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  1. Seems a pretty solid selection for all 5 guys. No-one to come and play in September but a couple of picks could be real steals. With Wolf - numbers are good but he has backing up a good Everett team. 6.1 maybe small but still suprised he fell as far as he did yet Mads Sogaard went at number 37. Be interesting to see how he pans out.
  2. Really suprised at the Canes. Thought Bourdreau would out coach them
  3. CBJ v BOS in 6 CAR v NYI in 5 STL v DAL in 6 SJS v COL in 7 actually the sharks probably advance but I detest Kane so I hope the Avs prevail. NYI v STL in the final with St Louis winning in 7.
  4. Thebrewcrew - 1 out of 8 Cross - 2 of 8 Conundrumed - 5 of 8!! Only one winner there!! One of the weirdest 1st rounds with no diviision leaders making it through.
  5. 3 out of 4 division leaders out of the playoffs in round 1 and the 4th in a game 7. seeds 5 7 & 8 through from the West and if Vegas wins then number 6 aswell. Does show the parity in the NHL and you need a bit of luck here and there. If game 2 OT went the other way it could have been a different series. Unfortunately AVs were more hungry, played better than us and we were out coached. Although I am still hugely dispappointed at the round 1 exit, overall as a season, none of us were expecting top seed in the West, I am extremely proud of the the team as a whole. Gio for Norris! Go Flames Go!!
  6. Amazing that our worrygoing into the playoffs was goaltending. I guess that as this thread fell so far down that everyone is content with Smitty's performances? I just hope he isn't tired out with all the work we have given him.
  7. got to be Blockchaining joking All the Satoshi Nakamoto they hve let go
  8. not going to be any calls in this one. Zebras put their whistles where the sun don't shine
  9. not sure what the doctor is going to make of this 24 hour heart monitor readings I am wearing. lol should be fun to decipher
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