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  1. SNW is leaving no time for introductions I see. 7:30 start?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but imo the biggest problem with our PP2 is that it rarely gets set up in the O zone. Too many moving parts forcing every pass/running out of room. I doubt moving 1 player off of PP1 will calm the other 4 down. I don't have any answers, outside of everyone always looks too hurried. Too much panic with the puck. They need work in practice at real pace, not just instructions. They don't have to be PP1, give them a different look, whatever it takes. They're so scrambly it just looks like widespread panic and no one wants the puck or always takes it/sends it right into turnover land.
  3. But mainly, a pure rental. Not interested. Someone'll give him $5+. I'm pretty sure the Cane's were cool at 4+. We lost Ferland before he became a headache imho. He's been replaced. Him or Lindholm for that money and contract? I'm over it.
  4. For anyone wanting some extra reading while they wait, here's what they're saying from the other side. Always classy.
  5. Be nice to jump out early in this one and save some jam for the COilers tomorrow. Need to play better than we did in Detroit. Mantha's back and has 2g2a in 6 since returning. Contain Larkin is the biggest thing and pressure their D hardcore. Howard's still a really good goalie so keep him moving.
  6. Must be time to let this game go. We were good enough to win it, lost on a bounce or 2. Still got a point.
  7. Ferland trade next??
  8. Same term, less money. The Canes are a mess. Rask will be fine in Minny. Neiderrieter at 5.25 for 3 years, god no. Minny did well imho, Rask is a better fit. Both needed a new look. The Canes haven't been a good look for anyone lately, let alone a fortuitous dog like Nino. Can't see that fit. Could be wrong but doubt it.
  9. Good deal for Minny imho. Acquire a successor to Koivu for a 3rd line winger.
  10. I don't agree. He can play left or right, has a log stick and does a good job in front of his net. I'd also argue that he helped Gio a lot. We're talking a 6 D role now. I think that's fair for a cheap move.
  11. That would be astounding. Like we bundled up all of our problems if true.
  12. That's harsh. We're all firmly behind him. cross is only raising a scenario, not condemning him.
  13. While I agree and don't agree with trying to protect 1 goal leads to start a 3rd period, you shouldn't be giving up 2-on-1s with 3 minutes left when you're up by a couple. Late goals being up by a couple are a concern I have as well. I love all of the offence, but there are times when you shut it in late to secure the win and stop looking to get behind them. Which tends to lead to them getting behind us. Just a bit of balance I'd like to see.
  14. I think those are fair concerns. One thing bothers me is when the Flames pick it up they don't give up many shots against, but many of the one's they do give up are solid scoring chances. While they get many themselves, the D pressing the fwd zones is risky play.
  15. 15-2 Flames, let's get on with it.