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  1. I agree. They have to play as a group. Sutter's very demanding, but I think guys like Lewis and Richardson can help teach this team about hard work and the payoff with Sutter. Making Coleman and Pitlick pretty good adds because they're both blue collar players. The Gudbranson thing still has me scratching my head hard though. He just isn't good at anything. But may reach his goal of playing for all 32 teams.lol
  2. Covid year. I'm trying to take nothing away from last year on anyone. Just a weird year of pro pond hockey for me. No worries Thomas will be good being back to a regular season. He's too good of a player. But are they honestly suggesting he should be taking ROR's seat?? That's overkill. He's only 22. I'm not claiming he's Crosby. Assumed Army wouldn't have an appetite to trade him, and that's become clear.
  3. That is very good news. Put the Pelletier-Zary-Duehr line together!!
  4. *bump* We're definitely going to be needing this thread all year. Just make them play hard for 60 minutes is all I ask!!
  5. Hard to say. It's unclear if he's just late getting vaxed or is anti-vax. But either way, he is the last one that can afford to miss camp. Contracts apparently neeed the, "You must be vaccinated" clause now. No vax, no play, no pay.
  6. Yikes. Parsons is already on shaky ground.
  7. I was surprised no Parsons at rookie camp. The plot thickens.
  8. I'd agree JG's in the 9 range, and maybe wanting the full 8 years?
  9. I believe the plan is Sundqvist on LTIR, but it's not a long term solution.
  10. Thomas signed 2yr, $2.8. Same deal as Kyrou.
  11. His ceiling isn't Glencross.lol His comparables have been Horvat, Backlund and a poor man's Bergeron. 50 pts realistic, 70 pt peak. Great 200' center. Only 22.
  12. Yup. I don't think anyone will love the bar.
  13. Kaprizov $9 x 5. Damn! Hi Pettersen.
  14. To be forthcoming, I have a huge bias for Thomas since jr. Leaves it all on the ice. Swathed onto a good St Loo roster at 19, played some huge games in the cup run. Keith Tkachuk commented after one game it was the best performance he had ever seen by a 19yo in the playoffs. Would need some Tara retention. Would give us more options. We are one center injury away from uhoh. Thomas could play all situations. Strengthened C/RW.
  15. Injuries already😩 Kinvall and Zary.
  16. Have to agree. Good 3rd line prospect.
  17. Still lots to like in Pelletier's game. Good motor, high compete level.
  18. Pospiisil. Effing texting. He's looking hard assed. Francis is tiny. Wow. He is tiny. Not sure what else to say. Eyes on Wolf. Next Captain. Love his game.
  19. I've been most impressed with Pospisal. He's the best on both teams I think. Again, maybe.
  20. Peeps, great beach party. Nobody does George Canyon.lol. Sarnia Beach parties. lou, if you get back here, trust me.😂 I grew up here, 16 yrs Cambrian Hgts in Cal. A little over 2 in London, England. Young wanderlust... I know my friend crowd would love you. Aaand we generally have epic private beach parties, every second wkend. Honestly. The lake/river are still warm. If I were you I would. lol
  21. Damn Francis is small JJ. Like....small.
  22. Can we put a bullet in the George Canyon thing already. Buck-toothed yokels...
  23. Let's do it up!! Missed the last one. https://mobile.twitter.com/Fan960Steinberg/status/1439985119998070787 MOD EDIT: ADDED VIDEO,
  24. Maybe. But depth is lacking to. Backlund's a good 2-3, as is Linholm, Mony, adding Thomas would be another. So overall, that strengthens the position!! Maybe Mony gets back to being a 25-30G guy, definitely need that.
  25. A big power forward would be a nice gift!!
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