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  1. Rasmussen is a giant, good in front of the net and defensively. 2017 9th oa Wings fans breathed a lot of hate at him for not being an instant 40 goal guy last year. He's now 20, in the A and missed significant time with a back injury. Doubt the Wings want to move him, but you gotta pay if you want to play. Moritz Seider could be ready as early as next year, and the Wings backend is an atrocity. I'd say the basement on Rasmussen is an NHL 3C. Detroit's prospect depth is above average everywhere but at G. They have good young forwards, but D is not good outside of the 3-4 in the prospect pool, where batting a thousand never happens. Brodie would be a big add for them. Maybe a 2nd back re-sign clause. For the record, I don't wanna lose Brodie, but something has to give with this team. The dynamic has been half asleep more often than not this year, imo.
  2. Fooled by the Rasmus part. lol JTech is correct.
  3. You can take solace in this is coming from bloggers that never played competitively. Anyone remember Domi cold-cocking Samuelsson? It wasn't even Domi's teammate he injured for god sakes. Suggesting Kassian go after a diminutive innocent bystander is ridiculous. These writers and analysts always have these ridiculous takes. They talk about players respecting one another, yet this is their great idea. Why does anyone read it? Chances are way above average that one team doesn't want to send a signal to the other 30 that they're predatory on the other team's star player. It won't go well. I know the league has changed, but the respect level hasn't. Now do this to the talking heads, so maybe they'll understand.
  4. I definitely wonder if Detroit is interested in Brodie. Closest team to his hometown too. Just not sure Brodie's value heading into UFA. They have 2 - 2nd and 2 - 3rd rd picks, is that the way to go? Or maybe a Rasmussen?
  5. Imagine our top 3 D being: Mike Green Danny DeKeyser Jonathan Ericcson. $12.5mil per. Hard to even talk about coaching when the roster needs a purge. The commonality though, is Gallant coaching an expansion team, and Detroit looking like an expansion team.
  6. I'll be surprised if Tkachuk doesn't catch him a few more times. Kassian isn't smart enough to see it, and never catches Tkachuk in that situation. Tkachuk's been winning this battle of wits, so hopefully that's turning the table as opposed to the Kane thing.
  7. Nothing quite as beautiful as an understated goalie going to the big smoke and laying down a statement game after his all-star inclusion. 5-0 in shootouts. Mr. Automatic.
  8. He's despised. lol I see Yzerman being patient here. They're bad, and it's not Blashill. lol. This is mainly Holland's team...it'll take a while to fix.
  9. League parity. Every team is dealing with it.
  10. I think it's just media hype. Even Kassian can't be running around trying to catch Tkachuk, because he won't catch him. How many times does Tkachuk have to make him look DD (Developmentally Delayed) for Kassian to not play that game with Tkachuk. He just gets sucked right into Matt's World. Then the, "he won't back it up by fighting" retort. Why yes, that is correct. How many times does he have to play this card for you before you get it. He's trying to win, you're being humiliated and get all personal and selfish. It's a team game. He knocks you off of yours masterfully, because he knows how to. You can't beat everyone up for making you look DD. It's not 1980.
  11. I'd be surprised if Detroit hired Gallant. Blashill was extended in the spring for 2 years. The team is young and he's had a lot of success in Grand Rapids working with the young farm. His 1st yr as head coach of the Wings was good, then you lose Datsyuk and Zetterberg and it's a full on rebuild. They're in a marathon at this point, not a sprint. So hiring Gallant wouldn't make sense and goes against Stevie's patience. He hasn't constructed the team yet, so worrying about a coach isn't the issue. Cleaning Holland's mess and finding the right types of players is the issue. A new coach won't fix that defence.
  12. conundrumed


    It's a tough one with goalies. I think they get success from a specific coach coming up, then have a different coach that wants to see some changes. Then some of the fundamentals they've relied on start slipping enough to have an impact.
  13. conundrumed


    There was an article in the Athletic in preseason about Talbot returning to his original goalie coach to try to get back to basics. .
  14. RW is Regulation Wins. ROW is Regulation Plus OT Wins.
  15. Big win for Talbot. He needed this one. He's been solid. Good win for him. I'm hearing the wonderful talking heads saying he's been a disappointment. I think he's been great. The team is the disappointment.
  16. Is it just me, or has our 4th line been total sketch?
  17. But I'm saying for Bennett. For more offence, which we need. Tell me how great Bennett is, again?
  18. He didn't exactly light up his University years either. Defensive Centers bad at D don't really have a place, I'd give him away. Please make that draft go away. lol
  19. He entered the season on IR, and was RW to Mantha and Larkin last year, so Bertuzzi stole that spot and he's been living on demotions and different roles. But he knows how to score and we need guys that like to shoot.
  20. I kinda wonder if Athanasiou for Bennett would work. AA is RFA with arb rights, currently at $3mil. Scored 30 last year and can play all 3 forward positions. Bennett having another year on his contract. I think it gives both teams a good hockey trade. Detroit will be a blue collar team. Bennett would fit right in. AA has been passed by Bertuzzi for top line duty, yet put up 30 last year, so helps our scoring.
  21. When we start calling these records what they are and call an OTL a loss like they should be, these are .500 winning percentage teams. Parity scarity.
  22. Scallops and particularly Halibut overload. I kinda bought a whole Halibut and someone had to eat it. lol I'm only a donair person if I make it. England taught me that. lol And only chicken or lamb. I don't like the meat mash gut bombs. One meat is all you need. lol Chicken or lamb. The rest isn't Mediterrainean for me.
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