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  1. Happy birthday Sheri. :)

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    2. Pyromancer


      Yes..Happy B'day Sheri!

    3. DirtyDeeds


      Ditto HB Sheri.. Where are you ?? Drop by the bandwagon.. 

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      She can still count on me to escort her to her seat.

  2. For me it doesn't matter if Johnny wins the calder. McKinnon won it last year. Who would we rather have on our team? Moneyhands or McK? I'll take Money hands down. Same with the other runners in the calder race this year. I wouldn't trade Johnny Hockey for any 2 of them. Hope he lights it up in the playoffs! Go Flames Go!
  3. I see what you did there! Don't worry DL, I miss Derf too.
  4. Last Calder winner was Makarov for Calgary... 1990.. Hmmm I think it's time we have another don't you all agree?
  5. I love watching this guy play. Every single game he amazes me at least once, usually more often. Last night he was on fire. I haven't had a single player I cheered harder for to make a difference. Who has overcome every single negative person to prove them all wrong. I am hoping so hard he wins the Calder, not for my sake or even the team but for his. It would be a tremendous exclamation point on a very amazing season! (Oh and Hartley for the Jack Adams)
  6. How is it that no one has mentioned the super sick shootout goal Johnny scored last night? I have watched it at least a dozen times and every time I am in awe. He deked the puck when it was between Anderson's legs.... ...between his legs... Let that one sink in.
  7. Sven Baertschi traded to Vancouver Canucks for a 2015 2nd round pick. Start planning the parade boys! The Cup is headed to the west coast!
  8. From the replays I thought for sure it was his left leg. Man I hope he gets better quick. Just going to miss seeing him every game. Edit: Could it be BT playing possum before the trade deadline? We don't play again until Tuesday. Or.. am I reading way too much into an injury? Oh and thanks Kehatch!
  9. Looking for a thread on Gio and his injury. Anyone have any information? At this point, the playoffs are secondary to getting him back healthy for me.
  10. Thanks Travel! Great article! I don't know what it is about him but every time he is on the ice, I am drawn to him. Yes he is small and yes he get stripped off the puck more easy than some but man, when he gets just 2 feet of room he is magical. I love watching him play!
  11. Lol that was a tongue in cheek email I made meaning Sheri for Prime Minister but Prophet/Muse works too
  12. I agree Ace I'm willing to bet even the guys wearing the jerseys didn't expect to be sitting in a playoff spot more than half way though the season. I know I sure didn't. Correct playoff to say home advantage playoff spot. XD Oh and in the future, you may refer to me as the Prophet Sheri.
  13. Don't look now but the Flames are tied with the Nucks for 3rd in the Pacific. Yes... I know they have 2 games in hand but they will lose those games.
  14. Vancouver must be doing something right, just like Calgary. The only time they are mentioned on the sports shows is when they are playing on said sports networks. Other than the highlights I mean. Last year all you heard about was the Canucks. No news is good news. I hope we both get in and have a 7 game barn burner! Which the Flames win of course on the back of a Johnny Hockey hat trick with the third goal being scored in OT! Dare to dream a little dream
  15. Ouch! I thought we were all a happy family again! No one is used to losing unless you wear copper and blue.
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