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  1. Well that's the other issue yes. Maybe it'll be resolved next year though, can always hope
  2. ok. well that sucks. I'm cool with him being the WHL this year, he still has a Lot to prove in the playoffs and i still think there's room to step it up a bit. But assuming he does prove what we want him to in the playoffs....
  3. Yeah they need to review those rules. His situation is a bit different too because of his size. I generally feel that smaller goalies are not given a fair chance due to a recent perception about them. He'd a US citizen....not sure if that opens up any possibilities
  4. Dustin Wolf really does look good so far. I would like to see him take thing up one level although I realize it's hard to do that when he's already the best in his league.
  5. I know we really need a 30-year old left winger, preferably one that turns over more pucks than they score, and preferably one that carries a hefty salary. We can't just waste our first round picks on drafting promising talented prospects. But if Mike Hoffman the only choice or are there other options out there?
  6. jjgallow


    Yes we definitely do know those risks and so do they. But they don't seem to care. They never have, actually. No matter how many players they injure and careers they destroy or shorten or harm, they just won't change. When the bad times come, people will say there's something wrong with the player. That's always my favourite part.
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  8. jjgallow


    Well we have some common ground here. Along with any young goaltender the Flames "develop"
  9. jjgallow


    It seems to be quite bad, yes. Flames had a 21-year old with a 6-3 record that also actually stopped pucks, and they're burying him for it. so now he's showing that same level of play in 2 different leagues this year. Winning games is the most important stat for a goalie IF they're stopping the puck. If not, can one .. Really take credit for it?
  10. jjgallow


    Easy I was just joking. We all know what 1 game means, that's not what I said or meant. No harm intended.
  11. jjgallow


    If you cut the part out out about "and last season", yes it would. Just like yours does the way I bolded it above
  12. jjgallow


    For the Flames? If he were developed properly there's a good chance he would be there now yes. Certainly less talented than him have made the jump at his age. Whether that can happen now is difficult to tell. I'm saying Zagidulin should not be there at all. And if the Flames Really were that high on him then they should have made some trades rather then just ruining the development and value of all their prospects. I'm saying their best performer over this season and last season (Nick Schneider) probably shouldn't have been shipped off to the ECHL as he is also the youngest and the one with the most potential. But I'm assuming the Flames looked at his height and will bury him based on that unless he forces this issue with shutout after shutout after shutout. the message they're sending him is "it doesn't matter how you perform we'll keep demoting you and fill your spots with older taller goalies who are worse". I don't see how anyone here can see it any other way, it is quite ridiculous and the very least they could have done is loaned him to another AHL team that would have Gladly taken him. It's sloppy, it's lazy, it's disrespectful. If there is a way the Flames can find to ensure the absolute lowest quality of goalie development, they Always find it. It's been going on for years and it's amazing that anyone even defends them anymore, we all know it's an issue. The choices are whether to be honest about it or not.
  13. jjgallow


    I did not know that having Rittich with mediocre NHL goaltending or less was considered a success. But I fear you are right and this is exactly how management is thinking right now.
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