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  1. Completely agree and was even very kind of you not to mention McDavid and company. He was just in his prime at the wrong time for us. Anyway. I digress. Maybe he can move up in the organisation, or...really whatever he'd like to do I'm sure he'll find success. And of course, he doesn't need to hang his skates up right now by any means. Goalies and Defencemen draft approaches and we should be big players in it.
  2. ok I'm gonna say it. In terms of Gio, we can now say "held" us back. But I would argue that greed perhaps...something less admirable... held us back. We would not get a worthwhile return. Let him mentor. I was a strong strong advocate for trading him even 7 years ago, and we would have gotten huge returns. But for the bag of pucks we'd get now, I just don't even know that it's worth it considering the mentorship and leadership he does bring. I'd only trade him if he wanted that run at the SC. Things happen in slow motion on here, and people only want to trade players after there's no value left to trade. A couple years ago we could have named any price for Gaudreau when he peaked, as another example. So the funny thing....everyone on here is cool with trading Gio now. So I'm not sure there's really that much loyalty or human element in this. When he had real value...and a few years ago he sure did... anyone who suggested it was branded a traitor. I'm not sure that it's loyalty which makes good trades unpopular. I can't quite put my finger on it, but definitely unrealistic expectations come to mind. That Gio, or Gaudreau, will lead us to the promised land. It's the classic paradox of why almost nobody successfully buys low and sells high.
  3. jjgallow

    TIme Out

    You're doing the right thing. Take the time to hang out with your family and friends. Save the money for a nice trip or tuition for your kids. Donate to a charity, get involved with one. Join A Beer League Actually enjoy the game rather than watching others play it A good number of us have been fans since the Flames won the cup and before that. I'll admit I'm checked out. I post on here when I'm inbetween solving work related problems and I need to numb my mind with nonsense. There was a time that I was devout, passionate, obsessed. It's not healthy when you care more than the organisation does, which has become apparent. If you look on chat sites outside of this official one there are dozens and dozens of posts like yours of actual ticketholders just walking away and finding other purposes in either life, or finding other ways to appreciate hockey. Here's my bet. You'll be back. But only when Enough people (especially ticket holders) make the statement you're making. When the Flames see it in their bottom line, then and only then will they listen enough to get it. We'll see a cup here. Yes we will. But not many from the existing organisation will be around for it. As far as I am concerned, doing the best thing for yourself is also the best thing for the Flames, in the long run. It will get them where they need to be, sooner.
  4. well, you're doing the same thing with the coach. we can do a word count if you like but if what you describe is me then you're somewhere around 8x that on any given week. I'm just saying hey sure but how many coaches we gonna fire exactly? we already know how that goes.
  5. For a while now, I've been saying that we've Not been able to compete for many years. This becomes evident in the playoffs, which is the true measure of your team's strength. We've been sparring for a while now, and your point has always been sample size. It's just one game. It's just one playoff series. It's just one year. You're being blinded by stats. My point has always been look at the year to year similarities and how easily our team gets manipulated when games manner. There is truth in numbers. So you've always said something along the lines of we need more data to make the conclusion you're jumping to. I would argue that we have the data now. Consider the possibility that we were Never actually able to compete when it mattered. And that is simply now spreading to the regular season as key players age. Goaltending: We had lots of discussion about letting Calbot and his pennies salary go for the cap-killing Markstrom. I said look Talbot has better stats, subtract his injury and he has Always had better stats. By a LOT. People said things like "everyone knows Markstrom is better", and "Talbot is old" Right. So like EVERY SINGLE YEAR, Talbot is ahead of Markstrom and of course is right now. Actually way ahead. Ranked 15th in the NHL (Markstrom 35th). And let's be honest, Talbot played for Very defensively poor teams. For him to have better numbers on the teams he was on speaks volumes or should. So straight up, our Goals Against would be in the upper half of NHL rankings right now and we would have CAP space if we Simply weren't....stupid..and dropped the only goalie we had that was performing at all. That would Literally be the difference maker for us. Literally nobody would be criticising Treliving right now (except me) if he had just got this one Simple, simple thing right. And we'd be talking about playoffs instead of drafts. And that's just One of his many bone-headed moves which made no sense then or now. Again, this isn't a hindsight 20/20 thing. Both Talbot and Markstrom are currently doing exactly what they have always done and what we should expect they'd do. p.s....No goaltending plan, no goaltending pipeline. Treliving will just keep renting out our most important position until he's fired because he Does not Get it. Defence: Adam Fox and Hamilton. You know it was dumb. I know it was dumb. You like to provide objective reasons but it was Still dumb. You ask me when I'm going to move forward and let it go. My answer is ... Soon. Very soon. The moment Treliving is gone. And my answer was the same the moment those trades happened. Giordano and Brodie: We get nothing. And that is 100% Treliving. Coaches: I've already explained enough Treliving gaffes above to be the difference maker between us now, and us as a contender. Here's another prediction. When Ward gets fired, we're going to go on a ~10 game point streak and then sink Right back to where we are now with yet another dud coach. You want to blame coaches fine, but how many has Treliving gone through? It still points to the same place. Let's just remember that the NHL track record of success by firing coaches is incredibly bleak. Heck...if it worked, we'd be leading the NHL right now. Right Wingers and Centers: There aren't any. That's a fireable offense of any GM, on its own. Left Wingers: This is where Treliving shines. He has created the NHL's largest repository of talent in the NHL's least valuable position. Somehow, Gaudreau briefly cracked top 10 scorers, and could have brought us real value back to alleviate some of Treliving's other mistakes. He didn't act on this obvious move. Of course. Bottom line: You can't win a Stanley Cup with left wingers. Treliving needs to go.
  6. Yes, there is that much larger question of how do you rebuild well. And to be honest I don't have faith that current management can. So yes I'm of the camp that a rebuild needs to start with management changes. On the positive side though, I think our drafting has been okay. You know.... Feaster's record isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Surprisingly. Anyway. Yeah. I still support drafting Bennett. Although I admit it was a risky pick. I don't support how he was developed. The hard part about getting picks at the trade deadline is that you basically never get top 10 picks. Value is part of this. Another is simply that contenders don't have said picks. What could be possible though is a deal where we get a top prospect. That happens. I just hope it all gets figured out and the cup comes back where it belongs
  7. Great to hear you have patience That's really going to help with your ongoing support of the rebuild
  8. what a funny guy oh what just happened there lol... Sorry. But that was coming. It's out of my system now lol....no hard feellings.
  9. I think we have to be honest and say that a 5-6 year process is possible. We've seen Edmonton. Can it be shortened? Yes. but not down to one year. Basically this: Your first tank year, you pick up goalies and D in the first round (ideally RHS but what happens happens). Because they take longer to develop. If you disagree that's fine, but the 2021 draft is all about goalies and D, so, it's happening that way (thankfully). 2021 your top talent is 18 years old. 2022 you're picking up some centers etc, who will develop a little quicker. The reality is that you Hope your top end talent are impact players by the age of 21 or 22. If so, we're out of a rebuild in 2024 at the earliest. But just Barely out of a rebuild. 3 years is your minimum and 4-5 is more realistic. I think it's worth keeping in mind that the Reason we're here is because: 1. We cut our last rebuild short out of impatience 2. We didn't start it with goalies and D. And gave no consideration to RHS. Here's the good thing gents. It's less of a debate this time. We're tanking whether we like it or not. And Goalies and D are what's available in the draft. So we're doing it right this time even if fate has to drag us there.
  10. Hey man, I'm on board ok everyone we're NOT rebuilding lol. We are Simply tanking for the draft and trading away our best players for picks. Okay? That's all. Totally not a rebuild, Promise! Ahhhhh, buddy. We've had some good times and some bad. Ok mostly bad lol. You are still a little reluctant, but welcome aboard. It's inevitable and you are going to love it. It will beat the hell out of what we're being subjected to now. As long as we don't F it up like Edmonton does.
  11. That was an honest post, thanks. I think you actually embody many here. Letting go is hard ha. But the Flames are making it easier. I think that if you posted that in a game-day thread around the 5-1 loss mark, you'd get a lot of likes. But if you post it on an off-day or right before a game, it would be seen as treacherous. And that's...expected. but at some point, the game-day anger spills over into the off-days and fans start to go through a process not unlike a grieving process. I like hockey and I like Calgary and I want to see a cup here. I don't get attached to players, I get attached to my family and friends and I want to celebrate a cup with them on the red mile. so that's where I've always come from.
  12. It happened. Even the guys blocking me are on the same page now. It only took 9 years and 4 months lol. So here's a question..... When does this thread change from a negative thread to a constructive one? Rebuilds can actually be a very positive experience once we get past all the arguements about who screwed up etc. You get to watch some of the best talent in the world play for your city and come into their prime. I ... actually....agree with @cross16 lol. I don't think the tipping point is firing Ward. Whether he's good, or bad...firing him doesn't turn the corner. Is it firing... BT? Is it...draft day? Is it a rebuild statement from management? Is it selling for picks at the trade deadline? When does the mood shift? (if my memory serves me correctly I feel like we shifted our mood last time when we sold for picks at TD and then Feaster made an announcement)
  13. And I just liked one of your posts. Now I don't even know what to argue about.
  14. 2021 draft has another incredible goalie ranked in the top 10. Right there with Askarov the year before. And around that area it's loaded with franchise projected defencemen. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/394724/jesper-wallstedt Looking like one of them will be ours. A good move at the trade deadline and two of them could be.
  15. I cannot deny this. Few on here would call me optimistic. But the reality is that when I claim this to be a GM issue and not an ownership issue, I'm being optimistic. This is clearly beyond players and coaches, in my mind. And even if you blame the players/coaches, at some point it takes you back to the GM. I have to have some hope that a better GM could either solve this, or negotiate a better direction with owners. Which possibly comes down to finding a GM who can explain in business terms that building a championship team can generate similar or more revenue without unnacceptable risk levels. Or, they get strapped for cash and are forced to rebuild properly. I think we have to have some hope that his is a solvable problem while recognising that only ownership knows if this hope is warranted.
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