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  1. Wow you should hear kissball (soccer) players talk in the UK. The vast majority cannot hold a conversation without muttering "yer know" every half sentence I find the majority of Canadian based players can all hold a proper conversation when interviewed. Also am I correct in thinking to stay on a Junior team in the WHL you have to attain education targets or you are kicked? Or is this just lip service if you are a good enough hockey player?
  2. I know we all think the league has it in for our team. But is there sometihng they are not telling us?
  3. I prefer Mangi over Quine. Seems to have more smarts. I am starting to warm to the Janks demotion mooted by Cross. I was not impressed with a lot of his play in our zone or neutral zone last night but he is still young in NHL epxerience.
  4. everything is Bettman's fault
  5. Solid win. Safe to say the Chucky we want is back. Trust Moneyhands only has the flu and nothing more. Go Flames Go.
  6. Here's to you FF52 Let's stuff the Rags. Go Flames Go!
  7. Thank you Carty for the post & Pyromancer for the detective work. I was only thinking the other day that FF52 had not posted for a while and missed his inputs. Sad news and a loss to our board. Larry FF52 RIP
  8. Well I should have more faith. Watching re-live and 3-1 down playing dogSatoshi Nakamoto awful with me screaming for Brodie to be benched. I checked the score... tail between legs unpaused the video and sat and watched. We were still awful in the 2nd and I thought I must have glimpsed at the score wrong. Lesson learnt - keep the faith!! Sometimes you can play poorly and still win. Agee with everyone about the Fantenberg pick up. He looks solid. Although the 3M line only got the one goal i thought Frolik was the best Flames inthe first 40. Go Flames Go!
  9. That's more like it boys. Matty hatty and a great follow up to the last game. Ritter looking good. Go Flames Go!
  10. Keep the faith Flames Fans. It could be worse GG could still be coaching us. Go Flames Go!
  11. Great ceremony. Great player and person.
  12. Haha we shall see.
  13. Thank you
  14. Is there any timings for Iggy's number retirement? TV coverage and such lile or is all over in a 15 miinute burst? Soi I could just catch up on Flames TV? Game time for me is stated 8pm MDT which 3am my time so be good to know whethe to get up earlier for Iggy or not?
  15. well wasn't our best game by a long way. But 2 points in the bag and some home food on the way. BSD looked good again tonight. Go Flames Go!
  16. Lets hope the Flames do not take the Devils to lightly. They have a lot of youngsters in wanting to prove a point. Welcome to Oscar and good luck. Go Flames Go!
  17. Well that sure looks pretty. I particulary like the pink tinge to the Oilers & Ducks chances
  18. Dominant 3rd from the Flames. Please Smitty do not be injured. Need both of these goalies to be good the rest of the way. Oh and the classless Kane / Chara fight - how awesome - still grinning about that one. Go Flames Go!
  19. that was great skill for Chucky.
  20. Solid first. Lets take it up a notch in the second. Go Flames Go!
  21. Being here in the UK its a bit hard with prospects so I leave it to others. But as an observation This guy is 20 in a couple og months and on a stacked PA Raiders team that is miles better than any other team in the Dub.
  22. Tmac we are 2nd in scoring in the league. The bottom 6 are carrying our scoring right now. How much extra scoring do we really need. Personally i think having Neal in the wings is fine. Hopefully the lay off will do him and his mind good.
  23. eeeuggggh Kevien Beiska on sportsnet panel.
  24. wow just after we dodged a bullet