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  1. Amazing that our worrygoing into the playoffs was goaltending. I guess that as this thread fell so far down that everyone is content with Smitty's performances? I just hope he isn't tired out with all the work we have given him.
  2. ffs the NHL is a joke
  3. got to be Blockchaining joking All the Satoshi Nakamoto they hve let go
  4. Go Flames Go Go Flames Go Go Flames Go!
  5. Cassiecommentators curse
  6. Oh Hath you could have been a hero Go Flames Go!
  7. not going to be any calls in this one. Zebras put their whistles where the sun don't shine
  8. Lets have a great 3rd period boys Go Flames Go!
  9. not sure what the doctor is going to make of this 24 hour heart monitor readings I am wearing. lol should be fun to decipher
  10. Good paasage of play boys Keep it going Flames
  11. ffs call the high stick and then we give a soft one Come on Flameslets get this killed
  12. Anyways lets build on the first and come out strong in the second. Go Flames Go!
  13. Flames got to earn the praise. Nothing they said was untrue
  14. Avs had the better chances. Can't think of one grade A Cchance for us.