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  1. Yeah I think it would be a poor management decision to use Valimaki. Coming off a major injury No games at all during the season Lose a protection spot in the Seattle sweepstakes He would have to have one really good camp to get Tre to use him.
  2. I get Iggy & Hossa and can sort of get behind Doug Wilson being voted in but Keving freaking Lowe? You have got to be kidding me. Is it April 1st? Is there some rule that says if a Flame gets a nod then an Oiler has to aswell? There were so many more deserving people to ge in the Hall. Outrageous
  3. Can we please move this topic out of Flames Talk?
  4. How do you choose between those 2 Kipper saves? They were both amazing.
  5. Reminds me of Ballard in the 70s/80s.
  6. Jeepers whats it need to get these guys up for a home game? Well it was exciting last 10 plus OT and glad they got the 2 points. Go Flames Go!
  7. What an overreaction by Burke. Something that happens once in a blue moon and suddenly the league are looking at mandating a 3rd staffer to be employed by clubs. A feel good story that the league have got lots of good free press out of and they want to ensure it never happens again. Okay for the playoffs, fine allow clubs to have a black ace as a 3rd back up but lets not go over the top on this. Burke is a prat.
  8. Overall good road trip. did not think they were dominant tonight but 3-0 is a good score any day. Well played Talbot.
  9. frel frel frel and more frelling frel. How did we lose that? frustrasting loss after being the better side for the majority of the game. Go Flames Go
  10. Probably the best game they have played all season. Another 20 goal season from Mony and Backs looking fired up. Wonder what our record is with Gio out of the line up? Now can they repeat that effort in Nashville? Go Flames Go!
  11. So much gnashing of teeth in here.😂 How do we know that he wasn't trying to do a Brodie deal? We don't. All armchair speculation and I am glad a couple of you are not our GM! It takes a minimum of 2 parties to make a trade. You cannot force teams to take your players. That asisde I thought he might have stayed with what we have. Kylington is coming along nicely and Yelesin looks like he might be a keeper. So I find it a bit strange they went and got 2 dman. I could understand 1 stay at home dman but not sure we needed a PP quarterback. Gio appears to be on the mend and Andersson has done fine on the 2nd. Anyways - welcome to the new guys! Go Flames Go!
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