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  1. Going to be a long painful rebuild....Too bad we have so many bums locked in to huge un-movable contracts

  2. IT costs too much to go to a hockey game these days. They always demand un faltering support but make it completely un affordable.... doesnt even matter how good/bad they are playing. When I watched the IceTigers in the DEL, $47 put me on the glass...I cant even get a nose bleed here for that at the moment. I guess people that arent rich, aren't allowed to love the Flames

    1. tachaudh


      Comparing the DEL to the NHL isn't even like comparing the CFL to the NFL. Unfortunately, price is determined by the market. Between 97-03, I never paid more than 50 dollars for seats that are now well over 100. Tell me how much it costs to go to a Bundesliga game? Besides, you don't have to necessarily be able to attend games to love a team. In a sense, if tickets are expensive it means the team has a solid fanbase. If your paying 47 dollars here to get up against the glass, it gener...

    2. tachaudh


      means your team sucks or has a fanbase analogous to that of the Florida Panthers, or both.

    3. MoKombaT


      Yeah I know how you feel, too much for tickets and then 7.50 for a beer. Kinda pisses you off.

  3. If we lose on Sunday, then we are in BIG trouble. I would hate to be in Feaster s shoes!

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