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  1. jjgallow


    Completely agree. My own assessment of Rittich is that he is a good backup goalie. So I see this as: We knew that overplaying Kipper, a clear 1A, gave us 1B performance or less and got worse as the season wore on. Now we're taking those learnings and applying then to a backup goalie, playing him hard at the start of the season. But I'm not blaming Rittich either. The bigger issues are that we don't have a 1A, don't have a plan to develop a 1A, and .... don't have the Defence. In the event that we got a 1A, and got defence to support him, then...yes... Overplaying would then be the next big concern.
  2. So say the headlines....and that would be a half-baked rebuild indeed. On the other hand, there is another scenario where the arena gets delayed and the Flames are forced to run at a low overhead while maintaining high value, all the while threatening to leave the city just as the city actually recovers and they eventually realize they're best staying put. That...scenario.... might make for a really decent rebuild.
  3. I love it when people out-do me on gloominess lol. Here's the thing....ulimately doing a full proper rebuild rather than a half-baked one......... isn't usually a hockey decision. It's a business one. The Flames made the right business decision doing their half-baked rebuild. We know that. Aweful hockey decision. Sound business decision. This time around, I have some hope that a proper rebuild may actually be a good business decision too. We shall see.
  4. I love a good rebuild. Really do. I can get behind a good one. And quite frankly...it's coming. So I'm looking forward to it. Smart organizations sell off some players still in their prime in order to ensure their future and manage their cap. They don't do this to start rebuilds. They do it precisely to avoid rebuilds. When we enter our next and perhaps greatest rebuild, people who don't like it can refer back to these threads where so many fans actually refused to accept any trade if it had Anything to do with losing a fan favorite...even if...it meant winning the trade. Our next rebuild will be epic, from the drafting to junior to the AHL and beyond. I can't wait. Good thing we kept these guys around well outside their trading value to ensure that.
  5. jjgallow


    I want to argue with you but you keep saying things that I agree with lol
  6. jjgallow


    While I don't agree past them being fine backups....I do agree about our defensive situation. There is a lot of finger pointing back and forth between G and D. And yes, typically the goalie does get balamed even if it's at least half or more the D's fault. Either way we're gonna need to up them both of we want to win a cup.
  7. jjgallow


    I would not want Lehner now, no. I had higher Hopes for him some years ago. Would still love to be wrong about Rittich
  8. jjgallow


    The thing is, I like Rittich too, for real I do... just...not as an NHL starter. I never understood the process they took with him and, it doesn't look like I ever will at this rate. Those guys are all getting old imho....there was a time I advocated for at least Lehner...many years agoo....I think we need to look for the Next Lehner/Holtby/Markstrom. A fresh start from the goaltender out. That's at least my take on it, and it's a rare draft year with a goalie that's nearly NHL ready who could easily drop to us. So you could very quickly make everyone happy. Outside of him, there's a steep dropoff in the draft and you're back to acquiring up and coming NHL goalies (or I'd be advocating that)
  9. jjgallow

    Ken King

    I have only met Mr. King a small handful of times and what I remember most is he treated me and everyone else as if he were extremely lucky to know them. An absolute rarity in his position and a true voice for our City. He was kind and generous and everything wholesome you could ask for in a person. He never let his position affect that. He raised his family the same way, something I was fortunate enough to see first hand. My heart goes out to them. An incredible Calgarian, father, and community leader.
  10. jjgallow


    I actually like Dustin Wolf very much and have repeatedly spoke of him highly on here. Unless we're talking about guaranteed NHL starter positions and then I've never liked any goalie prospect that much, is all. Wolf's a good prospect to have, if we had 3 of him I might have a different outlook here
  11. jjgallow


    before we even get to my statements you need to consider that you started off by saying "Wolf should be our #1 by then". Even if we were all very high on Wolf.. The certainty level in that statement is well outside of statistical likelihood.
  12. Amazing the parity these days. It's literally scary how close everyone is. And then in the playoffs it's like polar opposite of that.
  13. jjgallow


    Looking a little stagnated this year... Not that I'm giving up on him but I wouldn't begin to make any NHL assumptions with him at this point and Definitely no starter assumptions unless he has a surprise playoff performance. Brayden Holt at the age of 16 has almost identical stats as him on that team. Reminds me a lot of when Laurent Brossoit was in our good books with his great stats on a great team and the younger Tristan Jarry overtook him (in the WHL).
  14. jjgallow


    Well, Treliving did say that we need to rewatch, and then analyze after last year's late dropoff. This is just our rewatching season (of last season). Delivered as promised. Next year is our analyzing season. I am very confident that our goaltending situation will get addressed properly in the 2022/2023 season just like Treliving said.
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