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  1. That was one component of many, really none of the lines scored. Name the line, same thing. But that wasn't even our biggest problem, that goes back to what you said about Gio, and generally our defence. We were smoked on defence. The only thing I Can't think of to blame is goaltending, and goaltending also was not cup-worthy. Just, we were given good enough goaltending to win the series and still did not. robrob74 said it best: EVERYONE. At the same time though, some were worse than others. Bottom line, I don't think James Neal is going to solve the problem we have, no matter what you do with him. Yes, it's a worthy discussion topic. As are Most other players on our team right now. Many of which have high trade value. I'm just seeing the buy high, sell low mentality, potentially, and making a note on it.
  2. some random thoughts.... The James Neal thread is getting very popular, and right fully so with the contract. But, was James really our takeaway from the playoffs? Did we all watch that series and think..."yeah...James' fault. If only we could fix the James situation we would have won." I always find it funny how we beat around the bush and steer everyone clear of the biggest issues. And how it leads to a buy high, sell low cycle. James has low value right now, so we want to ship him (getting nothing back). Gaudreau has high value right now, was the actual problem (or a big piece of it, along with defence), and we want to keep him. Meanwhile we've got another initiative to bring Eberle on board. After what just happened...... anyway
  3. I'm splitting hairs, but, imho, it matters not what's in our system On the other hand, generally, in the world at large, there are less Good RH players. So they carry a premium at all levels. Which, we hope, is already calculated into the rankings. If that makes any sense. So I entirely disagree with you but I am absolutely splitting hairs for no particular reason My point about not caring what's in our system.... I think you always just go for the player you think would have the most value. ie.,... I think we should trade Gaudreau He's too small, he doesn't fit here in the playoffs. That's my opinion. But do I think we should have drafted him? Absolutely.
  4. Yup. Another option is of course not taking on the ridiculous contracts to begin with. But I'm sure BT will do it again this summer and we'll all be impressed. He needs one or two more totally ridiculous signings before he's completely screwed us over.
  5. IMHO the title of this thread should be "Brad Treliving" and whether to keep him. Punishing a player for an entirely predictable outcome won't make us better.
  6. I get this for the current team, but for a draft, why have any preference at all?
  7. I've given up on doubting 5-player deals with Toronto
  8. Brodie is for Sure a first rounder. I really think we should look at two things: 1. package deals. What does, Brodie+Gaudreau get us, for instance (just a random example). Would be nice to actually get the better pick, or the better player, out of a deal. That means you need to package. 2. 2020 draft. It's strong. real strong. And cheaper. Further out the pick, the cheaper they are.
  9. I would love this. I would Also be totally ok with getting it bumped to the 2020 draft. Which is also very strong, or stronger. A second chance on the lottery (which we lost this time).
  10. I think we should be the rebuilding team. I'd like to upgrade the pick. For the right deal. I also agree with the RHD suggestion, in terms of need (although I would say goalie is our top need). But, I see this as irrelevant. You go BPA. BPA always. Our only problem, is we get too attached lol. Gaudreau. Great BPA pick. Not a great face of a team in the playoffs.
  11. ok good point. Well, when he was given top line minutes, which wasn't often, I thought he did well.
  12. So, from the "blame management" perspective (sorry), 1. Sean Monahan: They played him injured through the regular season. Whhhhhaaaattt....... Then the official press release after the playoffs was that the team was healthy. Despite the actual fact that we know they played Rittich, and Monahan, injured in the regular season (and it showed). 1. They weren't honest (I get that they lied to protect player health, but could have also done this by resting them like a Normal NHL team) 2. They prioritized the regular season over the playoffs 3. We know of Two instances of this. And, referring to point 1, they weren't honest about either one. So unlikely they were the only two. 2. Matthew Tkachuk: I actually thought he did ok, and he even scored a goal or two, and an assist or two, which were somehow credited to other players. I would have liked to see what he could do with more minutes. I'll say this, he was better than most. They continued to give Gaudreau, Monahan the PP and key scoring minutes. Coach could not adapt to the new reallity. Not that it mattered, when we got smoked that bad. * Another comment, something to think about for all of us. We were, defensively, manhandled in that series. It was like we had no defencemen, it was actually some of the worst defence I have, Ever seen. And yet, consistently, the most common feedback on here is about offense. That's not even management's fault, that's our fault. All we seem to care about is offense. And, management delivered. With a team that ices 5 forwards.
  13. Now all we need to do is make sure only the Flames and Tampa get into the playoffs I like it! The last 5 years have been mostly mind boggling to me. Some really great things in terms of better drafting, and sometimes better development. But not much else. After Theo Fleury, I never expected us to be like "yeah what we should have done is go smaller". But .. we Literally did. Theo Fleury retires, whole hockey community says "can't win cup with that", and we're like: "hiring Feaster, Feaster says we should be smaller. Scrap this Sutter defence thing. 5 forwards on the ice. Smaller they are the more they can do. Goalies? those are weird, they just happen" And we've rode it ever since. It's really hard to deal with that. Should we have drafted Gaudreau? ABSOLUTELY. I fully supported it. I was a huge supporter of a number of smaller draft picks, including Mangiapane (before we even drafted him). But that is because I believe you take the best available player in the draft and sort the rest out in trades. I never thought.... we'd just Roll with all the small picks into the playoffs? And then trade our future first rounders? Honestly never dreamed. I will admit, I never dreamed we'd have such an incredible regular season. They fooled me there. But playoffs are playoffs. Bottom line: To everyone who says "give it a chance", we've been doing this in cycles for not just years, but almost decades now. Definition of insanity, man.
  14. I couldn't resist, I'm weak I've stated my cases, I feel we just don't have playoff personel. And never did, could have been forseen the moment we didn't take our goaltending pipeline seriously and though the "new NHL" meant relying on small forwards and defencemen who are essentially forwards. I have never seen the "New NHL" in the playoffs and don't expect to ever see it. There are too many ways to use your strength, legally, in this game. And there are too many ways to shut down the opponent when you collectively want it bad enough and have the right skills for it. To me there really is no other way at this point. but oh well
  15. Sorry, Which playoff year, again, out of the last 30, do we have to look at as a one-off? Do you mean 2004, or do you mean that we made them this year?