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  1. jjgallow


    I agree with all of the above, but also it must be recognized that things go in cycles. It is extremely hard to rid the game of the physical component entirely. Going back over 60 years we have gone through many cycles of the league getting smaller, followed by some larger teams dominating for several years. And in the playoffs, it's most consistently physical. Maybe you can't pull some of the more questionable moves Regehr did, just like he couldn't afford to take some of the offensive chances players do now. But a young learnable Regehr, coming into this league now, I would like to see that. I'm talking about that relentless physical presence combined with high hockey IQ and skill. Keep in mind that he Was in fact a scorer earlier in his career. So he might be coached to be some hybrid of what we knew then and what is now. But that physical presence and defensive IQ...that I can't wait to see again.
  2. jjgallow


    Well and that's a good question...what impact would a Robyn Regehr have in today's NHL? Personally i think it's a lost art and he'd be devastatingly effective, but I have no way of validating that. It was refreshing, touching back to our topic, when defencemen established as much of a relationship with their goalie as their wingers.
  3. He would not have been my first choice either. A lot of other fantastic PTOs out there. that said, "there's no need for it" when referring to presence, i take some issue with. Listing 3 tough players out of 20 as a reason for not needing toughness is more a highlight of the other 17, imho. The fact that he listed off 3 Lefties, however, makes the right handers stand out even more.
  4. Tkachuk is worth every penny. There is no comparison to Gaudreau. Points wise, Tkachuk is doing things at 21 that Gaudreau didn't manage until he was 23. Goals wise...well, it took Gaudreau until 26 to be comparable. Then there's size, physical presence, etc. That said, I don't care whether they sign him or trade him. A player should consider taking a bit of a discount to stay in a great hockey city like he is in. If he's going to be greedy and won't do a bit of a deal, trade him. But get full value. Because he's for real.
  5. jjgallow


    I don't see the strength on defence that others do. As we approach the season start, I'll move to a more positive or at least neutral stance, so I'll not elaborate on my thoughts with our defence. But, I will say that after getting blown out in the playoffs, 50 shots against per game, it was incredible to see an immediate response "we need a better right winger", or "we just need a really good offensive center".. Literally this happened. When you look at a hockey team, you look from the net out. You address your goaltending. Now and more importantly for the future. Next you solidify you defence, your defensive pipeline, you team defence. When that's all down you start talking about forwards. Defence is ALWAYS the priority. Always. It's like making sure your car has tires, making sure you have shoes on when you go for a walk. Even if we Didn't get blown out defensively in the playoffs, we should Never be at point where we take defence lightly or think it's "ok" and move on to the dire situation on the wing.
  6. So, in a game like this, do you think McDavid would ever play? And, what are the rules regarding his ability to defect over the the Flames camp and claim refugee status?
  7. I am not sure the big names available are necessarily the best players available right now. Griffin is interesting only if we think we can do better with our Reinhart connection.... I'd ask the question why we don't look at freely available players nobody took a chance on for no apparent reason. How about a PTO for this guy? https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/245565/conner-mcdonald
  8. jjgallow


    Huh. The training on his own could be a good thing imho. We're not exactly world renowned for goaltender development. Glad he's in camp though.
  9. jjgallow


    So, Optimisim in this matter isn't my strength, so I will have to trust you The problem I find with breaking down stats into small numbers is you tend to find anomallies any which way which support your theory. 4 bad games is a huge percentage of the games he played... In my head must be 25% or higher that he fell apart in? What I see there is decline, with some hope in April but he didn't have many game there. I also see him getting worse when he plays more games. But now we're getting into sample sizes so small they admittedly don't mean much. Anyway, as the season approaches I'll be shutting my yap more until we've seen some action. I must admit last year's regular season went much better than I had expected. Didn't end that way, but still. There does come a point where you just have to have some hope.
  10. This works better for me without the context Frolik would be better, but I'd pull that trigger. Maybe with a pick coming our way.
  11. Completely agree. Mark it on the calendar. I was just posting about how there's opportunity to do with Swedes here, what the capitals did with Russians. Calgary does not do everything well. cough cough goaltending. But we do a good job with Swedes. Especially underperforming ones. (Puljujarvi actually has Swedish citizenship)
  12. If you watch the "Oil change" series, It's all there. Charging the net. Taking shots to the face. Putting yourself in dangerous positions. Playing injured is a major topic. Champions Always play in injured in the regular season. They've covered it. So quite frankly their organization is doing all the right things. These injuries are clearly just bad luck. Oh, and you can be sure they spent a lot of time with the players about their health and protecting themselves on the ice. That would have been behind the scenes though. Will be great when they release that footage.
  13. Probably just a coincidence that Edmonton has managed to critically injure nearly every major NHL talent coming into the NHL over the last 10 years. Just bad luck
  14. jjgallow


    Been a while since I made a happy post in here! Don't know much about him but the fact that they are making attempts to address this area is definitely encouraging Looking forward to reading up on him
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