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  1. Also cause your team sucks. Bunch of old farts who trying to keep the tail end of their careers alive. The only one small bright hope is your rookie Brock Lesnar. He's alright, his numbers are inflated due to the amount of empty netters or open nets he's scored. I heard 2-3 goals of his are pucks get deflected off his shin pads, talk about a lucky kid. He's really doesn't have much talent outside of that and on a good nhl team like ours, he probably just be a bottom 6 guy. I suggest canucks try to get a 2nd rounder and a needed dman out of him while you can. Heck we'd probably trade you Shinkaruk back and a 3rd or 4th rounder back for the Brock kid and we be getting ripped off.
  2. More the fact that no coach really wants to take a job in Vancouver at this point. The fans are left with "Its Willie or get a joe blo like DL44 to coach our team"
  3. Came back online finally after my mother decided to get some internet service again. I was severely depressed when she took it away for a few years. FINALLY the Derf has come back to battle with the likes of DL and Donnie and which ever Canucks fans have the testicular fortitude to stand up to me. I like how you finalize your hopes players coming from out of our system. A real organization that can draft talent and not an useless one like the Canucks. Its ok ... take our players, its sad enough that you guys have zero talent. Instead build your rosters from our players because you guys don't know how to draft. Ifs funny you rest your hopes of a #1 center in Bo Horvat. That kid is nothing more than a 3rd line center on a subpar NHL team, We understand though because even someone like Matt Stajan would be considered a top 3 forward on the Canucks because of the lack of depth. if Horvat was on our team he barely break our roster, we'd likely have to develop him more in Stockton and he only make it in our line up if one of our centers were injured. Miller MVP???? lol if a goalie who lets in nearly 3.00 GAA is a MVP your team is pathetically garbage. BTW are the Canucks offering these seniors contracts again? HAHAHAHA don't forget to get Bennings to throw in Senior discounts at the team store to those players. I know all Canucks fans wish they have a young talented depth in roster like the Flames have. They drool over every aspect of our organization, of our enthusiasm and our Stanley Cup rings.
  4. How you like dem apples DL??? HAHAHA complaining about our abilities to keep the puck out the net. Sorry I think you guys have a lot more troubles there than us! Oh btw I smell playoff again for us this year HAHAHAHAHAHA. The old and slow Canucks, still hanging on to old aging roster like Sedin Sedin Miller. Soon you'll have to give your players additional benefits like free adult diapers, walking canes and etc. At least your players should be eligible for senior discounts soon! You guys are a joke of an organization and it hurts the rest of Canadians to classify Vancouver as a city of Canada. I love it when DL44 Donnie can't talk back.
  5. Wow, you are trying to compare Kassian to Monahan or Baertschi! I understand being bumped out of the line up by a potential superstar but how do you make the comparison when you get bump out of the line up by a 4th line forward???
  6. So so on that one. I mean we only have so many spots for rookies to play up here. With Baertschi and Monahan taking a spot up here, it's hard to offer another kid with pretty much only Juniour experience. He had a decent camp up here but he doesn't offer the same skill set Sean and Sven can. I think management got this one right by letting him play in AHL for a year first. I don't think he's a bust just yet. Where do you see Flames and Canucks finish in the standings after their first handful of games?
  7. Thank you for the support Sheri. Donnie and DL have had some edge on us over the last few years but finally when things start going south for them, they don't talk as much. As said all along, DL and Donnie are only here to troll, they state these outrageous claims of their Canucks teams and bash others only when there team is doing well. I play along even when the Flames aren't as competitive but once our team is stronger than the Canucks they all of a sudden disappear and have very little to say. DL starts throwing out stupid sarcastic remarks about Garrison and one of the sisters because he knows he doesn't have much else as ammo anymore. Lemme guess DL ... you're next reply is how Zac Dalpe trade was the best trade of Canucks history! What a joke of a trade. Your team has been eying Dalpe for years, take on a salary dump in Welsh and trade away youth in terms of a pick, Then have Dalpe be a scratch! Wow I didn't know the Canucks eye players to warm the company suite seats also! Goofs Enjoy being a mediocer team at best for years to come DL.Canucks continue to put hopes in an old aging and slow core while we enjoy youth speed strenght and finesse.
  8. You sound sour that all the Canucks prospects you talked about all summer didn't even make your team! LMAO all this talk about Horvat and Shinkaruk being NHL ready - I got one sentence for you - YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME SON! Those kids are trash. They aren't even a quarter the player Mona and Sven are.
  9. DL and donnie aren't round as much because they now know how old and slow the Canucks really are. I'm loving Monahan right now, I hope he stays. He's better than all of Canucks prospects x 100!
  10. I've been savoring this for a long while. Canucks are still below us in the standings as we speak! hahahahhaha. Face it - The canucks are old and slow now and Flames are youthful, big strong fast and more talented than the goofs you got wearing a stupid Orca as your jerseys. You guys should have burned the jerseys down also in that riot! lol
  11. You missed the main element - New York Rangers played their worst game ever. Same with Phoenix. That is the only way the Canucks win is if they catch the other team snoozing that night. DL, no need for rambling 20 facts about what you think the Canucks did well. Its the preseason, there's no weight to these things. However if you want to rambling about pre-season... Here you go. Let me know what you think about this! Wideman - 4G, 6P +3 in 4GP (Should be in the runnings for Norris Award) GlenX - 2G 6P +4 in 4GP (Shooting % 66.7 - WOW just WOW) Stajan - 2G 5P +3 in 5GP (The best 2 way forward since Datsyuk) Bouma - 4G - 4GP (Told you DL he's a better prospect than any in the Canucks System) Ramos - 2-0 (Playing perfect hockey) > Loserongo (2-1 only 0.667 Win%) Back up Comparison - Macdonald 1-1 2.64 GAA >>> Lack of Talent 4.13 GAA (ROFLing Hard) Monahan > Horvat ! Baertschi > Jensen ! =) Whatcha got to say about that son?
  12. Everyone enjoys a good master bait session =) Good luck DL/Donnie and rest of the Orca fans on your season unlike us you'll be in need of it so that Luongo doesn't pull a muscle or tweak something. Don't tell me you guys are confident in your back up (whoever it may be - wont have a game of NHL experience) to carry a load if Luongo is injured.
  13. DL is just sour the Canucks were ousted out of the first round twice in a roll. In that sense me trash talking the Canucks because they get eliminated so fast every year is redundant.
  14. I don't know why everyone always thinks I am trying to stir a pot. Maybe its the way I put sentences together??? I dont know. I am not trying to bait any Canucks fans rather I am only here to state out facts. One fact I got from last night was Luongo let in 4 goals in the first period. Wow, just wow. How can one not see the Flames having a brighter future than the Canucks. This past summer we got younger from trading some of our assets. Our prospects from the previous years are starting to look NHL ready. The Canucks continue to rely on older players (Luongo vs Schneider, trying to resign the sisters) while their youth look like crap compared to our prospects. In two years time Canucks will have slow and untalented players while we will have young strong and fast prospects just entering their prime. All I just know is that Canucks fans are going to be embarrass for supporting their hockey team.
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