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  1. Yeah but if we had taken him you know his hip injury would come back 😛
  2. Gio - your organisation shows no class if you ship Gio out. A Captain is more than just his on ice presence. In today's world he is an ambasador between the community and club and if you think Gio is going to be moved by the Flames think again. It's not going to happen. Now I also think Gio is a realist. He will know in himself he has not had his best season. I can see him pass the C on to someone else but I actually do not think there is a suitable replacement. Some will say Tkchuk but I would disagree i don't think he needs the C as it would take away from his style of game. And outside of Matty who has the cahunas to take this club out of country club mentality? Nearest for me is Anderson maybe Dube in the futrure but heere is no one on this club that screams make me your Captain. Oh and as much as I have loved watching JH I think it is time to ship him out to the East if we can get a decent return for him which in times of a flat is going to be real hard as his contract looks pretty decent.
  3. Great period. Must be ready for the push back in the second
  4. yeah dinlt like that penalty from Lucic. Byt great start Flames Now keep it going.
  5. Good morning Flames Fans +GDT Carty thank you again. Lets get this done Flames Go Flames Go!
  6. and now they call sometinhg. I hate reffing in the playoffs. Call it the same all season and all playoffs
  7. Backs with the goal but boy are we being outplayed again.
  8. +1 carty HBTY HBTY HB Snowbear HBTY RIP Dale Hawerchuk and Go Flames Go!!
  9. I've caught a couple of Montreal games and he looks a lot better than I remember in a Falmes uniform.
  10. Perhaps that guy in Montreal called Kulak could fill a spot. 😜
  11. Yeah that was coming. Only so much Talbot can do. Go Flames Go!
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