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  1. If I am wrong, I will be the happiest guy in the world. But being wrong doesn't mean making the playoffs, it means doing well in them (disclaimer). Likewise, if you are "wrong" for lack of better words and it all goes down the tube, I know for a fact once it's forced on us you'd actually be pretty excited about the rebuild process (the drafting, the development, the moves). As would I. I guess we'll see.
  2. oh buddy...so do I. But I think it's really people just not appreciating my positive nature
  3. Well, I don't agree, but the nice thing is it's not about Ifs, but whens. We will win that cup, and we will rebuild. We're just debating what order it's coming in. If we gun up for the playoffs like many on here want, and you're right....well that would be epic. If we fail hard like we did last year (or worse)....well then it's all going to seem very obvious and we will in fact be forced into a rebuild. IMHO we should have already started it but I can wait a few more months. If we started the rebuild now, it would in theory be a lot easier and a lot less pain. On the other hand if we start it in the summer, there will be grounds to start it from the management level. Which is where I feel it needs to start.
  4. I will throw my hat in the ring here as the trade deadline slowly creeps up. Flames are doing okay but they are also doing worse than last year. In terms of the playoffs, we have made zero improvements to help our chances in that environment. Last year, the Flames surprised me. This year, they are pretty much in line with a team that was built for the regular season and peaked last year. My vote is to be a seller at the trade deadline imho. I know many others will understandably want to push for a playoff run. just saying my piece now as I feel it's early enough to make the call.
  5. sounds about right. Poor Wolf. Never stood a chance. But wow what a fantastic experience for him. I think he was in fact better than Spencer, at least that night.
  6. Was last night's game a one-off or did we judge too quickly?
  7. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukka, Etcetera
  8. jjgallow


    In times of uncertainty, or times of failure: One can kick the team while it's down, or one can defend it to its bitter end. What is the proper course of action? Both perspectives are needed. Both reality and hope are always needed. The only thing that is not needed is disdain or lack of respect for differing perspectives. At least, that's what I'd say if our discussions on here had a real world impact
  9. jjgallow


    Ah but you wouldn't. We've had but one decent goalie since the cup win, Kipper. And that was far from development. It's just not who you are and that's ok.
  10. Just noticed this thread, which imho is the topic of the biggest problem the Flames face right now, has gone dead for 2 months. Defense...it ain't sexy. Not loved. No matter how bad we get defensively we'll always respond with "we need another scorer" lol. On that note... Are we in on Lias Andersson?
  11. jjgallow


    He's 37, doing what 37 year olds do....never seen a goalie make such a bad decision on which team to sign with though. Unless he had no choice. Oilers doing what they do...
  12. I would agree that we are 1 or 2 players short of a top 6. More precisely 2. One top RW and one top center. Those are, unfortunately, two of the hardest positions to fill in hockey. And something Hall could never help with no matter how we assess his current abilities. You need that top center. You need that top RW. We need....focus lol. And before you even go after them, you're securing your D. Before you even secure your D situation, you're taking care of the goalie situation. So the goalie situation is step 1. D is step 2. Your forward lines are step 3. We haven't done step 1, we haven't done step 2, and Hall can't help us with step 3 not only because of his age and health but because of his position. But even if he could help us at step 3, it would be at our peril because we would surely be sacrificing step 1 and 2 (which have been skipped). Long road ahead.
  13. I will hope that you are right until we get a little closer to the trade deadline. Not much point until thinking otherwise until then
  14. Defense isn't something your team hides behind. Defense is your team. If you don't have defense, you don't really have a team.
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