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  1. I think you are hugely underestimating what Backland brings to this team.
  2. lol must be tired didn;t mean to quote myself!! Did their captain proud.
  3. Buzzing after that win. Great win Flames Catch you all tomorrow
  4. Top of the Conference Yeah Baby!!
  5. would have been pretty but yeah to many passes
  6. Alan Quine! Goal!!!!!
  7. Ooooh that was a stinker
  8. He has put Hathaway up on the 2nd. Stragiht swap with Benny
  9. Tkchuk has been invisible tonight.
  10. These Mangeipane jokes are getting a bit stale.
  11. Okay Flames lets take it to them in the 2nd. Go Flames Go!
  12. Yeah wtg go Kylington. number 1 of many in your NHL career. Go Flames Go!
  13. Great GDT Carty +1s Hope I can stay awake for this one as a 3am start. Go Flames Go!
  14. I like the lines. Minimise the disruption. Keep you 2nd line D together and move Ras up as he has shown he can hadlle playing both sides. Also like that they start with 2 usual lines. If needs must I would expect to see some blending during the game.