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  1. Well, both :/ And yes I'm a jerk for pointing it out, I know. I'm just frustrated. As pertains to this thread, the goaltending. How many times have we given our goalie pipeline a Darwinistic "good enough, maybe it'll sort itself out" attitude, picked one aging veteran, and riding him hard until nothing left of him? Kind of every season. I'm not here enough to debate this, I wish you all the greatest of luck with that, We need a new GM, a new goalie coach, and ...... Maybe we need someone new to hire our GM as well. Just so tired of seeing the same broken record.
  2. tys. sorry :/
  3. haven't had time to come in here and say it... will be brief.... Hamonic... Fire Treliving, said it from start it will be the end of him. saw some thing up there about "hands were tied", that's a load. gotta run, cheers
  4. So we go through this literally every year. At some point, one of our goalies plays half decently and we....always...run them into the ground. And then, we turn on them. Of course, we haven't turned on Smith yet. But the reason I say "yet", is we've literally done it with every goalie that's been in the Saddledome since Kipper. And each time, leading up to it, a lot of "this is different". So, let's be honest. When you break down "seems to be a cool customer"......... you're left with a whole lot of nothing. which has been the reason we've overplayed anyone else who's performed well.
  5. I would love nothing more to talk about the battle of alberta and how they swept us in the regular season leading up to the playoffs and all that jazz. I Really would. But here's the thing about the Battle of Alberta: It's a playoff reference, Not a regular season reference. I'm not happy that the Oilers suck this much. I am dissapointed. And I feel bad for their fans. This goes way beyond a few regular season matchups. Maybe it's in bad taste to be bashing them when they sweep us in the regular season. But seriously...in the big picture, this game was a dissapointment before it started because it will be the Last time we see the Oilers this season. Cause we ain't seeing them in the playoffs. Do I give them a pat on the back for their regular season sweep? I'm too dissapointed in them to do it personally. What would be my dream, is to see the Flames and the Oilers, both as contenders, battling it out in an Epic playoff series. I would of course cheer for the Flames, but ultimately root for whichever team came out of it alive. The fact that we're even talking about regular season "battles" is simply depressing to me. That's where I'm at with this.
  6. I like that he was just honest about how he felt, what happened, and what he saw. Not common in media. And when he does defend them, good on him. someone has to. Just glad it isn't me
  7. Not often I like someone from the media
  8. So far, very successful season for them
  9. You mean there is no wrong time? I don't see that as an issue. If Gillies is what we hope he is, he'll be in the NHL next year IMHO. And if he's not, that's another conversation. What to do with Gillies and Riitch both in the NHL? We cross that road when we get there. But the future glut won't be in the AHL. Or at least it shouldn't be. We are, after all, talking about next season (not this one). Parsons needs to prove he's ready for the AHL, on the other hand. Another road we'll cross when we get there (and haven't gotten there yet). No matter how you do the math we still need prospects. Without a doubt, Rittich could change the picture if he keeps doing what he's doing. But IMHO that picture only varies from : Needing prospects, to...Desperately needing them. We will see soon enough. In the meantime I think we should still be allowed to discuss prospects, with full creds to Rittich's recent play
  10. I would be okay with that, preferably younger ones. Roman Durny, for instance. Would need to see more of Rittich, he is in the Cinderalla phase right now where most NHL teams don't know him. Best scenario imho, is continue with the "surprise attack" where the Flames bring out Riittich last minute when the other team is prepared for Smith. The question is, will NHL teams learn faster about Rittich, or will Rittich learn faster about the NHL? The more time he is given as an unknown, the better his odds of adjusting. Because at some point the difficulty level he faces will increase substantially.
  11. Fair, I would suggest that maybe we are all interesting animals and NHL goalies just tend to stand out a bit more. Murray's having an off year, I don't know the details regarding his father and whether that does or doesn't factor into it, but most humans and most NHL forwards and defencemen also have off-years or months. When you're the last thing preventing a goal against, people notice more. I'm certainly not counting Gillies out, I just have high expectations for him. Generally, I have to admit that at this moment in time, things are looking much better in net for the Flames. All I will say is it is just that...a moment in time. Now even if things look this rosy, or even more rosy, by the end of season (which is far from a sure thing, to say the least), we will still need prospects and we will still need a pipeline and we won't be able to rely on any one single player to save us. So while my proposal of low risk prospects is very poorly timed, it is far to early to consider it invalid.
  12. Maybe I just had higher expectations for him. I would like to see top 5 by the end of this year. There was a time when he was extemely, extremely, highly rated. I would like to see him reclaim that. He is close but not there. I think he has the ability to be the best goalie in the AHL. I would settle for top 5. I'm certainly nowhere close to counting him out, I just think he can do more and needs to do more.
  13. It was an exaggeration Perhaps a tad early to call Parsons an AHLer, based on that ...one...game....maybe we can revisit this in a couple weeks Gillies needs to show another gear soon but of course, there is some hope there, yes. Just as not as much as we had originally "hoped" for Fair enough on Riitich. But even if he turns out to be the next Kipper we will still need prospects coming up. In basically all scenarios we will need this.
  14. You're right....I looked into it, he is elligible. With regards to his stats,....his stats are at least good if not great. He is playing in a men's league against ex NHLers, except his particular team has all 18 year old defencemen. The caliber he faces is somewhat between the AHL and NHL. And his team is the "under 20" team which gets pounded by the rest of the league. Put it this way: Tyler Parsons, our one shining hope, is almost a year older and, in the ECHL, which is easily One or Two calibers below. And his team has decent defence. And their save percentages are basically the same.
  15. So ....I stand corrected, yes, he is NHL draft elligible. That doesn't mean he'll get drafted, though. He would be an over-ager, so the PTO could still apply. If somobody offers him an ELC out of the blue, great, but I have doubts about this. For all the same reasons you have concerns with the Flames doing it.