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  1. Eichel is risk. He took Buffalo nowhere. Maybe he's not so amazing. Particularly injured and whiny. I'm thinking no thanks.
  2. conundrumed

    the core

    Try to have a point JJ. Last year is over.
  3. conundrumed

    the core

    That isn't actually true. JG, Mony, Lindholm, Tkachuk, Backlund, Hanifin, Tanev, Markstrom? Mangia, Dube, Andersson, Valimaki coming along. Decent prospect pool behind them. Not getting the panic. That's a good mix of players. Can we end the doom and gloom already? Do we need another "Real Fan" thread?lol Let's stop pretending every player we have will be the worst version of themselves. We aren't bad with a really good coach/teacher. If you just wanna Satoshi Nakamoto on every player we have, please spare us. We get it, Can we end the "sky is falling" crap? It's not. Nothing is ever as bad as it can be made out to be. Not telling everyone to be a cheerleader, but jfc, stop being anti-Flames. Thousands of fans think they know better. Great. Geniuses. Detroit's my other team. They aren't good. But I'm a fan, I don't Satoshi Nakamoto all over them. Our roster isn't as bad a recipe as gets depicted. It's a good roster, lest you guys wanna lace 'em up and show me the errors of my ways. When you stop complaining about it, you may see a pretty competitive team.
  4. Did you watch his presser? Very forthcoming. "I put on the equipment and went out there, so I'm not making excuses". Was it his call or the team's? Fighting for a playoff spot so he kept trying. His biggest weapon is his shot, so it's sad that's what was affected the most. I'm not a fan of trading him. Injuries have hampered him. And it's not like he doesn't know that it's been disappointing. Hip, shoulder, wrist. Hopefully he's now fully healthy and learned from those injuries. We talk about players wanting to be here. He's one that does. Hopefully him and Johnny get back to ham and cheese. Mony's injuries affect Johnny too. More Moneyhands, goodbye injuries.
  5. Really loving Sutter's pressers. He doesn't play word salad, got a question, he's got an answer. High praise for Mangiapane. Saying, "you all say I love big players"...too funny. He's got great backbone and his team will too. Even brought us up! "I know what the fans in Calgary want". Nailed it. Hard work and effort. This is going to be fun to watch. He is so no-nonsense. We have one of the best coaches in the league, bar none.
  6. Let's not forget that no other team has acquired him either. Buffalo wants the value of a healthy Eichel and everyone knows that's ludicrous. Can we trade 2018 Monahan?lol Screw the whole debacle. Let's see a healthy Mony this year. It would make a big difference to our O. I still think he should be captain. He said last year's hip was around game 6. He had 7pts in the first 5. I think he can be a ppg player.
  7. Francis to Zadorov: Do you think you can fill a top 4 role after not doing so last year? Zadorov: I was top 4 for 80% of last year. Do you guys even watch hockey? Hahaha shred. Guess he knows we all hate Francis. Now Francis will try to malign him...
  8. I think it's still in the air whether a great coach can turn it around for him. But yes.
  9. Horsman, can you edit the thread title to just Training Camp? Yesterday Francis was moved up to the AHL group to replace Zary (ankle fracture. Werner was moved down to the AHL group. Love the groupings and Sutter adjusting them. Almost like we have a smart coach. Dumb like a fox.😃
  10. God yeah. I'm not on the fence, there is no fence.lol Let's talk about reffing! Want a tear down and rebuild? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Want Eichel? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Want a 1st Rd draft goalie? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. We aren't working in absolutes here. It's easy to be a contrarian to any stance, because there is never a right way. But for me, I like what we've done. My #1 complaint last year was a lousy bottom 6. A lousy mix of low IQ, go-thru-the-motions players. No identity. Which team do we get today? They couldn't deal with any adversity, just stayed the course of doubting themselves, it seemed. Adding Pitlick, Richardson, Lewis, Coleman, for me, are important adds. 4 guys that won't float around with their thumb up their Hash Rate wondering what to do. I think that's important. I literally gave up watching last year's pathetic mess of a roster. I like this roster A LOT better. It doesn't make me right, but I can get behind it. Question for everyone. What did you want our offseason changes to be?
  11. I just enjoy teasing in good fun. JJ's been waxing me lately in this forum's hockey pool, so I have to get my shots in out of spite.lol But yeah, if someone responds to me angrily when I tease, I'll put a like on their post that I'm not being nasty, just keeping it fun. But at the end of the day, when we know we don't actually NEED Ritchie on the roster, we're a better team. I like that we're fixing our bottom 6 first. Now our whole roster are NHL players, outside of Gudbranson, but I'll have to trust Sutter on that one. Maybe he can teach him how to play D effectively. Richardson, Lewis and Pitlick. I may be on an island thinking how important a 6-8min/gm 4th line is, but I do. Was never a Ryan fan, at any price. I like it now. Pitlick's going to love playing with Backlund. Our 3rd and 4th lines are fixed now imho. That helps the top 6 a lot. Now Sutter has really solid matchup options. He won't need to lean on any 1 line, he can roll out Backlund's line against 1st lines if he wants to get good matchups for our top 6. I like what I see. What I really can't wait for is a healthy Monahan to remind us that he's a really good player. Even with the bad hip, he didn't lose many PP draws. His injuries haven't been recurring same injury. He's a slot guy with a great shot, so he's been targeted. But we're deeper now. He'll have a big yr. We didn't have big changes to the core so everyone's angry. But we had really good changes to the support cast. Personally, that's what I wanted. Stars can't be stars without a solid support cast. No star in this league does it alone. Except Kucherov and Panarin.lol
  12. My being right will only be more satisfying.lol Popular opinions are generally wrong. Can't wait to watch you back track. Always fun.
  13. Oh great, another cheerleader chimes in.lol Keep talking fellas.
  14. Matches what I think of Dube. Last guy I'd wanna trade. He'll be wearing an "A" in this league, at minimum. Against what many see, I think Sutter loves Dube and Valimaki. He's very good with young players, people just don't like his tactics. Dube is an excellent player, ready to breakout imho.
  15. only amongst the righteous. lol
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