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  1. To bring a hockey component into this, rightly or wrongly I feel like we witnessed a half-baked rebuild that was rushed to give the Flames a stronger fan base heading into election season. Had the Flames followed through fully with the rebuild I think we'd be one season a way from having one of the top 3 teams in the NHL. And that's extremely unlikely now. I like hockey. There is very little I need or love about the NHL, or Bettman, other than its association to hockey. As for the Flames ownership, it needs some new life breathed into it. It suffers from the same old school Oil business mentallity that Calgary needs to diversify from. I will continue to watch, play, and be a fan of hockey regardless of what happens with the NHL, with the Flames, or with the Flames ownership, or our politicians. Although if I had my druthers, I would certainly not miss the current Flames ownership if they decided to sell their shares. And Nenshi? I actually think he's doing the right thing here. Especially with an Olympics bid coming. But I don't consider him irreplaceable either. Not stressed. Hockey isn't going anywhere in my life, and neither are the great people who live here.
  2. I have to admire McDavid for not pulling a Lindros. When it would actually have been so much more understandable. It must be on his mind when he sees what Draisaitl signs for, and as other core players are shipped off. He's shown that he is loyal with character. But we all know the Oilers will test that.
  3. I can't speak for everyone, but I can honestly tell you at least for myself, that my thoughts on Edmonton are more frustration than joy with regards to their troubles. Like a dissapointing family member. As much as I'm a Flames fan, I would gladly cheer for Edmonton if they were deep in the playoffs and the Flames were out, as I did in 2006. I would welcome a "Battle of Alberta" rivalry of two contending teams. Unfortunately, neither are contenders. And I fear that Edmonton has systemic problems which will likely prevent them from being a contender for many years to come (with or without McDavid). I would much rather have that healthy rivalry and the occasional "Oilers suck!" post on here, until one Alberta team gets knocked out and it's all "Go Oilers/Flames!" after that. And to be honest, I have dissapointments with both Alberta teams. But with the Flames, it's more due to my own high standards for our City. With the Oilers, it is different. And I feel bad for the fans, because the only consistent word I can think to describe their organization now, and in the last 10 years, would be "Squander". That might seem like sour grapes after last year's improvement, but I promise you nothing could be further from the truth. It upsets me to see how many phenomenal talents and careers they have destroyed, and how many fans they've let down. And yeah, I wish McDavid was a Flame. But more than jealousy, it's a feelling of concern and dissapointment as a hockey fan that the Oilers organization will very likely impact his career the same way.
  4. I second this. With full respect to Larsson's plus/minus, but that just means he was playing good hockey. It doesn't mean he was an elite difference maker. I can't fault Bronco for having faith in his team, Especially after their huge improvement. But I would caution that many of their problems still exist. I totally get, as a fan, wanting to assume that last year was a "turning point". But the reality is that it was likely a "blip" on the screen where just enough right things went right (especially with McDavid) for them to turn in a better year. The same plagues will still wear on this team, and likely prevent last year from being labelled a "turning" point when we look back years from now.
  5. There were about a billion other ways of achieving that balance. And about a billion other reasons why they improved last year other than Larsson. The reason they made the trade they did is because of their horrible contracts. They had no choice. It's not that I don't respect his skills. It's that we're talking about a Taylor Hall trade. Along with every fan of every other team that didn't make the conference finals. The refs stole a game from the Oilers, but certainly not a series. To think that the Oilers were better than what they accomplished is exactly what it sounds like, as you know. If a balanced team is needed then I have no idea what the Oilers have been doing for the last 10 years. It's not That hard to make a balanced team. You don't need to lose Taylor Hall to balance your team. You lose guys like that when you can't manage your contracts. My issue with your arguement that they're improving with this stuff, is that they just did the exact same thing with Draisaitl that's going to force them to lose Hall and RNH. Massive long term overpayment based on hope. To a player they also messed the development up on (although they corrected their mitstake out of necessity, just in time). And the media's bought in. The articles now are Just as ridiculous as they were during "Oil Change". http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/over-ripe-dillon-simpson-is-ready-to-make-the-edmonton-oilers-right-now
  6. I think you're aiming too low, and you had it right the first time, imho. The Oilers improved a lot last year. So I get the optimism. But at the end of the day it's a trade no other team would make, other than out of desperation. And now they have to make another one with RNH. Doesn't leave you with much.
  7. Not good.
  8. That's Literally the comparable....exactly. I understand there are differences. But at the end of the day, yeah. Fair. It makes sense in one regard, and one regard only. Salary cap. The deal never would have happened otherwise. We're literally in the midst of watching the Oilers dismantle their last rebuild to make room for their new one. RNH next. If they don't learn from their past, not even McDavid will be enough to stop them from repeating their history.
  9. Seeing as neither of us are the GMs, I feel we are in the rather not-unique position to accuse whoever we want of overpayment You're absolutely right about Hamonic. We overpaid, and I've made my position very clear on that on the appropriate threads on this board. However: 1. If you take everything we gave up for him, it's still not Taylor Hall, and never will be. Not by a long shot. 2. Two wrongs don't make a right. 3. I only got into this because you suggested the Taylor Hall trade as a sign that the Oilers were making better decisions. Maybe. Maybe not. But at the end of the day, the kinds of decisions that dissapoint me the most with the Flames, are the kind that give Oilers fans a ray of hope, compared to all of the decisions made there. And that is essentially the difference between the two organizations. Not that I blame you for sticking up for your team.
  10. Well I can't disagree.... It's the only reason you haven't banned me from here about a dozen times
  11. 1. Those two sentences contradict each other 2. The only reason his point total was his second highest, as you know, was that he actually managed to play a full season that year Hall was at his peak in 2014, averaging over a point per game on the worst team in the league (some would argue they didn't even belong in the NHL), and he was continuing to improve (already 7th best in the league). Larsson will never, ever, ever, ever... Ever.... be at that level (ie., 7th best D in the league). Zero chance. Hall may or may not be. When we look back on his career, will Hall's peak be 2014? Or 2019? Could he be top 3 in the NHL? Possible. Could Larsson? Never. That's why the Oilers got such a "good deal". And I agree with you that the deal has merit. But only when you abandon all hope of the thought of getting Hall back on track in Edmonton. And that's the the kind of organization the Oilers are. Probably best they gave up.
  12. Societies do pendulum swings between free speech and correctness. We're leaning the way of correctness right now. Both have their place, and both have places where they don't belong. At the moment, we're seeing a lot of abuse of "correctness". That's a fantastic point about the free speech laws. I'd like to see some put in. Maybe after the next election?
  13. Eklund sucks. But you have to take some of the blame for listening to him in the first place, his reputation precedes.
  14. 100% true. Except an important piece left out: Everything you said above can also be said about Strome. It's not like they traded Eberle for a power forward. Strome's biggest weakness is a lack of physicality, and his second biggest weakness is a lack of defensive positioning. Eberle had 76 points in 78 games as a 22 year old, good for 16th overall in the NHL. Extremely hard to call that anything short of elite. You may be underestimating the degree to which the Oilers destroy players. Which will be just as true for McDavid and Strome as it was for Eberle.Even with Eberle's reduced output, however, it still vastly outpaces Strome. It's all the same weaknesses, with less of the offensive output. Totally agree. Also true of Strome. Rightfully so. But the Oilers played a big part in that development. He definitely "fit in" with the rest of what was going on. Their recent trades only look better because it is so hard to value Oilers players. Taylor Hall for instance. At his peak, you would need two Adam Larssons for the trade to make sense. But his play just continued to deteriorate, and deteriorate, to the point that Adam Larsson was a good deal. And also, the Oilers ready needed a boost in that position. So, yes, for who Taylor Hall is now, it's a fair trade. But in the big picture, still very dissapointing.