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  1. Jeez I like to stay positive in a GDT but they're making in hard to not call them out. Go Flames Go!
  2. well 15-3 in shots looks fine but we got put some in THEIR net. Go Flames Go!
  3. Yes take those 2 points Go Flames Go!
  4. Lets keep at this boys. Entertaining game but...
  5. Leafs were all over us but I think we repaid it back later. Good period of hockey to watch.
  6. Lets get this done Flames. Go Flames Go! TSN feed eugh Ha found something more to my liking
  7. Great to see something good has come out of this. Love the idea of Edmonton bill boards showing Mattys face all over town and for the fund raise turning it to SnowysALS campaign https://www.gofundme.com/f/matthew-tkachuk-billboard
  8. Lets not rest on our past 5 results Flames! The Pacific looks like its going to be close for the rest of the season. Go Flames Go!
  9. What a great start by the Flames. Go Flames Go!
  10. Talbot steals us a game. Got to be better in our end 43 shots. Go Flames Go!
  11. Welcome to the forums. Good to see you did not put it in relaistic trade suggestions! Definite pipe dream
  12. Jeez that was ugly, But take the 2 points. Dads for the win.
  13. Good job by BT on thr return for Frolik. Wish Frolik all the best for the future. Loved his effort for the Flames.
  14. wtf just happened? how did that not get called offside
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