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  1. The West is just so weird this year. Ducks now only 4 points out of wild card spot could still make one of their late runs. 7 teams fighting for 2 wildcard slots. You would think LA & Oilers are probably out of it.
  2. Good game by the Flames. That first period was fantastic hockey. all 4 lines going. Not sure what old man Dan was thinking in the 3rd with the penalties on Backlund. Go Flames Go!
  3. With a good chunk of his points on the first PP unit this year is he really worth £8M+? However take him off the PP and he has 38 points which is still good for 5th on the team. Not ragging on him I would rather have him on our team as I would sure hate him if he was on someone elses but the figures banded about for his contract do concern me for the team as a whole. He is certainly not an elite skater. Others on the board peg him as a playmaker but I am not convinced that is his role. Still young but I do not think he is the same level as Matthews or Marner.
  4. YeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa! 2 points in the bag. Go Flames Go!
  5. go to a hockey game and a WWF bout breaks out! How was that not a penalty
  6. Nobody knows but he did not take the pre game skate. Suggestions it is day to day
  7. At parts we were out worked in the 2nd but we got 2 goals. Got to step it up in the 3rd. Go Flames Go!
  8. why is it the soft calls always result in goals
  9. Oh Captain my Captain
  10. Why is Smith already on his knees?
  11. The West is definelty in for a wild run in for the wild card spots. Chicago looked down and out but now only 3 points back. Anyways Period 2 beckons Go Flames Go!
  12. Blues over extending on a hot goalie but should get in. Canes team spirit might be enough but would never rule the pengies out.
  13. No no no - Hockey not politics! Sick to the back teeth of it. Like most politicos the lot of them could not organise a piss up in a brewary