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  1. JG's the guy we're trying to spring. Playing D shadow is more of a Bennett role imo. Tell him to watch Zetterberg as a center. Drove other teams stars out of their minds. lol Hi Jonathan Toews. Toews took so many dumb penalties out of pure frustration...
  2. I'm hoping they can get on a steady diet of practices now. The sked has been pretty disruptive to that.
  3. conundrumed


    Just missed the 1 year anniversary by 2 days.💔
  4. Love that dry sense of humour! We were maybe an inch away from Mony burying that breakaway. Got it up, just couldn't quite get it up enough. Story of my life. lol
  5. Yup. JG sees nothing, goes for a skate, still finds nothing, coughs up the puck. Someone punch him in the face, he's being way too arrogant imo.
  6. Further to this, at Oktoberfest in Munich, years ago, I asked a 3 generation German family why Ireland is littered with Germans. They said they all go to Ireland for the folk music tradition. Their traditional music is banned due to being used in Nazi nationalism propaganda.
  7. Hathaway update. 2G/4A/+3 50 hits. Zero suspensions. lol Should have given him that contract imho.
  8. Mangiapane may replace the scoring, but in my mind they're on the same line together regardless, with JG. Then the OHL line, and Backlund's a perfect 3C. I get that Mangia may not be ready for the increase of minutes, but we drafted him for his goal scoring. How long do we wait before we've driven him right out of the opportunity to prove it? We have a knack for making top 6 guys prove that they're bottom 6 guys first, and then they can't escape that role. It makes no sense these days, when Commissioner Bettman's mandate is young and fast. He gets his mandate from owners and mgmt, he's not some little Hitler. It affects the way things are reffed to steer it that way imho. Get with the mandate and we'll be good. lol
  9. Lindholm Monahan Backlund Ryan *maybe lol
  10. I get what you're saying but disagree. Coaching will always overcome this. Keep the best player. In this case, Mangiapane. I think the 1st line should be JG-Lindholm-Mangiapane personally. And I don't think I'm being outrageous. I compare Mangiapane to Rittich in ways. "Have you done everything we asked"? Yup. Give him a shot, he's a scorer is my thoughts. Give him a workload and some leash. Like Rittich in that way imo.
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