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  1. Yes 3 distinct groupings in that list. Only eyebrow raiser for me is Francis in group 1 But the rest makes perfect sense. No PTO's listed either.
  2. @Heartbreaker Thank you for the thought! Great snag!! If I was still playing I might have been interested but my days wearing game jerseys around town are long gone!! Wearing a Johnny jersey on a 280lb frame would just not feel right 😆
  3. The guy I was disappointed in was Kinnvall. He seemed slow to me but it is only one game and you cannot see off camera. Zary stick handling in close and his ability to see open ice looks like we might have got ourselves a good player.
  4. Ah but putting the blame on Tre is where imho I think you and JJ are wrong. The blame lies higher up!!
  5. Yeah my pairings were based on thinking that both Zadorv and Gudbranson are at best 3rd line D men and I cannot see Sutter relying on Valimaki. I did not realise Mackey was waiver exempt. Just seems weird siging a young guy to a one way contract and then sending him down.
  6. So we now have 9 D and only Kylington on a 2 way contract? I expected Stone and happy to have him back as cover for injuries but Hanafin Anderson Tanev Mackey Zadorov Gudbranson Stone Valimaki, Kylingtom The balance looks all wrong to me. Valimaki looks the odd one out here with Kylington being waived and sent to Stocketon again. But perhpas they run with 2 D in the press box and Mackey sits with Valimiki partnering Tanev. Can see why the consipracy theroies are starting......
  7. I've been following Theo on twitter and some of the things he posts just make me cringe. I'm not sure who has his ear but some of the stuff he posts is just downright delusional. I love the guy but it is a bit like waiting for the train wreck that is going to hit at sometime. Unfortunately with his public tweets I can not see the HoF ever selcting him. The statement from BU is well thought out and rightly highlights all the good Theo has done. I just wish he had concentrated on continuing to make a legacy in the area of highliginting abuse.
  8. With the Richardson signing perhaps no PTOs this year at camp?
  9. No battle for the back up. Vlader is your man this year. Mackey still to be signed and would not suprise me if they go back to Stone as the veteren dman. Up front they always seem to like to sign a few from camp tryouts. Treliving has been very quiet which probably means he is working on something!! Still not convinced he is done tinkering going into the season. 4 weeks to go and optimism is currently ruling pessimism!
  10. Welcome to the Forums Becca and thanks for the idea to consider USA sports in the UK and sports direct Unfortunately not a lot in stock at the moment. Sports direct only have the usal bigger teams LA, NYR, TML, PIT with the old ducks logo and funnilty enough LV.
  11. Great piece by Darren Hayes in the Athletic on our goaltending situation. The Athletic has some of the best hockey content out there. He is suggesting that they might end up with 3 in AHL (or they try to loan one out) as they have 2 on AHL/ECHL contracts already signd up.
  12. Haha there wasn't many smart fans on here!! As I recall there was a clamour for both Brouwer and Neal and acqusitions were both roundly applauded. But it turned sour very quickly.
  13. You do see some but minimal choice and usally its penguins or rags. Thank you. Must be just the Flames shop does not want international orders. Weird when the postage is more than the hoodie!! i will keeep an eye out for the hoodie I want on those sites Saymizes. Thanks for the link
  14. Thought I would treat myself to a Flames hoodie andspread the word in the UK.. Especially as there was a good deal in the Flames store 😁 But $50 for shipping international. Wow is it really that expensive to post or can they just not be bothered with international orders?
  15. Scott Wheeler of The Athletic put out a goalie article out today. He ranks Wolf 5th in top 10 goalie prospects. Had some good things to say about him. He had him in the mid tier of 4-7 He had Askarov, Knight, Wallstedt as the top tier then Cossa at number 4 starting the mid tier. The other 5 Swayman, Dostal, Commesso, Mads Sogaad( ex Tigers), and Portillo. So just maybe, we have our 5' 11 goalie of the future. Going to be interesting to see who they give the AHL/ECHL goal to this year now they have signed Parsons for another year.
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