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  1. I just saw this. I am at a loss for words.
  2. Games like these a great for fans. But not great for coaches.
  3. So how does this relate to the arena... Well, the right, doesn't see the point in creating massive debt Literally for entertainment The left, well, isn't really known to help out corporations. Except for nationalizing them (cough cough that recent pipeline buy, and now the railcars). If we want a new arena we need our economy to do better. Do we really need a new arena? Is another serious question. The "need" for an arena has mostly been described as a technical need, from non-technical business types. So, if we Must have an arena, imho two solutions lol: 1. Build a refinery 2. Nationalize the flames
  4. - The Sturgeon refinery will be very efficient and have a low environmental impact compared to other refineries that were buil 40+ years ago. The oil and gas industry does a poor job of selling this type of improvement. The environmental groups always seem to win the PR battles. I am not sure but, yeah, I believe the Sturgeon will work out quite nicely for carbon emissions in comparison to what is done now. Yes, definitely over-simplified, but if we have cheap gasoline or diesel we won't have to ship it far. If we have all the byproducts, we're the natural home to about 100 other industries. with oil production and refineries all in one spot with no shipping costs inbetween, we would be incredibly competitive.
  5. Sturgeon was a good start but too small and poorly managed. How much would it cost? $10-$15 billion probably, to shore up the price gap. Or, translated into the amount of money the province is losing right now per day: 6 months of losses at our current rate ($80 million per day) Let the government run or oversee construction, costs will double, and you're looking at the equivalent of 12 months. So say the refinery has a 50 year lifespan, and it saves you that much each year. The cost of the refinery is basically one of those 50 years. If poorly managed. I know the two arguements against it are: 1. Cheaper to do in China or India (but that gap is narrowing and highly unlikely to hold for the next 50 years) *if we refined it here, we would also create additional economies. So even if we don't save the full $80 million a day, we're also stimulating diversification in our revenues 2. Environment (sturgeon is the most environmentally friendly thing that's ever happened to refineries)
  6. On that note, Why haven't we just built a refinery? Just wondering how long we're going to rest our hopes on the rest of the world looking out for our best interests? I feel like this has been the slowest-motion and most predictable disaster ever. The whole concept on hanging the hopes of our economy on international cooperation over a hot topic. Sell oil cheap, the world will buy it cheap and isn't about to hold our hands out of it. Sell gasoline and by-products cheap, locally, and the economy will come to us. Or put this way, we have one of the most valuable if not the most valuable economic resources in the world. In one of the wealthiest and most capable and educated and developed places in the world. Any particular reason we're constantly falling on our faces managing it?
  7. If they can keep this up for 82 games (and I hope they do), I will gladly come on here, admit I was wrong about this season, and be their loudest fan in the post-season. We have seen a lot of positives in these first 25 games and the players have much to be proud of right now. Well done.
  8. lol, I will, thank you Good to see you all
  9. Isn't it, though?
  10. I agree with all of this. Except the part about not needing a goalie with good numbers.
  11. Haven't been around....is there actually a debate as to whether his Jersey is being retired? Not sure what they're thinking with the whole number supply. Players gonna be all tracked QR codes before you know it anyway
  12. Nobody will be happier than me if I'm wrong Glad to see the faith. I can appreciate your comment and I agree I am not helping, thus have remained scarce. We will win another cup one day and it will be awesome. I'll be here when it happens. (unlike our current gm)
  13. We did need a RW, that is true
  14. the Flames followed up a dissapointing season where clearly defence and goaltending were the biggest issues, by doing nothing, or actually downgrading in these areas, and overpaying in areas that were less of a concern. I don't mean in terms of positions, but in terms of defence. The Flames actually made a lot of progress getting Hamilton to finally play a complete game. Sent him off heading into his prime, and acquired a far more challenging project than Hamilton ever was. Hanifan is a big name that appeals to people who likes big names. He is young, he is talented, he is a massive defensive liability and many years ahead of him before that changes. If the intention was to rebuild, I could accept this trade as a very high risk move but potentially accomplishing objectives. If the intention was to be more competitive this year, then, once again, our management is incompetent and needs to go. These are not hockey decisions. This is getting really, really bad. And don't get me started on goaltending.
  15. I used to think goaltending and defense was our biggest weakness until I realized it was management.