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  1. That's what I like too! Lucic is a powerhouse. I wish (I know wishing is annoying) the game would go back to strength and presence like it was with the neutral zone and the red line. It's been tailored to speed and therefore youth which discriminates against older bigger, often stronger, and yes often slower players. These little speedy gonzalez kids that are coming along are idolized but would be 'neutralized' in the old game. Developed matured durable 'old guy strength'. Leave Lucic alone. He's still the best in the league at what he does.
  2. That's right. We need a brick housley in front.
  3. Ok. I mean it now. I'm not Bufflin around.
  4. Wutz Bufflin doon? Iz he too olt? Yew no yew git weeker eech day after 24.
  5. Haz der flams gaught eny super tuff dee men diss yeer? Kick butt rib bustin concussion kind?
  6. conundrumed: LOL, Who is Adam Fox? What is ELC? What is Uber? Those are the kind of stats we need to be reminded of = lousy odds. ... and what a BORING 2 to 5 year GAMBLE with no team on the ice, and knowing they are throwing games. WHAT A DRAG! Not worth my time even watching, not to mention a sicK bit of sportsmanship. You think the org doesn't know that?! You think the org would survive in Calg? FLAMES TANK, NO TANKS! PS... and 1 player does not a team make (Connor, still yet to prove).
  7. Do it! Whoops for a second there I thought You Could do it🐶. I like more than one of the rebuild or improve ideas you guys have. I would like to see 'something of note' (like someone worded it) get done this season. I wish one of you guys had Treliving's authority, so we all could see some substantial move/s. It's nice to have some fresh optimism to start the season with.
  8. It's the same thing each year. So and so can't play because so and so has been signed. I agree that the big league is for developed players, and the minor league is for developing players. There is no doubt that a team needs big strong developed players. Each year there are plenty of injuries. Each year there are plenty of injuries... The way I see it at present is the team has plenty of spare horses to be used for trades and/or injuries. All is good... No problems only solutions... Let the horses run.
  9. John G is a good little player. I thought he wanted to play in Philly of someplace closer to home in the east. I was expecting to see Sean M moving on to an eastern team too. Love this positivity. Elias L is a better two way player? Does he hold up in the playoffs? He's my favorite of those three.
  10. You need players too that can knock opponents on their Hash Rate instead of 'sticking it' in front of the net. Hab's cup loss... You can't please us all but we aren't building the team. You gotta have players that can take care of business in the finals... like John Gaudreau, not. I'm going to switch forums to talk about the forwards for awhile. Calgary's defence looks not bad.
  11. It takes young lesser developed players time to grow into solid minds and bodies. Some guys develop faster. That's ok. Sometimes young guys find a way to get the job done. Having an Eichel would be a plus no doubt. The point I like the best is that Sutter will try to tighten up the neutral zone. That will improve any team defence. Like conundrumed said in not so many words, defence is the whole team. I think small market teams need to build differently than large market ones. A large physical gritty defensive team can still win a cup in today's game; there are already too many finesse teams in an already too large league (IMHO). Montreal lost the cup last season because of a handful of poor defensive plays (IMHO). (Whatever happened to taking 'good penalties'?... but that is a side discussion). I want to see the tiny and floating players traded for bigger hungrier ones. Sutter knows what needs to be done to win; Treliving, I'm not so sure. Another thing I like about conundrumed is his optimism. You don't get far when negativity sets in; you don't win shifts... you don't win games. We have all been there; we all know that. It's good to hear from you all again. I miss Flyersfan too.
  12. Well it didn't get them the win tonight but they were in it for the whole game. I'm going to dig up that thread about Johnny G being a detriment to the team. Small player plays small. I know he scores goals in the regular season but he plays annoyingly scared.
  13. We have been complaining that the Flames are not shooting enough; too often looking for the pretty pass play even when set up in the sweet spot. They hesitate and the opponents get in place, including the goalie. Nice to see that 20 SOG in the first period against the Senators today. It's a lot of hard work getting yourself and the puck into a position to shoot. When you get there SHOOOOOOT the dang thing. Gretzky, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." The pretty pass plays are great to mix things up but a barrage of quick release shots is Effective.
  14. That is a variable for sure. Some guys have the ability to redevelop and some guys don't. We will see if he is one who can achieve something extra special again. If he doesn't reach levels of superstardom, he's still a good defenceman. It'll be interesting to see who is in the lineup tonight.
  15. Have you seen the movie St Vincent? 'It is what it is' really bugged him. Anyway It will be great to see Hamonic take flight next year. That would be great. He is the only defenceman who shows his teeth on a regular basis. He is my favorite Dman on the squad.
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