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  1. As much as I hate the Canucks, and especially the Sedins, Daniel just doesn't seem like the type of player to out himself at risk to draw a penalty in a game they're already winning by a margin. It makes my hands hurt to write this but... He's smarter than that. As far as Byron goes, he's simply too tiny to be a dirty player. The whole incident was without ill intent.
  2. It'll be super lame if Johnny doesn't win this thing. He's clearly the superior player of the three. Also, it'll be less likely he goes back next season to try again.
  3. Whether he signs or not, there's got to be a way to end this BS of not having to play at least through your ELC with the team that took the chance on you. I've been waiting to see this kid in action forever and voted every day for him to win the Hobeybaker. Don't let us down Johnny!
  4. While it's too bad that Johnny Hockey didn't beat Paul Kariya's record, I think it's extremely impressive when you take into account how the game has changed since '92. Seriously, good for him. I'm a sucker for underdogs.
  5. Nobody wants to talk about this kid tying Kariya's record? Man, tough crowd. I know it's always best to curb enthusiasm when it comes to our prospects but I have no doubt this team's going to be even better, and even more exciting to watch next season. Mcdavid camp better get their crying towels handy, we won't be a lottery team.
  6. That's what I'm hoping for too. Just imagine playoff Monahan...
  7. Yeah I was checking that out too. It is pretty funny. At least it was until I started worrying that it could be us at some point. At least to a degree. I know it took a special kind of bed [mod edit] to get that poor team where it is now but we could make one or two of the same mistakes. I'm very cautious about getting on a high horse as a flames fan right now. We're playing great but we all know the standings take a while to normalize.
  8. Even with Burke on board, I still think out own rebuild will take a little longer than we'd like. So I'm a little tentative about mocking the oilers rebuild. When I really look at it I don't see any glaring differences between where they started their rebuild and our own. Tbh, our defensive prospects are a little underwhelming. Has anyone here seen enough from our goalies to say that one of them can come close to replacing kipper? I know we'll get there faster than the oil on the fact that we have better management alone. But it's going to get really boardinging uncomfortable before we see things change for the better. We have some great peices in place now but we have a looong way to go before we can mock any other teams struggle to get back in the playoffs.
  9. I just want to say that I now own a Flames 2004 stanley cup champion shirt.

    1. CastleMania


      I can only assume that you fond that village?

    2. Bastardsonofmacinnis


      Haha. Sort of. I found one at a textiles warehouse that was actually supposed to be sent to Sierra leone.

    3. aussie_kipper


      i own a Stanley Cup Champions key ring, bought in the Saddledome !

  10. That is pretty funny. " you have thousand questions but....we win "
  11. As far as I know, no other team has needed the first overall pick so many years in a row to avoid getting it again the next season. Yes, the hockey gods are clearly in your favor. Do I wish the flames were drafting Nail? Of course I do. I actually feel like with the team we have he'd actually make a difference. The kids your drafting are the best young players in the world. How is it possible you've drafted so many and they've made zero difference? You can cry injury all you want but many teams had more lost man hours this season than the oilers did. I get being excited about your future. But, wouldn't it be so much sweeter If it had been obtained through something other than being first at being the worst? Not trying to be a jerk. I just don't get it.
  12. I 100% agree with this. There's just no reason to have to watch a team lose year after years for picks. A lot of great players are found outside of the top ten and I think it's a flames specialty to find hidden gems.
  13. Hmm, I didn't know that. Very valid points. In that case it's too bad that dmen take so long to develop. You guys def could have used them this year. However I still stand behind my point that it's silly to argue about prospects in the first place as we have been generally drafting from different ends of the table. If it was possible to have both teams draft around 10th over a course of five years we could see which organization does a better job of it.
  14. Damn. You guys are pretty funny. On another note, comparing prospects is a little silly. I would say the Oil prospects are slightly better. But, shouldn't they be quite a bit better? I mean when a team relentlessly shi+s the bed year after year for good picks they should have more to show for it. Outside of RNH, Hall, and Eberle the Oilers young guys aren't showing me much. The barons are currently leading the ahl standings but are only 2 points ahead of the next team. They should be killing it. The heat are 7th overall in the west and are supposed to be "the bare cupboards" team.
  15. FF52 is one of the more respectable and hockey smart posters on these boards. You can say whatever you want about the guy but nobody can argue he knows his stuff. Anyway, Why would anyone who's not an Oiler fanboy willfully listen to an Oiler biased radio show? Quite honestly, if they're making any comparisons of the present Oilers team with that of the eighties Oilers, Nobody should be listening to it. I've never been an Oiler fan but that team was legendary. Today's Oilers, not so much. I guess if doing his job by putting on offer in on a much needed centre was falling on his knees, then I hope Feaster has knee pads and doesn't plan on standing for a while.