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  1. What the hell was that press conference? This was a chance to represent the Flames view of what happened but there seemed to be no commitment to any genuine rebuke. And, while I agree hockey has changed in 10 years, this was nowhere near OK in 2009. Terrible performance!
  2. Woah, steady. Tanking season is not qiite here yet. Could always do everything to start winning again?
  3. The slow pace of this is concerning. I'm worried there may have been concerning behaviour at Calgary that they are now reviewing and possibly others who have allowed it to happen. Zero evidence for this, just a concern. His racial remarks on their own should lead to instant dismissal and you cannot have a coach assaulting his playing staff. He needs to be gone.
  4. I think he will be signed for under 7.5. Projections are tricky but he's trending up. He's treding like even 8x8 might be a bargain. We need to get him signed, hopefully at around 7.25, but either way, sign him long term.
  5. andymo


    I know, it was an ironic observation. I like a short term deal under the circumstances. Good work from BT
  6. andymo


    As of 2017-2018 we have ZERO NHL goalies signed......
  7. andymo


    I think Ortio believes it is time for him to play full time in the NHL. He may see that not qualifying him shows a lack of commitment that he will feel is symptomatic of his treatment last year. Being third wheel from the start and leaving it so long to play him despite abject goaltending from the other two probably demonstrated his future lies elsewhere. I don't think he signs a 2 way or anything else in Calgary. He can test his options is a few days. He might get a backup job somewhere or may end up in another league. We need to move on from Ortio if the organisation doesn't rate him highly enough to qualify him. I think BT will be looking at a young guy with potential who can learn alongside Elliott. It will be exciting to see what he comes up with...
  8. andymo


    I agree that if the Flames have no confidence in Ortio, there is no point in keeping him around and we need to bring in an alternative. I just listened to an interview from BT and he said someting luke "we will still be looking at other options. That's no disrespect the the guys we ready have, like Ortio". Burke also seemed pretty luke warm saying he had a terrible forst half but the form at the end of last year shows he could be a capable back up. Maybe they have already made up their minds.
  9. andymo


    I think you always need a contingency. But, in my opinion, he needs to be given a chance at the start of the season. Showing confidence in him could make a big difference, cos he's never really been shown that. A new coaching system may also be a benefit (although teething problems may be an issue early on). If he can't cut it given the right opportunities then we can trade for an alternative back up.
  10. andymo


    I think we should go with Ortio as backup. His NHL opportunities have been limited and in difficult situations. Had a great 5 game run then didn't get a look in for 12 months. Go with him as your backup from Day 1 and give him the opportunity to prove himself. You need to back him after the debacle last summer. He may be a genuine starter in 2-3 years or he may be a decent backup or career AHLer in 1. Time to find out...
  11. andymo


    With the Elliott acquisition there is no immediate need for another goalie, and with his cap hit we are solving another problem.
  12. andymo


    Elliott to Flames is blowing up Twitter...
  13. andymo


    Gillies is a very good prospect. He really could be another Matt Murray. But our search for a goalie cannot be just paving the way for his inevitable ascension. There is nothing inevitable about him reaching his ceiling. This goes for the vast majority of prospects and Gillies has missed almost a year. We should be looking to find a starter long term. That may mean a short term stop gap if the solution isn't available now rather than giving up assets and salary for a lesser option long term, but it shouldn't be a stop gap for Gillies to take over the reigns. If we have a good starter long term and Gillies does develop the way we all hope, this is not a bad thing.
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