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  1. Spot on about Dadonov. Quietly one of the best fwds available imo.
  2. Being as I have neither the time nor patience to listen to hack bloggers, I don't even know that narrative. So I guess it's a no. Here's my true story though. In mid-January, having made my own typical meals for days, I inexplicably spent a day vomiting. Yesterday they announced that stomach problems could be an early sign. I couldn't even look at food. Next day, my throat started being really dry. So I started on my routine of cider vinegar, garlic, chloraseptic throat spray, echinacea and Vitamin C, to no avail. My throat was so dry and sore that I didn't talk and stayed home from work. My body ached. Finally, after 10 days of not getting better, I went to the clinic to test for strep, negative. But I fought with the nurse, which became 3 nurses, to give me a penicillin prescription regardless, which they eventually did. About 5-6 days later, it was gone. Afterwards, many told me that this years flu is particularly hard to shake. So I can only assume that Wuhan was the first to detect the actual strain, that it didn't necessarily emanate from there. It's a little hard to believe that 1 province in China triggered a global pandemic. Trump finally said 1 right thing, finally. Warm weather will defeat it, but it's now a part of flu season. And if this is Judgement Day, we're all doomed. Based on toilet paper, of all things.
  3. A new strand of flu. Not sure why my original post got so slanted. It was meant as an honest sentiment. But I guess Facebook is now a news source.🙄
  4. I dare say that I don’t think this necessarily emanated out of China. Perhaps China was simply the first to specifically isolate what it is. Then they also specified and produced test kits. So now that it’s actually being tested for, it’s a global pandemic. Because it’s been around for a while. Lots of new cases is based on a greater testing capacity, not necessarily new cases. Thoughts?
  5. Can't capitalize on chances. Lose. Sounds about right with the Flames.
  6. Time to stop pretending that this team is only going as far as Rittich takes them. He buries pucks where Talbot's a pinball machine. I'm okay with that, even when he roves. lol He's passionate. I like my goalies like that.
  7. And then we meet his agent.
  8. Interesting take. Seeing how he just missed an entire season of development... Edit I'm a little annoyed that no one is calling Gustaffson and Forbort what they are. Rentals.
  9. Well, it is funny no mention of Hamonic ever in trade rumours. Somehow the conclusion was reached that Brodie was the expendable one. Although Gio had his best seasons with him. With the dysfunctional Flames, it won't be shocking when we re-sign Stone. So, as a little too dramatic starts getting noted on here more and more, count me in. Losing Brodie, imo, is losing our #2 that our #1 loves playing with (as per Stajan). But the club has shown all intentions of retaining Hamonic, who, along with Hanifin, are no better than a 3rd pair. 4 UFA dmen (5 with Stone). And there's no need to be dramatic... So when would it be okay to be dramatic? We have: Gio Andersson Hanifin Yelesin Valimaki Kylington (RFA) Lerby How is that looking to everyone heading into UFA?
  10. The question not being asked. How does everyone feel about this situation?
  11. If we were in on Wayne Simmonds it has more to do with the state of the org...
  12. That's what I'm thinking. If we don't sign him, I hope the Wings do. I've never had a problem with him. I'm interested to see what deals each of him and Hamonic sign.
  13. Well by all accounts Bennett was looking good at C so demote him to the throwaway spot. And we might as well throw in some adventure and have a D pairing that have never played together and our goalie knows as little about them as they know about him. What could possibly go wrong? Lotsa fun messages. Does anyone remember Czarnik. Injured, demoted, forgotten? Is that what happened?
  14. Nice to see you angry at this stupidity. You're always one of the patient and analytical ones. lol
  15. Is it wrong to hate complacency? Why is this org so complacent again? Are we near something?? Stay what course, again? 😕
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