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  1. lol, I will, thank you Good to see you all
  2. Isn't it, though?
  3. I agree with all of this. Except the part about not needing a goalie with good numbers.
  4. Haven't been around....is there actually a debate as to whether his Jersey is being retired? Not sure what they're thinking with the whole number supply. Players gonna be all tracked QR codes before you know it anyway
  5. Nobody will be happier than me if I'm wrong Glad to see the faith. I can appreciate your comment and I agree I am not helping, thus have remained scarce. We will win another cup one day and it will be awesome. I'll be here when it happens. (unlike our current gm)
  6. We did need a RW, that is true
  7. the Flames followed up a dissapointing season where clearly defence and goaltending were the biggest issues, by doing nothing, or actually downgrading in these areas, and overpaying in areas that were less of a concern. I don't mean in terms of positions, but in terms of defence. The Flames actually made a lot of progress getting Hamilton to finally play a complete game. Sent him off heading into his prime, and acquired a far more challenging project than Hamilton ever was. Hanifan is a big name that appeals to people who likes big names. He is young, he is talented, he is a massive defensive liability and many years ahead of him before that changes. If the intention was to rebuild, I could accept this trade as a very high risk move but potentially accomplishing objectives. If the intention was to be more competitive this year, then, once again, our management is incompetent and needs to go. These are not hockey decisions. This is getting really, really bad. And don't get me started on goaltending.
  8. I used to think goaltending and defense was our biggest weakness until I realized it was management.
  9. Bill Guerin
  10. ok. Speaking of way over the top, Lets be completely honest. What you just wrote, is over the top. If you spoke to a person like that in real life, they would deflect the topic and either never bring it up with you or if possible, never speak with you again. You've been doing it online for years and I just need you to understand, that, this kind of unprovoked personal attack is completely over the top. At no point were you personally attacked. People state their opinions, which in no way are directed at you as a person, and you make it personal. You just need to stop that. You have been doing it for years, and, when you started, to be honest, Most people on here, and other internet forums, behaved that way. You need to look around and notice that you are seeing less and less of it now. This isn't a 1996 Usenet chat. You are seeing less and less of it from senior members on here, especially. For years, I've had strong opinions, and unconventional ideas on here. Some were aweful. Some were Really good. Lately, and I don't mean always, but lately, they've pretty much been on the mark. Yours haven't. I'm just being honest. We were nearly a cup contender and you've been telling everyone the sky isn't falling through consecutive playoff misses. Maybe we just have different standards. I'm not sure. Pretty clear to me the sky already fell and we need a new sky now. I know you are a very loyal fan and you will defend the Flames and the organization against any criticism and I do respect that. I would fallow suit, if I thought it would win us more games. That has not been the case, I doubt it ever will, and that is why, Sometimes, an honest approach is an appropriate option for fans. ps. I won't address your counter-arguement here because literally everyone knows our biggest issues center around defense and goaltending. Not forwards. And I can't even begin to validate the thought that maybe the solution is to pay our forwards more. I have been stressing for multiple years on here that we have a defense and goalting gap which is substantially wider than our forwards. We're seeing that first hand right now. This is not crazy talk. This is now the talk of every office lounge and day to day fan in the City, and, for a reason.
  11. I understand how firing the GM, or losing faith in the GM, might seem irrational, or one might "want" it to be irrational. But, the fact is, The GM's clock is ticking. You know, as well as I, that his days are numbered, and what I am talking about is nothing short of the inevitable. And you are absolutely right, firing the GM isn't going to win us a cup fast. That, is why I am so dissapointed. But we know it's coming. And it's coming before the next Stanley cup. You listed a lot of positives in your post. None of them win us a cup in near term. None of them make up for the aging of some of our key vets like Giordano, our goaltender. Many in supporting roles. Even Backlund, who plays a hard game. There is, unfortunately, nothing irrational about foreseeing the GM's exit. He might have 30 games left in him imho. What can he do, fire another coach? The only irrational thing about my post, is that it's not constructive right now. Thus, why did I post it. Out of frustration. But it is also our reality, at some point we have to face it, and when we do, maybe we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because there is light there, I just can't see it yet. Need a few more weeks.
  12. Thanks, I think, lol, I really, really just need to let things be for a while. But the idea that the people literally steering the ship might somehow be held accountable for where the ship goes, is, unfortunately, not extreme outside of this forum. Who is responsible? The players. Who put them there? The GM. Who gets punted, every time? The coach. Every time. by the GM. Even if they were coach of the year. What does the GM do better next time? Sells more of our future. How is that allowed? Owners. Who spent all their energy on a failed and pointless redevelopment project (which was clear from the moment they started) and almost none on hockey. And what was the #1 issue, at least on the surface? Goaltending. GM (who put them there): " I think we have the right personnel " Translation: "I cannot undo the contractual disaster I have created, we cant trade them for anything now, and we have no first round pick left to play" And the goalie coaching: The only Possibly suspect part of our whole coaching system, is the Only part that's safe. It will correct itself. But will be hard to watch. We will still win the Cup. And I will be there all the way. I'll be ready for the pain when the season opens. But, our visions of Monahan and Gaudreau leading the charge to our Cup, have been dashed by management more concerned with buildings. I hope those guys do win cups as Flames. But it will be as older, grizzled veterans supporting a new front, in our next rebuild. After we get a few years in of not giving up our picks. That's just an honestly even I haven't fully accepted yet, but know is true. When I accept it I'll be better.
  13. I am cranky, yes, to put it mildly. I am making a conscious effort not to post too much or get overly involved, so as not to come across the wrong way. I'm at that point. I don't see any solution outside of firing Brad Treliving and possibly hoping for new ownership. So, I will spare you all an elaboration. Eventually, I will get my wish. And I'll be back with a better attitude at that time.
  14. It wouldn't matter if we got him, our biggest problem is how we manage goalies. Had we acquired MAH we would have played him 70 games and he would have tailed off the same way Smith did. (that said, BT's comment that we "have the right personnel" is still a shockingly blinded denial of reallity)
  15. exactly