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  1. If flames want bishop wouldn't they be better off tossing in a mix of some established nhlers and young forwards clogging the ahl.ie bouma colborne jooris ferland arnold poirier grant. I would let yzerman pick a bunch of em out of the non core group(3 Def gio ham & brodie and 5 fw jh mono sb backs frolic.how much did it take to get kipper from sanjose?
  2. Do flames need more Bodie. ? Mathew Bodie rangers ahl captain. outscored gotisbehere incollege.Anybody else heard about or seen this guy play? Maybe can flip grinder bollig and/or agastino, hathaway
  3. How about yakapov for Wideman straight up? He's more or less like glencross was to the flames playing from reduced minutes acting like winer. The oiler could do worse the an actual NHL dman that could run at minimum their 2nd pp like wideman.
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