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  1. I know there are other players who are not producing goals this year but that's not what I am talking about right now. Johnny is the kind of player that will help a team like Calgary's get to the playoffs but he gets shut down in the playoffs similarly to how the Sedins were. I am tired too, of seeing him choose to stay outside and into the icing line for yet another extreme angle shot, time after time. Stuff like that. Nothing against him for his skill, speed, and heart. I would love to see him shine in the playoffs (for the Flames). I just don't see it happening by what I have seen so far. I see him as a 'detriment' because a player with similar skills but having more physical prowess would fill a large unnecessary void. I love to see him succeed but I am not at this point in time, a wholehearted Johnny fan. Let's hope the Flames make the playoffs and Johnny and the rest of the team proves me wrong.
  2. He might function better on one of the eastern teams that have more strength. Do you think the Oilers might want him? Whoa! LOL... he could haunt us more than James Neal
  3. We've seen it for quite some time now. Johnny is a detriment. He isn't physical enough for the league. It's like being shorthanded in the playoffs.
  4. That is a variable for sure. Some guys have the ability to redevelop and some guys don't. We will see if he is one who can achieve something extra special again. If he doesn't reach levels of superstardom, he's still a good defenceman. It'll be interesting to see who is in the lineup tonight.
  5. Have you seen the movie St Vincent? 'It is what it is' really bugged him. Anyway It will be great to see Hamonic take flight next year. That would be great. He is the only defenceman who shows his teeth on a regular basis. He is my favorite Dman on the squad.
  6. Maybe he wants to be at the top of the tradelist. It seems like there are some wrenches stuck in the Flames organization. They need to be removed before the team can contend. Who and what are those 'wrenches'? I don't think it's a case of replacing this player or that player.
  7. Who can argue any of these points? I have never seen any better footwork and edgework either. Can the Flames bounce back tonight?
  8. That is wonderful! (no sarcasm) Now he has to add an ulterior motive to that kind of stuff... SCORING! Douglas Gilmour was a topnotch playmaker too, and he wasn't scared of scoring. Gooder is so close to being the absolute cream of the crop in The NHL today.
  9. You hit it on the head DHT! Often (because of his explosive speed) when he's entered/ing the zone he's by himself. Then he's waiting for help. That explains why he often drifts to the icing line before shooting. I am waiting for him to start going under and around their defense where he can get shots off at a better angle from the slot etc.. There is Nothing wrong with passing but he needs to utilize the Times when he is by himself, and go for it himself. I like what you say about generating assists off of his shots too. That will happen. Those extremely wide angle shots do not produce as many tasty rebounds out front. I wish I had his tools!
  10. That's right but for a guy of his caliber he should be able to veer up ... and he can veer under them too. I know it, I know it. I've seen him do it
  11. Absolutely! DHam and BroD have made a rep for themselves, and I agree I don't like what I see now because they are not biting down for whatever reasons. You know how that goes; out of a pool of excellent players, different guys prefer different players because of their approach to the game. I'm not the world's biggest Goodroe fan either but I am starting to like his spirit. He tries to go that extra mile. I wish he would push the throttle in just a couple of notches so he could increase his control a bit. He often tries his luck handling through traffic when it isn't always necessary. He has got league recognized tools, he just needs to use them in a few more ways. He is already having good success but he doesn't seem like the kind that thinks good is good enough.
  12. Ya, I partially agree with what you say... they look lazy but not just in a smooth skater way. I see them hesitating on the puck; waiting for the puck to come. That is not a good idea for any type of player. To take control, you need to initiate the play. Look at Goodrow, he is a gifted skater, and he is gifted with gumption; you don't see him lollygag very often, nor for very long.
  13. Johnny Goodroh is still veering over to the boards after he enters the zone, 95% of the time. If he would use his fantastic 'in close through traffic' skill to gain 'sweet spot shots' he would have a zillion more goals than he does. The opposition has him figured out there for sure; he CHOOSES to take the bad angle shots at the end of an impressive job of gaining the zone. At the start of this season he wasn't doing that so much. Somebody please bring this up to him!
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