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  1. Kronwall (I think?) has his stick between Johnny's legs all the way in and that's a-okay Johnny probably did too much complaining earlier.
  2. I don't know what the rules are for a penalty shot anymore. I've seen guys get hauled down over and over and it's just a penalty, then you have stick on stick and it's a penalty shot
  3. Happy new year, fellas!
  4. If memory serves, I recall watching out first game of the season a few years back (4 years maybe?) against the Blues and that awful feeling of realizing they were on another level. Oh how the times have changed.
  5. I kinda felt bad for Stolarz sitting there at the end. Dude must feel like crap Glad I kept watching to the end though!
  6. Our powerplay is downright embarrassing so far.
  7. Happy first day of the season my dudes and dudettes!
  8. Quality radio broadcasting. "Oh my goodness Karlsson is amazing! We were tripped! We were interfered with! The Flames are diving! Why aren't we on the powerplay? That hit was late! Oh gosh darn it we almost had a 2 on 1, too bad!"
  9. Looks like the Ducks caught our horrible puck luck. Can't seem to find any sympathy for them :D

  10. I think we paid market value for something that we needed, so I feel good about it. I'd much rather this than Eriksson or Lucic at $6 million for 6 and 7 years respectively. Ladd got a 7 year deal. I think we did well keeping the term down compared to what a lot of other teams had to do to land their free agents.
  11. Apparently we still have some residual magic from last season!

    1. s4xon


      Incoming Disney lawsuit. Magic in all it's splendor and mysteriousness is owned and operated by the Disney Enterprise and all of its affiliates. You have been served.

    2. xstrike


      Is that we can't win against the Ducks? They have all the Disney magic.

  12. The Oilers are the Protoss. They build everything around pylons and invest all their money in attacking units that are always out of position.

    1. Khrox


      Except the Protoss can win

    2. Invin


      Bettman is the Zerg - if he loses an expansion he just builds three more at the far corner of the map ^^