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  1. Great 1st 2nd was lazy Great 3rd Lucic with his best Flame game so far. Be good to see more of this. Mangipnae looked good - hope it was precautionary him sitting the 3rd Slash on Lindholm was reckless. Hammy playing through an injury yet again. Not convinced with Janks or Czarnic so far this season.
  2. Stone was miles better in this game than Kyllington has been. Entertaing game of hockey. Thoguht we were okay for most of the game. Seen some moans about the reffing but I acutally tought we got away with a few tonight. Mangiapne does not look out of place onthe 2nd line. 4th line looks week at the moment and I do not like the Lucic coastiing we saw tonight. But take 2 points and move on. Go Flames Go!
  3. +1 for Carty GDT Where did Carty's liofe button go? Solid enough this early in the season. BSD looked very strong. Some work to do but take the win.
  4. Good to see them get it done early and out of the way. Really pleased to see them put the faith in him.
  5. I got 2 bites from you TD on the same post!! 😛 I did realise that Stone was 7th and I am happy with that and glad they gave Kyllngton the 6th spot but I do not think the GM is done with this D.
  6. Awesome! give Stone the job.
  7. rocketdoctor


    Why would they shut their fans forum down? Not very fan friendly!! Glad to see you guys got another forum going.
  8. Suprised the PTOs have not been culled
  9. Schnieder probably ends up in the ECHL. Gillies I think is probably gone from the Flames organisation.
  10. Yeah same TD Suprised we sill have 44 in camp. Perhaps just the waivers announcment and more to come later today?
  11. Not saying you hate him 😃 just noticed that you rag on him a bit. The flip side to less PP points is that he had more even strength points! Positives in every story 😃 Did he play less time on the PP this season? Regression of 0.44% on the FO! It's a hard crowd!! He probably had less FO this year as they used Ryan and quite correctly a lot more. Agree with the playoff frustration. Anyways my main point is that you could hardly call his year underwhelming compared to other years.
  12. Sorry TD but cannot let this pass. You seem to be on an anti Backlund roll for the past year. It what way can you call his last year underwhelming? And in need of a rebound? The last four years have been pretty similar. Points solid to previous years and yet less PP points and PP time and games +/- improved drastically FO% pretty much the same I have not looked at all the new stats but in this snapshot I see no difference. And yes playoffs he was not particulary good along with some notable others like Gio and Chucky but you have were questioning him long before the playoffs started. We would be a lot weaker down the middle without him. It is not just you by the way. I just do not get the Backlund dislike.
  13. Well Lucic is a Flame now. So welcome and good luck!! BoA is going to be so hyped this year.
  14. Seems a pretty solid selection for all 5 guys. No-one to come and play in September but a couple of picks could be real steals. With Wolf - numbers are good but he has backing up a good Everett team. 6.1 maybe small but still suprised he fell as far as he did yet Mads Sogaard went at number 37. Be interesting to see how he pans out.
  15. Really suprised at the Canes. Thought Bourdreau would out coach them
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