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  1. I was agreeing with JTECH. It appears to me a lot of the prescribed trades aren't taking cap issues into account. We have them. May need Brodie gone for picks alone just to get a couple mil off of his contract to meet the Cap.
  2. Excellent point. We have about $11-12 in space. Tkachuk Bennett Mangia Hathaway Fanta Rittich We're outta space. Buyout of Stone likely. Our trades may have to be at the draft table for picks to create space and move fwd from there.
  3. Torts as coach would go something like this: "how did you think your 1st line performed"? Torts: why don't you go ask them how they think they performed, no comment. Love it.
  4. Kinda all comes down to where the first is I think. A >20th 1st deserves at least another 2nd imo.
  5. Excellent point. If Kapanen doesn't have our guys opening ice up for him, is he honestly a 2nd line RW? I'd say no, personally.
  6. It was briefly enjoyable. lol Should Brodie get the same range that we spent on Hamonic? Brodie/4th for a 1st and 2 2nds?
  7. I love Torts. One of the best coaches in the league for my money. Players coach, leads the attitude and treats the media precisely as they should be treated. And he's hilarious. lol
  8. The draft should be quite the start. When Holland realizes the scouting staff is seriously below Detroit's. I wonder if he'll consider the Datsyuk thing. Give up a 1st to lose a bad contract. Quite a conundrum, as they need the pick, but likely the cap space more. He sure has his work cut out for him, as does Stevie cleaning up his mess. lol
  9. JTECH posted this in Realistic Trades etc etc. Just my opinion, in case anyone agrees. A lot of these threads are saying the same thing and are simply becoming massive pages long. Seems like 8 different, yet the same, subject matters are in half of the threads. Is it time for a Flames forum board clean up? Just wondering everyone's opinion. Out with the old, in with the new?
  10. I tend to agree. Could be Chiarelli v2. He was amazing in Detroit prior to managing in the Cap world. Most Wings fans haven't liked him for the past 5ish years for bad cap mgmt. Detroit comes out the winner now with Stevie Y taking over. Both teams with cap issues will make this an interesting comparison.
  11. Works in this regard. Ken Holland is respected throughout the league. Oilers notsomuch. Who wins out. lol
  12. Detroit's been needing LTIR to stay under the Cap forever, it seems like.
  13. Hopefully Stevie Y can clear some cap and older players. Good young players up-and-coming. Please take Green and a 1st aid kit, lol.
  14. A guy who has done nothing but struggle with the cap for 5 years goes to a team struggling with the cap. lol
  15. Same. They seem to have the ability to flip a switch throughout games. Bunch of jerks. lol Outside of the exceptional dmen, it's a pretty ragtag bunch of believers leaving it all on the ice.
  16. Edmonton to announce Ken Holland as GM... How dare he!
  17. Patience is anything but typical, standard from what I've been reading. Neither the Canes or Golden Showers have won a cup recently. All sorts of things this playoffs. Pens swept, TB swept, Isles swept, Flames done in 5 isn't an anomaly, it's the norm. Conference finals could be all wildcard teams. It's all about compete levels imo. The top regular season teams just can't match the desperation of lower seeds that very few gave a chance. Everyone tapped TB for the Cup, and nobody but nobody saw CBJ completely dominating them in the 1st round. Where that leaves us, I'd say is too early to see. Copying a Cup-winning team isn't a formula, it's a reaction. The Canes are doing it with D and depth. I think we're close. Valimaki and Kyl are enroute fast. Our D is only going to get better. Mangia really getting used to the NHL. Younger faster will be upon us soon imho.
  18. Justin Williams, take a bow. "Who wants to play in Carolina"? lol Bunch of jerks is a thing. Cherry should take a bow too. Not a chance I thought they'd sweep the Isles. But I do think that was the ECF, and the Canes crushed it.
  19. Canes with the sweep. Wow. Thought they'd take the series, didn't expect total domination.
  20. We seem to be inventing problems for a first round exit. Mony has been one of the team's best scorers, but now he doesn't play "heavy" enough. He shouldn't have to. Heavy is bottom 6 guys and our depth, although skilled, isn't heavy. At the start of the year, everyone seemed to want 4 scoring lines and that seems to be how the team was built. I beg everyone remember, this was our first kick at the cat. We don't need to go crazy moving a bunch of pieces imo. Stay the course and don't over react. It's disappointing, but if we're being honest, were we ready to kick aphids in the playoffs? Not yet. Take your beating, move on with the experience. Most champ teams go through it.
  21. 3-0 series lead Canes. Wow Isles Get out your brooms. You can't beat this team.
  22. Canes looking like a big concern. They hang around. lol
  23. I'd agree, add in there's no way MTL is moving Chabot. That would be ill-advised. lol
  24. Boston looks like they need the fast game. CBJ slows it to a heavy game. Not sure the Bruins have a response. Like Tampa. Be as fast as you want, but if we set the pace, doesn't matter. Good hockey.
  25. And Fox would be a side swipe we'd be trying to deal with, when we have bigger fish to fry. Getting him out of here early was a good move. He'd be a headache.
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