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  1. 100%. Sadly I think they'll try to keep things going and we'll have a much deeper, later rebuild. But I still have hope. BTW I still think if a LHS is BPA, you take him. But RHS is factored into that equation. I Would however trade picks up to target specific RHS assets (this year I'd be speaking of Askarov)....and yeah you can always trade for RHS after but it gets harder and harder the more the prospects develop. *I wouldn't trade a pick down to get a RHS.
  2. You could have said worse and still been accurate
  3. Well, just a small chronological clarification, First our governments told us this really wasn't a big deal and was under control, and no precautions were needed unless travelling to Wuhan. Then they said the Virus Definitely wasn't airborne, and that there was absolutely no reason to wear a mask. Then they said masks were "Only effective when worn by health professionals" Then THIS happened There is no amount of sarcasm that can ever compare with how ridiculous factual events are. ok.....I just needed reason to post that lol
  4. Sutter was (and probably still is) a brilliant coach. Not all brilliant coaches make brilliant GMs, as we discovered. But that's just fine as I'm pretty sure most GMs would make aweful coaches lol. In terms of the Flames looking for help with offensive coaching as opposed to defensive coaching, imho this is just a fantastic way to ensure we're going to have a rebuild soon
  5. Ideally the Flames would be able to bring assistants up from the AHL, I'm not sure of their current quality there. Someone should be talking with Dennis Williams (WHL) about a contract either in the AHL or NHL. Bring in Darryl Sutter is a consultant or assitant if coaching experience is sought. I kid you not. He's probably itching for a little action by now. Even just homes games. It would be vindication for him, he's a damned good coach, better than Boudreau, I'm assuming more dedicated to grandchildren by now though.
  6. I kind of wonder if they're just going hard to avoid a 2nd bankruptcy. Haven't followed their finances but it ain't hockey central. If you have no revenue you'll end up with a team that looks kinda like theirs, and a GM on the cheap
  7. Andersson has been a bright light and one of the very few counter-arguements to "blow it up". Not enough on its own, imho. But notable all the same. Brodie I am pretty neutral on.
  8. Yup. don't get me wrong, I respect Lucic. We should always have respect for old people.
  9. I just don't think there is any connection between bloated contracts and playing time. The best use of players is always to use players best on their performance, not their salaries. I definitely do understand the bad taste in your mouth on that contract but the only solution to that is a better GM.
  10. Pretty sure you'd have to fire every single NHL coach if the measure was getting Gaudreau to play his best in the post season. These playoffs were actually Gaudreau's best post-season production since 2015 with Bob Hartley. Another coach who did really well here but was ganged up on. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/88391/johnny-gaudreau
  11. I think the Flames got this right, Ward has come up through the system and he has the support of the team. That outweighs all the criticisms on here, ranging from "he should play Lucic more because he has a bloated salary" to "I didn't like his shift changes in that last game". Guys guys. He's a great coach and we have done better with him. Had a better postseason. All I see on here is a bunch of has-been namedrops. People wanting coaches who aren't any good but are more well-known because they were good 10 years ago. It's not 2005. Now if we can just get Conroy to replace Treliving then we might actually be getting somewhere. P.S....for those of you already preparing to blame Ward for next season, I'll save you the suspense. Next season is going to be Horrendous. And it's not going to be Ward's fault. It will be Treliving's fault. Which you already know because this has been a long time coming. Once we deal with that we can really get back to the "drawing board"...and...yes.... I don't care which coach we go with, the drawing board is coming.
  12. I almost gave your post a "like" but then was uncertain what that would suggest lol. In the scenario you describe I would most likely completely lose it. However, if I were able to be Zen about it, I'd say: That's the last nail in the coffin and basically assures us a full rebuild going forward. It's a weak draft, luckily. But it's still a fireable offense to anyone with any hockey sense. I truly believe that BT or higher needs to go, and it would lay the groundwork for that.
  13. They're too young, we should wait until they mature. I heard Jaromir Jagr is available.
  14. Thoughts on Jeremie Poirier? He is considered the most talented defenceman in the draft, and also SUUUPER high risk, which is why he can be had very late in the first round or possibly the 2nd round. I would not use our current first rounder on him. But suppose after some trades we ended up with a late 1st round pick or early 2nd rounder. Would we be interested in gambling on this year's allegedly most talented defenceman? I'm kind of interested, knowing that it's crazy risky. People point to his defensive play, and his plus/minus. That keeps him out of the top 10. But..... Look at the team he's on: https://www.eliteprospects.com/team/2065/saint-john-sea-dogs/2019-2020?tab=stats Yeesh. As far as I can tell, basically anyone with playing time gets a bad plus/minus on that team. And, he did cut his plus minus by 16 points year over year. Did any of the other top draftees do that? No they did not. The other thing is, who cares. So, I'm really big on defensive play. But, I also believe it can be taught. IMHO this is a kid who, despite is talent, gets a year or two in the AHL to focus on his D. He's a project. But a Fantastic project. But yeah, don't develop him right and he's the next Ristolainen.
  15. This is just me, but if I were to target anyone on Buffalo it would be Dahlin. There are Very few ways we could avoid or accelerate a rebuild. Getting a center imho won't do it. Getting Dahlin is one of the extremely few ways we could. Dahlin's value has dropped considerably from when he was spoken of as a modern day Bobby Orr. My own opinion on this is he's being rushed. If you compare his numbers with that of Bobby Orr at the same age, they are actually still close. When was the last time a 19 year old defenceman approached a point-per-game in this league? If Buffalo loses patience on him and we picked him up, then we're one Askarov pick away from me thinking maybe we don't need a full rebuild.
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