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  1. The usually roaring to strenghten the position in a negotiation. barking dogs don't bite...
  2. cfreining


    Yep Cheersman, that was what I thought. Just used Gio as example... ;-)
  3. cfreining


    As far as I know you only can offer contract extensions during the last year of a contract. That is the reason why Gio can only be signed to an extension after July 1st, when the last year of his contract beginns.
  4. I cannot buy into the system of always trading players before the contract ends. Sometimes you get a lot even in the laat season, since it can help your prospects or rookies to develop and that is priceless. If you sell them for other prospects, can you be sure of the off ice development?
  5. I am not sure, but I had the feeling that Russel hat a couple of issues with the forecheck and made some bad plays. He had even during the season some problems. But on the other side he is a fearless blocker and maybe saved some other players back more often that way.....
  6. Wait... can we really evaluate him based on some trades he didn't do? I don't think so, since he needs a partner to trade. If you would have the first overall pick how much would you want in a trade to go down to the 4th overall pick? Remember, Feaster offered all first round picks from 2013 for the first overall and Colorado didn't accept. I am very happy with Monahan and I am not sure if MacKinnon is that much better. We don't know if BT tried to move up or if he tried other trades before the trade deadline. We only know what trades have been conducted.
  7. cfreining


    It just shows that our prospect pool is stacked, but not yet ready to go. Ortio had a bad night, but he came right back from injury. Other goalies would have been sent down for conditioning and to get back into the game. At the end we missed our top 4 D's and even if we could compensate the injury of Gio, all top 4 D was a bit too much. At the end it is done. We all wanted this game to mean nothing. Now it meant nothing and was just a showcase of our prospects and they need to be inserted carefully next season.
  8. Why was Seto a BAD gamble? Did it cost us the playoff? Did the contract get us in cap hell? Worst case: He plays in the AHL, best case: he gets picked from waiver when sent down. He was no locker room cancer or anything. I would even say Seto put pressure on the other players and they did surpass him, giving them the feeling to surpass an NHL player (more confidence).
  9. Schlemko had to get his stick on that puck, otherwise there would have been a Toronto player at the back door.
  10. Again a 1st rounder for Kessel..... And then we don't make the playoffs and win the lottery! Since with this deal we would disrupt the team chemistry. Backlund alone is worth more for the Flames right now. I say no to Kessel.
  11. cfreining


    You have seen his mask from last season with the ducks? That is Jonas Hiller.....
  12. cfreining


    Even if we do not know what depth we have at the goalie position, I am very optimistic that the goalie question will be solved the next 2 years. But Ortio shouldn't get a game on NHL level already. He is playing great in the AHL and he knows how to play in the AHL. Give him the feeling of the NHL without a game, that he knows what he has to develop, give the Flames coaching stuff a look at the prospect and show him the skills he needs for an NHL game. As someone has already mentioned he is just 22 and I don't think it will help his development, if he is thrown into an NHL game. I believe Ortio knows that he has a future with the Flames, if he will play before the Olympic break or not. Give him the first NHL game next season. No more mulligans!
  13. cfreining


    The "best player not in the NHL" wording only showed the desperation and helplessness of the Management. It shows that they couldn't land a top player in free agency. Cervenka didn't turn out the way they wanted (bad start as well with a shortened season and blood knotes). If he would have had a normal 4 week training camp, would he have been a better fit? We will never know. On the other side the risk was very low, so I liked the deal. Berra and Ramo. I like what I saw so far. They are missing consistency, but I think both have started to adjust to the NHL level. Are they top Goaltenders? No, are they good goaltenders? They may be able to reach that level this season. If goaltending masks a lot of issues, then the goaltender should not be the starting point of a rebuild. We need to fix the holes apropriately, then we can get a good or very good goaltender. If the rebuild should lead to a successful future, then nothing should be masked or covered.
  14. cfreining


    So, our goalie situation is pretty good. I believe the following will happen: Ramo will go back to the KHL next season. Berra will stay in Calgary to battle the starting position with Ortio. This tandem will be on fire, because they will push each other to get better. Gilles will be battling the winner of Ortio/Berra. The loser may be traded for a piece we need to be more successful. Kipper never had a backup that would push him to get better and become our work horse, not always to our advantage as our playoff stats after 2004 show. We now have a chance to give 2 goalies equal ice time in the first half or two thirds of the season and then make a decision, who will be the number one, if we are in the playoff race.
  15. cfreining


    JMac played well tonight, but I hope that Ramo will get the start against NJ. Since we are now a blue collar team, the training is the place to earn the spot. Whoever works hardest will get the start and I believe it will be Ramo on Friday.
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