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      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad


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  1. All I need to see is that Bettman's there, and I know its legit
  2. If it was a young goalie, similar to the Hamilton trade....yeah. I'd do it. But I think we may need a defenceman just as much if not more. The 2018 draft is full of them....but that's a long time to wait for an 18 year old.
  3. The key being, a real one. exactly. I'd like to see them go all out. I want another D. Hamilton. I know....but I do.
  4. true. But, like they say, if you build it they will come....Alberta could actually support a few AHL teams to be honest. And so could saskatchewan. I don't think it would always be a bad travel schedule.
  5. Yup. I think this even a chance for the Flames within North America. Surely there are things that cone be done. Beats me if I know what they are. I have always wondered why they didn't put the Heat in Calgary. For the simple reason that those players are often meeting girls, sometimes finding wives, and sometimes (ahem...inavertently or otherwise) starting families and setting roots. For that simple reason alone and the advantage it could have on even one important contract, I've always been surprised they weren't here. As for Europe....yeah. All I'm saying is that I can't help but look over there and see talent. Which would appear available. From my computer screen. Find a GM who can make that sort of thing actually happen, and you have the next detroit red wings (of old).
  6. I guess, my question is, are we sure about that? Are the NHL teams really not interested? Ie., did nobody see how good Panarin was until his latest KHL contract happened to expire? I'm just pointing out that there are sometimes some extreme oddities in these selections and I can't help but wonder if there is far more to it, perhaps on a business end. I purposely picked out players that, to my knowledge, are not locked in contracts. I could obviously be wrong about that. If you start looking at players in europe who are on contracts, there are some tremendous talents. But it seems like some almost "announce" that they are available (literally on twitter by their agent), while other far more gifted players silently pass through a contract renewal as if nothing had happened. I guess what I mean is, I am not intentionally calling the NHL teams stupid. I am just pointing out anomalies, to which I don't understand but expect there to be an explanation for. It does seem like some NHL teams are better at capitalizing on them than others.
  7. Why do you continue to make wild accusations without any explanation (except when you did provide an explanation, which you later admitted to be nothingless). Nobody's forcing you to read this thread in late May. I'm posting my thoughts on defence on a defence thread. If you know so much better, then just state your opinion. Tell us all that you think Rutta is the next big star of this team. Just get it out. Otherwise, allow other people to have thoughts. And no, my post is not the same. I've provided examples now of players that I would vouch for if the Flames signed. And frankly....I just don't see that in the Czech league this year. My question is why you would bother spending your time complaining about other people's opinions. Like you an opinion custodian and need to maintain opinion order, and simply don't have time to have your own opinion.
  8. So, with Jan Rutta, here's the thing. It just really feels like these become emotional and poor signings when multiple teams start bidding, and I can't help but wonder if it has more to do with the showmanship of the agent than the play of the player. I do realize that it sounds cocky, given that scouts are supposedly involved (although none of us could name one that is). But the bottom line is that, when you look at the track record of these deals, with the Flames and the league, it is Not good. It's bad. Quite definitively. Especially when we're talking about players in their late 20's, and especially when the league is questionable, and Especially when they're not already clearly dominant in that league (and Rutta isn't). It's just a reallity we go through every year. I do think there are players to be had. An example: Yevgeni Lisovets http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=70449 As far as I can tell he is performing at a vastly superior level to Rutta. LIke, not even close. He's just as big, and just as physical, and stands a much better chance at being plugged into an NHL lineup. I realize there's a business end to it too...something I've never fully grasped, which probably has more to do with why Rutta is the "hot" topic right now. It's not his play, that's for sure. Yes, Rutta is a RHS. There are those too. Pavel Vorobey, for example. RHS, Way bigger. Performing right now, at a very similar level to what Rutta is currently. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=249111 Except...he's 19. And could potentially be an NHL star one day. I....don't get it. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  9. Lol....fair enough. But I would argue that's yet to be determined
  10. I have no credible reason to believe that the Flames are actually in it. Or Chicago. Just pulled up that one Chicago blogger, still not convinced. More importantly, kind of a blah topic....as you've pointed out. I would just be a little choked if that's the best the Flames could come up with.
  11. Are they actually in it, or is their agent just creating a bit of a frenzy because they signed his team-mate? I don't see why, if they had the team that well scouted, they waited until now to sign him when they already had a more promising 22 yr old David Kamf. Either way, yeah. They have struggled in the last few drafts.
  12. Lol....not following this train of thought, but yeah. I think the Hawks are good at scouting. Which is why they signed David Kamf rather than Rutta
  13. They get points for figuring out McDavid was a good pick?
  14. Well, according to Darren Dreger, which is basiclaly all the info we have, he's an "offensive D-man". So I'm not sure how much of your arguement applies. You could be severely dissapointed in terms of his game transating to what you see at a D position. And those hoping for offense may also be dissapointed, because I don't see anything spectacular there. But, between Darren Dreger and endorsement from the Oilers, what more could we ask for?
  15. So....you have no idea lol. Why did you post?