is to make them pay on the PP. When teams relalize that they had better not sit in the box or the Flames will very likely score, that changes the mindset on whether the dirty play happens. The Flames have the right mix of standing up for each other when needed, and if they can get more consistant on the PP, it's all we need. Not saying that we shouldn't add a piece or two at the TD, but toughness wouldnt be the focus for me.
  18. I still really like Kevin Hayes for that third line center spot between Neal and Bennett. I think that line would give teams fits and be the depth we need in the playoffs. Not sure what it would take to get him as a rental though.
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