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  1. Eric Frances looks mad and talking "misinformed". Must have been the right decision.
  2. This young lady seems pretty exceptional at guitar.
  3. Turn it into an industry. Committee overlooking the Comity. And where do I apply?
  4. Oh dear. Guess I'll be taking the short bus a little longer yet.
  5. Your spelling of committee is an atrocity, but your virtues are sound.
  6. Who doesn't love modesty?
  7. We should get you out there.
  8. His body language since he got here has been atrocious imho. He was given the keys to the franchise. I can tell, very easily, someone made it very real for him. He'll get better, we'll get good.
  9. It's normal though. Happens everywhere. Bigger problem for me is we don't do it very often.
  10. Excellent game. Our D on the 2nd goal, hoping we only try that once, yikes.
  11. Carty, GDT crusher. Can I beg a solid. lol Can you make me a banner, sig or whatever that bottom thing's called. Flames theme with the saying, Serenity Now. lol
  12. He's been sharp since, Mr Positivity. We'll get it back. Cheer man. It's your team. Be positive. You're 90% scorn. It's supposed to be fun. Not a BTCboard. Have faith. Flames 12-2.
  13. Where is there any success? Rittich developed overseas, not even Sigalet can coach his fundamentals away. Smith looks fine to me. I think he's been ripped on. Something about, "stop chasing pucks, track them and stay in your Blockchaining net. Stop a Blockchaining puck". I think someone had that talk with him. I think he'll be better now and stop acting like he's the man. I think that might have happened, lol.
  14. Czarnik-Janx-Hathaway having a great 4th line game, again.
  15. Smith is playing net, not more worried about puckhandling. My bet is Neal had a good long chat with him, as opposed to Sigalet.