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  1. jjgallow

    the core

    It's not the only thing that's over. But with that comes new possibilities. As we approach the regular season I will become a tad less negative and a tad more supportive. Until roughly the trade deadline. We're going to be on the same side by then, whatever side that is
  2. jjgallow

    the core

  3. It's pretty funny when people think the government is planning something. Our government has never done that...ever. lol. Couldn't if they tried.
  4. You'll be chiming in with us soon enough lol. That's actually when the cheerleading stops Honestly I can't wait because it's nowhere but up from rock bottom.
  5. Go a little easy on peeps too though lol, Like.....if rotating coaches was the solution we'd surely have the cup by now. Same for Sutter pulling GM moves. The distance between your positivity and peep's objectivity is about .. 30 regular season games. Don't knock it cause you'll be there soon enough
  6. Anything is possible, if you want it bad enough
  7. You are a lot of fun right now because you veer on both sides of the road. Mad at the Flames, mad at the rebuilders..... And...if Head scout, angry at scouts.... I like it. A lot. lol. You have my vote for head scout
  8. ok. I am totally confused why anyone ever thought he was going to be cleared to play. Conditioning aside, How does that conversation go exactly? "Oh yes I see that the disc in your neck vertebrae which keeps your head on top of your body and attaches your brain to your spinal cord, is busted and needs replacing. Other than that you're good, enjoy the hockey season" what are we even talking about
  9. jjgallow

    the core

    At some point, we may need to face the reality that our current core is actually Coronato, maybe Wolf. But once we get over that fact we can at least see light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Clearly, this is a case of the Flames needing more LWers.
  11. Confirmed as optimistic. Not that this is a bad thing
  12. I'm offended. The funny party about this, and I mean I do get a kick out of it, is that we all talk about rebuilds, retools, tanking etc, like they are a choice. Like they are a decision we must make. That's so 2018.
  13. this is more or less my take as well. i mean we could have played harder but that wasn't the issue. I also think we're kidding ourselves a bit when our defence is below average, our goaltending is sub-par, we have no first line center or RW, and we say it's the 4th line's fault. The issue is our 4th line is playing 3rd line because there is no first line.
  14. Hey it saved them from getting magnetised
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