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  1. Way too open for my task right now... It is the right time to find his Mojo
  2. Good Morning Calgary! Just in time to see the Flames goals.... Let's continue that way Rock and Roll the Yotes
  3. Good Morning Calgary! WOW... what a start! Let's have another half dozen for the Flames today! Oh and....
  4. The difference was who scored first. The last two meetings, we scored first pretty early, now it has been the Oilers with two quick ones within the first 2 minutes. Oilers came into this game with a huge win over the reigning Stanley Cup champion yesterday. They wanted to win more than we did, maybe after the 3 losses so far they were even desperately looking for that win. If we want to win the Stanley Cup we have to be able to deal such a game in a better fashion then we did today.
  5. This was a frustrating game. It looked like the Flames could turn it around when they got within 1, but then it was all Oilers.... Once in a while we have such bad games and we have to get rid of these ugly ones.
  6. Good Morning Calgary... A Bad start, started the stream wiuth the 2 zip goal... and Kassian... a Nighmare Still enough game left to turn it around. so....
  7. Now can we keep the tie for a moment longer...
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