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  1. I couldn't care less if they all wear spoons on their chest I just want to see some great hockey. However long that takes.
  2. I agree with you on some points here, like how it is going nowhere 😅 We're not Tampa. If we resembled Tampa, I'd support going for the gold. Maybe someday we will and then that'll make for a good discussion. Until then, I don't want bad things for the team but I know we may have to go through some before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. I can't say that I agree, and that's a pretty massive understatement. But I will give you, I think the Flames organisation agrees with this and I think BT executes like this.
  4. I can see why we might want to move Hanifin but I'm not entirely sure how we can afford to lose more defencemen. it's a tough one, because one could argue he hurts us more than helps (based on plus minus) and then yes you can make the arguement for a trade. But if you trade Hanifin you kind of need a defenceman back and the only way to do that is to trade a forward of equal or greater value (likely in a second trade). IMHO we should just do that 2nd trade and skip the first.
  5. So, my response is more pessimistic. I wasn't sure whether to respond, whether it would be constructive. It's not constructive. but I've replied. Here's the thing. I think you are basing "underperformance" off a single season where multiple players on the Flames had Career years, and it still wasn't enough to stop us from absolute playoff embarrassment. What we saw this last season was more typical production for them. Most of them, in fact, are in decline now. I also don't think it was all about the first line. I think it had a lot more to do with D and goaltending. D especially. Gio, Brodie, others all had career years. You do that and it cascades to the first line's performance. To see that level of performance from the aging D was unexpected. And to see it level off this year, was expected. The only player who could have perhaps compensated for some of it was Hamilton. As you know we have a thread on that. It's not all negative. Night is darkest before the dawn, and all. But it's night. Pretty confident about that.
  6. Another hard thing to predict is when (if ever) any team Will be fully healthy. If you have to max out every single player in your line scenarios to make it look like a decent team, well, imho that's not good. Unless you have someone in the pipeline you can call on. Which we don't. The Tkachuk concussion was a big blow, that's for sure. Maybe, one could argue, that was a bit of extra bad luck. One could also argue that it wasn't his first concussion, that we maybe played him too much, too young, and maybe considering he has a concussion history we took too long to get him out of the playoffs (nobody knows exactly where he got the concussion, only that it was several games earlier and he continued to play). I won't make that arguement here but I am just generally going to say that mismanagement of assets goes far and wide, from trades to acquisitions to our handling of injuries and, yeah. BT
  7. I will admit, you are right that it's easier to criticize. That's true. And yes the arguements I'm making have a higher probability of being right than constructive ones. But honestly even if we went halfway deep into the playoffs I think that would take my arguement away entirely. They wouldn't have to win the cup to do that. In that sense, the problem is exactly as you stated....to predict that the Flames will disappoint has Way too high a probability of being right. I put that on BT.
  8. Therein lies the problem, it has been so long since the Flames were dominant that the rules have changed and one can rationalize that it is no longer something to strive for. Being the best team in the NHL wasn't any easier then. It may have even been harder. But sure it can be rationalized to oblivion. I think there is a universal rule in effect that any of us can, if we choose, rationalize mediocrity at any given time. If you factor in all he variables and all the current factors, at any given time you should be able to rationalize why being average is ok. After all, average is the sum of all factors. Millennials have mastered this. The reality is that we all make a choice. To strive for the best or to rationalize that away and justify average. Every person and every organization has to make this choice. I look forward to when the Flames handle this choice differently.
  9. I would disagree, I would say that the best GMs of 2022 for instance, likely aren't NHL GMs right now and may not even be working in the NHL. they just need to be given a chance and our organization needs to know what to look for. And they would likely answer the call of any NHL team. As well, our organization needs to Want the best. Rather than just want to insure mediocrity for steady ticket sales.
  10. When I think of what to measure up to, I think of the 1989 Flames. A guy like Markstrom was our comparative backup goalies back then. Guys like Hamilton were regularly benched because we simply had too much depth and it didn't make sense to have everyone burnt out. Since the 1989 Flames nothing has come close to impressing me enough to use as a measuring stick, although the 2004 Flames were admittedly pretty great. I have a much more pessimistic evaluation of our team on paper and especially our team on the ice, but I do know that one day we will see the Stanley Cup back here. I don't think we come anywhere close to comparing to the 2004 Flames right now and even if we did I think we would need a small miracle to go that deep in the playoffs (and an entirely different team makeup). Our rating of BT isn't that different, I might give him a C or C-. But I don't see much point in keeping anything less than B+.
  11. I think what happens is you end up getting 20% less out of all your players (because they're being played off-position), and then the GM gets forced into a desperate trade where that player who's devalued by 20% is then traded at an additional 20% discount. So now we're basically looking at getting half of what we give. Not sure if it will go that far before they let BT go but....all signs do point to it.
  12. Who care indeed lol. Yes it's tricky rotating all the players to RW when it's not really the skill that got them into the NHL. It must...bother them...on some level although they are all of course team oriented.
  13. I would advocate for this, if I thought we were deep enough that imbalance was our only problem. Lacking depth and pipeline (imho), the loss of 20% could be felt just as much as the imbalance itself. And in my mind, I'm thinking from our issues for RHD first, then out from there. Tether out.
  14. Exactly this, it is what it is. Gaudreau isn't going to fall off the map. Maybe in the playoffs he will (which evidently management doesn't care about). As much as we should have traded him, Gaudreau is a world class talent unlike any other. The thought that we can just demote him and Dube and Mangiapane will fill that gap is entirely ludicrous. Dube has a Very small chance of stepping up more this year. Again with his size, I'm not counting on a big stepup. Tkachuk could potentially step up more, although he's already incredible as it is. Outside of those two, basically our entire forward roster can be expected to stay the same or decline this coming season and absolutely nobody is going to leapfrog what Gaudreau can do (other than Tkachuk who already did, but this absolutely doesn't help us because they're both LW). Does the core need to change? Yes. Did BT change the core? No, that's ludicrous. If anything at all he stacked us up with even more left wingers than we had before. We have half the NHL's left wing talent and basically nothing else worth mentioning on forward. The other thing missing in this article was defence and goaltending. There are still media types who think your left wing is your core.
  15. ok fair enough I said that wrong. But, Spencer didn't really knock it out of the park last year. The reason Dustin only played one game is because, well, that one game didn't go too great. We would like to think that will be different this year and if so there are lots of examples of both goalies getting >3-4 games (even if split)
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