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  1. I would agree, it's not black and white. I'd also like to add that perhaps things improved in that regard under Ward (ie., Mangiapane). I personally believe in Ward and I don't think he's ever gotten enough credit. He's just gradually risen to the top because of...well..competence. In terms of our development system, the more of these guys we have the better. I don't care how big our development system is...if it's all skill, that's great. Because I do believe the NHL, in general, undervalues smaller players and I support taking advantage of that in the draft. The idea, however, that you can just make an entire team of these players.....is a bit of an issue. It's just not doable, you do need to trade some off and the Flames have struggled there. Here's the thing. Mangiapane is a 6th round pick success story. If Pelletier turns out like him, and I'm thinking that's near his upside....it is....harder.....to call that a success story in the first round. I'm not going to call it a failure. But there are loads of these talented guys in every round, so to take them in first they have to be Really special and I just didn't personally see it with Pelletier. I'm happy to be proven wrong and I hope he does well.
  2. Really glad to have you back! I wish I had known sooner all I had to do was bash our first round picks to get you back in the fold, here I was wasting time in the goalie thread. I do absolutely agree with the last part of this..... as soon as the player looks strong enough for a 4th line role they get the player to change all their habits and develop them as a 4th line player. Gaudreau turned out so well in part because US college kept him out of our development system, or I swear he'd be a checker right now. Thanks very much for the feedback. You're more optimistic than me but sometimes that's not a bad thing lol
  3. I think myself or one of us got confused with the other player we were talking about, Adam Foote I'm really not trying to fully Satoshi Nakamoto on Pelletier, I'm just, you know...inclined that way. He wasn't an off-the-board pick, and I'm okay with drafting smaller talented players. But imho if you're going to go do that you go all-in, like Gaudreau...all or nothing. It hurts when your first round picks become 3rd and 4th line fillers in their prime. Not a waste per see, but....close. That's my issue with the "does everything well" breed in the first round. Bottom line is I'm glad we're stacked up for the 17th pick this year instead of 10+ teams later. And I still would not be opposed to an upgrade.
  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around responding to social distancing by gathering all fans, players, staff, flights etc together in one place.
  5. Those are good points, but are we expecting Pelletier to grow 7 inches taller and add 40 pounds of muscle with his age advantage? It was 5 points in 7 games including 3 goals, Anyway I don't want to bash our own prospects, I was just surprised and a year later seeing no real improvement from him. That's a massive concern I'll try and not think about. Bottom line is if Pellettier was doing what Foote did in WJC or what Lavoi is doing, everyone on here would be over the moon and ..we all know that
  6. ok well calling a team captain and absolute force in the world juniors a one trick pony could be seen as a bit biased by some unless the trick you're referring to is winning the world juniors. We're getting into a subjective area, and maybe I am just unhappy that we picked so late in the draft. admittedly Pelletier wasn't off the board. watching.
  7. Those were truly aweful picks, but were they Button's picks? Maybe they were, they are 20 years in history. All I know is the last few years the Flames have drafted pretty well and were pretty well aligned with Craig Button. Not sure who pulled who etc. In terms of doing many things well there's really one thing you want to be great at, and that's playoff hockey. Jakob gets rubbed out in playoff hockey and is ineffective. And we're talking juniors, not even AHL or NHL. So that pretty much tells you where it's headed. Plus the fact that he really didn't improve this season. It didn't have to be Lavoie, there were a Lot of players ranked higher. However you slice it, when you run down the list of teams that picked after the Flames most are in a much better position right now.
  8. maybe not the most welcome post, but it is interesting to see that the Flames drafted someone who wasn't in Craig Button's first round rankings (Pelletier). Unusual for the Flames to break rank with him, and after many successful drafts maybe a little alarming. I'll say it....a year into this and it looks like Craig Button, not the Flames, was right. FYI according to Button's list, the Flames should have drafted https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/335712/raphael-lavoie. I.....kind of...wish they did.
  9. It may not make sense but lucky for you I'm still willing to argue about it Detroit didn't have a pick when their arena was built. The lost it in the Datsyuk trade. NYI Detroit also didn't have a first-rounder when they built their arena (Datsyuk trade), and wasn't in financial harship or risk of moving. The following year it went to the nearly-bankrupt NJD. Islanders don't have any money problems. Although their arena isn't built yet and this year's lottery is up for grabs.
  10. Let's hope it is lol. Never worth downgrading picks, we know the solution would be a Gaudreau trade. Maybe that lands you similar fortune in the 2021 draft.
  11. What, Edmonton didn't make your "yes" list?? So, I have a rant. A good ol controverisal unfounded Rant. We're rebuilding. We're in denial but we are full on entering a rebuild. Bettman typically awards a first overall pick to the newest arena, that's us. (oh sorry I mean it's completely random). Here's the thing, I don't want to waste it on Lafreniere. He's just missing something. If I had my druthers I'd rather get the first overall pick in 2021, likely Aatu Raty. He's just better. And if anyone were to overtake his dominant lead, the players behind him are a little better too imho. I would love to see a rebuild start with world class goaltending and defence. Of the 2020 draft, I remain mostly interested in Askarov. Maybe Drysdale. Other franchise players will emerge but it's too hard to read right now and to start a rebuild off with an Askaraov would be just amazing. I do worry that our pick could use a slight upgrade to get him. I don't expect him to go top 10 but all the same we could stand to bump up a few spots. So.....yeah. I'm more interested in 2021. The "defence draft" so it's been called. Everyone says how deep 2020 is and, maybe. But I feel like 2021 has the cup winners. Bettman/Hockey Gods, please give us Askarov this year. I'm not sure how that's done but make it so. For 2021, we need to load up. Yes Bettman, we'll take first overall Aatu Raty please and thank you. After that 'd love to get a bunch of top-10 world class defencemen. Brandt Clarke. In particular. But there's many more. Let's pick up Askarov this season, and Drysdale if we can do a trade to get both. Next year Bettman can help us out with Aatu Raty and a couple incredible defencemen. Right so I'm only asking for 5 high-end first round picks in 2 years, I think that's totally reasonable Gaudreau would help that cause
  12. Well this I did not know. Myself, and ConnorFutureGM strongly disagree
  13. Newy's a big world-class center. And well... the NHL isn't as racist as it was so it's a little harder to swing a trade like that now. I'd full-on go for a similar prospect if we could though. Well he was our most valuable asset last year but we screwed that opportunity up imho, now Tkachuk is our most valuable asset. Most top NHL picks could be described that way, and quite frankly Gaudreau could be described as a top 6 player that can be a first line player in the regular season. Truth be told on LW, he's our 2nd liner right now. But to more accurately answer your question: Yeah I think we could pull off something like this. Especially if you trade with an older team for a 2021 pick. Because those teams all think they're going to be great in 2 years lol. I also think pick and a prospect is possible, or a package deal, or 2 picks. ...................................... Ok but seriously, yeah maybe it's a rebuild, but it Shouldn't be. If you do this consistently and make good trades for the future, after a couple seasons a trade like this Wouldn't be a rebuild trade because we'd have serious prospects knocking on the door. Which we don't. It's only a rebuild because we've neglected the prospect pool. And that said, really Tkachuk would fill that void. So there's an arguement that the impact would be very minimal.
  14. For the record I pretty adamantly hated that trade from the get go lol. but that's what I do 😉 The reality is that any team who wants Gaudreau cares about the now and is putting a premium on the now. You want to win the trade? You pretty much either have to trade for straight picks and wait. And maybe not even 2020 picks, if you Really want return for value you might be looking at 2021 picks. Trading for picks is the smart move. It's the only move where you have good odds of winning the trade.
  15. True. Completely true. But, goals could be fixed by increasing the net size, which would also level the playing field for goaltenders (currently they just stuff the little nets with giants who have large equipment). There would still be less turnovers but imho we could live without the turnovers if we had great playmaking, speed, more skills, and goals (bigger nets)
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