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  1. Looks like the Ducks caught our horrible puck luck. Can't seem to find any sympathy for them :D

  2. Apparently we still have some residual magic from last season!

    1. s4xon


      Incoming Disney lawsuit. Magic in all it's splendor and mysteriousness is owned and operated by the Disney Enterprise and all of its affiliates. You have been served.

    2. xstrike


      Is that we can't win against the Ducks? They have all the Disney magic.

  3. The Oilers are the Protoss. They build everything around pylons and invest all their money in attacking units that are always out of position.

    1. Khrox


      Except the Protoss can win

    2. Invin


      Bettman is the Zerg - if he loses an expansion he just builds three more at the far corner of the map ^^

  4. Another day, another article about how much Stamkos totally wants to play for the Leafs.

  5. Just a few weeks until preseason games! :D

    1. Wreckening


      43 days till season opener.

  6. Buh bye, Rags and Duckingtons!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pyromancer


      Obviously Peeps still wants a #1/#2 :-P

    3. travel_dude


      Tampa's top 3 in playoff scoring; undrafted player, a 58th pick, and a 77th pick.

    4. s4xon


      ^ and steven stamkos....is his point.

  7. If only Price were a better goal scorer the Habs might have had a chance.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Ferland, rustler of jimmies.

  9. Was listening to the Tampa feed on the radio in their game vs. the Canucks just now, actually had to switch to the Canucks feed because the Tampa colour commentator was such an unbearable homer "A PENALTY TO STAMKOS? WHAT FOR?! WHAT NOW? *sigh* ANOTHER powerplay. And Burrows is complaining. Yeah, Burrows! THAT guy. *grumble grumble*" Wonder what he's like when they're losing?
  10. JohnnyHockey, CGYvsLAK, and Flames all trending on Twitter right now haha.

  11. Dang it DL, don't post stuff like that (the welcome to the NHL and story about the jersey number). It's messing with the image in my mind of everyone in the Canucks organization being evil incarnate. I cannot let my hatred of all things Vancouver waver in any way. If I can't delight in the misery of every single Canuck I'm robbed of the full glory of watching them fail. Watching Vancouver choke every year is like taking off the most horribly uncomfortable shoes you can imagine at the end of a long work day; the sheer horribleness of the shoes is what makes it so good. I don't want to lose that. If you could also try to not be so reasonable and act a little more trollish, that would help too.
  12. I may hate the Pens, but I'll be darned if those retro thirds aren't some sharp looking uniforms. If only we could get our retro 3rds back.

  13. I heard the Canucks were playing a team that's not rebuilding tonight.
  14. Lucky Flames boxers are on, it's game day!

    1. Kulstad


      Have they had their annual washing?

    2. Invin


      Yep... wasn't too worried about losing last season's mojo.

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