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  1. hmm?
  2. The Dougie trade was awesome without any doubt. And, I expect him to continue to improve. Just as I expect Gio to continue to decline. Wideman is simply in decline. Not too long on here, many on here thought very highly of him. Replacing him with Hamonic is necessary maintenance. Hamonic will never be Wideman at his peak. But, of course Hamonic has a more rounded game. Stone replacing Engelland is perhaps an upgrade, but not a notable one. At the end of the day, we were very lucky with chemistry and injuries last year imho. So lucky that we take it for granted.
  3. I don't really expect more points, no. I do think we are a better team this year. I just think a lot of stars aligned last year, more than usual. I believe we were more fortunate than we realize.
  4. My general thoughts here, when reflecting on this current thread: I think expectations may be a tad too high. We made some upgrades to D, on paper at least. But I feel like the mood on here is best-case scenario. And maybe it should be. But it definitely is that.
  5. I am
  6. Absolutely. I think Valimaki has more than size advantage...I find Liljegren underwhelming in a number of areas. I think the only reason he was rated as high as he was...was his RH shot. And yes, it would have been nicer to get a Right-handed Valimaki. But IMHO they are almost two different calibres. And being a RH does not make up for that. For example, Valimaki is described as a "two way defencemen", while Liljegren is described as "offensive". Yet Valimaki surpasses him in literally every offensive category imho. Most notably, goal scoring. Simply put, Valimaki has a great shot. And Liljegren...just doesn't imho. Some would disagree I'm sure...but the results aren't there, except in Superelite which is not very predicative. That's kind of a big drawback for an "offensive minded" player. Other things...plus/minus, likelihood of being nominated captain....all stack in Valimaki's favour. Another thing is rate of improvement. Liljegren was a vastly higher rated prospect 4 years ago, and improved modestly from that time. Valimaki, on the other hand, has shown Exceptional improvement every year and especially recently, finally surpassing Liljegren. I find this suggestive that he is more capable of continuing that improvement curve. And bottom line, although they were closely ranked with lots of discrepancy, I think Valimaki was in fact rated higher overall.
  7. Exactly. The reallity of the situation is that Kylington is literally a kid, in the most biological sense. Just like his body is not fully physically developed as it will be in his 20's, his brain isn't either. Our ability to make split second risk evaluations is very much tied to brain development that persists into our early 20's. As this is a key component of being a defenceman, it is one of the reasons why they develop later. Just as it impact some young forwards...less so in terms of ability, and moreso in terms of being prone to injury (such as open ice hits). It will come. What I'm also interested in Kylington, is if he's able to step up the offensive part of his game. For the past 3-4 years, he has consistently been in leagues slightly too advanced for him (the curse of excellence), which has impeded development of this part of his game. His offensive game clearly shows in SupereElit, unfortunately all that did was land him too early into the SHL, and then the AHL. Hoping he can soon make the translation.......very similar to what Backlund had to go through in his development. Who's Kulak?
  8. I'd like to think you're agreeing with me, but I suspect...you meant AHL?
  9. you never know who you have until you actually have them I don't personally trust the goalie development in our AHL team, but even if that were the case, some goalies actually just perform better at the NHL level. I'm not saying that Gillies does. But I am saying, if he starts to suggest it...maybe follow up on that. We'll see. Clearly the Flames won't willingly let him start the season ahead of Lack and Smith. But there's more to it than that.
  10. Exactly. Especially point 2, as well as just plan stupidity, and tanking on top of tanking on top of failed rebuilds, as well as ruining the careers of some of the greatest hockey talents of this generation. McDavid is the real thing. Not McDavid real, but very close. But when he looks back at his career, I truly believe his biggest regret will be agreeing to that contract. Not because of the "discount" (there wasn't one, that's media smoke and mirrors). Because he committed himself to a team that is so fundamentally flawed from ownership on down, that stands very little success of achieving in the modern NHL. IMHO, we just saw their peak. For a long time. Even...with McDavid. ps....I don't see any wriggle room in the cap, personally. None. In no world is $12.5m cheap, not with the pieces they are Still missing.
  11. 100%. but I'll take it one step further. He gets an extra year, AND... IF he blows people away in training camp or the first 10 games in the AHL.... I'm all for calling him up (to keep him up). I know that's a big IF. And even less likely the Flames would act on it. But stranger has happened. I haven't given up on him at all either. If he plateaus this year....that's a different story. But he's still got a whole season of top prospect status imho.
  12. I feel like going for a jog just thinking about the guy. He's defying everything. He was honestly not the best attitude when he was younger, and probably would have been a "generational", or whatever you call it, otherwise. But some people really do grow is people over time and clearly he's doing extraordinary things at his age. Kind of an inspiration now.
  13. If you look at Gillies' last 10 games in the AHL, he was a .921 (basically the same as Riitich's season average), showing he finished the season as strong as any top 10 AHL goalie. Again, in the playoffs, a respectable .915. And in the NHL, an extremely strong single-game showing. We are still seeing improvement in his game, after what was clearly an injury-related regression. I'm hoping that he is either one of the top AHL goalies this year, or that we have a training camp upset and he spends time with the Flames. I know that seems unlikely right now, but I also think we're about due for something unlikely.
  14. True. We're also just getting to that stage of the rebuild. Everyone sees the first round picks, but the supporting players are starting to come into their own now. I'd actually hoped we'd have a few more, to be honest, but I'm hopeful with some of the more recent drafts.