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  1. Am I reading this right? You mean if the 2011 Draft was redone in 2012 and not tomorrow right? Cuz if you think if that Draft was redone today and sven would go in the top 5 then your drinking the same sven kool aid as all the other idiot canuck fans out there. JJ, I see where your going but it's just pure speculation on your part and what we armchair gm's do 5 years after the fact. Also the 2012 Draft was not a good one. 0 superstars 2 or 3 elite players Only a hand full of good serviceable nhl players. Besides, I still believe that the flames got the best player in the entire draft...Jon Gillies will be elite or a superstar in the nhl.
  2. It really comes down to what Edmonton does. If there stupid enough to select a D @ 4th then its a win for both the Nucks & Flames as the Nucks will select Tkachuk, Flames pick Dubois. Its no secret that Edmontons 4th pick is in play and the only team I see making a pitch for it that makes sense for both teams would be Phoenix. They missed on Mathews but are very high on Tkachuk and thay have a few pieces that Edmonton needs so a swap of picks and a player = trade. Reguardless if Edmonton trades or keeps the pick, Tkachuk goes 4th...he is to good and the quality of top D men in this draft does not warrant a 4th. Tkachuk is everything that Edmonton needs and just opens the door for other players to be traded. Tkachuk goes 4th Nucks take Dudois 5th Flames Take Nylander 6th
  3. Not so quick to trade sven just yet...the season is about to start and let's just see what the "young guns" can do. Right?
  4. Thinking my dream of a Van vs Calgary 1st round match up is just that...a dream. Crunched some fantasy #'s this morning and I've come to the conclusion that Winnipeg is done and will be a non factor but LA potentially could win out the season. LA will most likely get 2nd or 3rd in the Pacific knocking either Van or Calgary into a WC. Interesting thing is both the Van-LA game on Monday and Calgary-LA on Thursday turn into a 3 point game then it gets very interesting. The great thing about this post...we are both going to make the playoffs
  5. If JH can rip it up down the stretch and get Calgary in the playoffs then absolutely YES..if not then Ekblad is the absolute winner...10 games to go, who will make it...Florida or Calgary. It's that close!
  6. Great break down DL.....just shows the importance of Calgary to keep it in the win colum. Really? 3 for 7 blahahahahahhaa....I must be dreaming
  7. Ekblad is a #1 straight to the NHL & is performing as pretty much expected. An 18 yo D drafted 1st overall is not really a surprise at playing in the NHL. Age should be irrelevant although his fast-track D development is impressive. Have u watched this KID play? In th WJ over Christmas or during this season? I won't take anything away from JH or any other calder candidate but This KID on D is something we haven't seen in a very long time (and in the new NHL) so he has my vote...sorry
  8. Thanks 420...I missed that with all the ball talk Good o'd Pyro duing his du diligence. As much as I don't want LA to pass the flames in the standings, a WC is still up for grabs for both teams!
  9. Very true but I have looked at the sched. For all teams involved, done some fantasy # crunching and come to the conclusion that my nucks will make the playoffs. If the flames want to make the playoffs then they probably don't want LA to pass them in the standings.Just my humble opinion. Think of it this way...if the flames play great down the stretch and keep pace with LA then there could be a good chance that they knock the nucks out of the playoffs
  10. Though I'd fix that for ya You just keep LA in the rear view then we will all get our wish of a first round match up
  11. Miller 4 to 6? Sh********t!!!!! I guess Markstrom wont be traded now...that's a nasty list of guys out and it will catch up to us but I think we may just get through it and claim that last spot. Way to go Kass....keep it up cuz I'm pulling for you
  12. Hahahahahahah....someone better take his belt and shoelaces if the Nucks or Oilers make the playoffs before his mighty Flames.
  13. Who was that guy that did something for hockey canada? His name is Bob.
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