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  1. conundrumed

    TIme Out

    All I can say is that I'm also a Wings fan... The Flames need to take a hard look at what they are. On paper, they simply aren't a very good team, and constantly trying to fill big holes with cheap little plugs.
  2. Mony breakaway, JG breakaway but for Myers' great play.
  3. BT finally took goaltending seriously is my take. What a difference.
  4. I doubt Edmonton loves that trade now. Lucic deserves a ton of credit for fighting through the adversity. I know I prefer him over Neal.
  5. Lol, even they were laughing. They said Sam Bennett... "STING forward Wil Bitten"....WOW!!
  6. Bizarre. Just announced on Sarnia radio. Nowhere else???lol
  7. Bennett signs in Sweden. Gone.
  8. It's the same DeAngelo from the Sting, still the same guy. A little surprised he was even drafted, he's ALWAYS been a d!k?
  9. JJ, look at contenders and tell me all of their 1st line dmen are 1-2 dmen. They aren't.
  10. I can't believe this trade creates any controversy. It's a fair trade. I think both will struggle but PLD has the advantage of not having to be THEE guy. He'll be surrounded by better players. Laine is only Ovechkin-like in shot. Laine will never, imho, touch Ovechkin for creating his own space by playing an intensely physical game if you don't give him space.
  11. 4. Leivo's really run-o-the mill. Dube is a difference maker and we need him to stay healthy. Both he and Mangiapane need to be critical components of our top 6.
  12. Revisiting the Canes trade: Would I: Lindholm for Hamilton? 100% Ferland and a 3rd (which Fox would have become) for Hanifin? 100%. Would you rather have what we sent still? That trade was a win. We got the best player in Lindholm, hands down.
  13. Is it just me that has a wildly variant view of a 1D in the NHL when Hamilton is mentioned as one of them?
  14. So....all the music piped in will be Hendrix and grunge?
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