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  1. As much as I hate the Canucks, and especially the Sedins, Daniel just doesn't seem like the type of player to out himself at risk to draw a penalty in a game they're already winning by a margin. It makes my hands hurt to write this but... He's smarter than that. As far as Byron goes, he's simply too tiny to be a dirty player. The whole incident was without ill intent.
  2. It'll be super lame if Johnny doesn't win this thing. He's clearly the superior player of the three. Also, it'll be less likely he goes back next season to try again.
  3. Whether he signs or not, there's got to be a way to end this BS of not having to play at least through your ELC with the team that took the chance on you. I've been waiting to see this kid in action forever and voted every day for him to win the Hobeybaker. Don't let us down Johnny!
  4. While it's too bad that Johnny Hockey didn't beat Paul Kariya's record, I think it's extremely impressive when you take into account how the game has changed since '92. Seriously, good for him. I'm a sucker for underdogs.
  5. Nobody wants to talk about this kid tying Kariya's record? Man, tough crowd. I know it's always best to curb enthusiasm when it comes to our prospects but I have no doubt this team's going to be even better, and even more exciting to watch next season. Mcdavid camp better get their crying towels handy, we won't be a lottery team.
  6. I just want to say that I now own a Flames 2004 stanley cup champion shirt.

    1. CastleMania


      I can only assume that you fond that village?

    2. Bastardsonofmacinnis


      Haha. Sort of. I found one at a textiles warehouse that was actually supposed to be sent to Sierra leone.

    3. aussie_kipper


      i own a Stanley Cup Champions key ring, bought in the Saddledome !

  7. Thanks! You're not bad for an oilers fan ; )

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