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    My biggest free agent target would be Antti Raanta. Lundqvist is under contract until 2020 and the Rangers also have Hellberg, Skapski, and Halverson under contract for next year and probably can't afford the 3 mill per that Raanta would be asking, maybe even as much as 4.5 per as a free agent. Hard to say. But a Raanta - Ortio, 1-2 punch would be pretty solid and they could both feed off each other...
  2. Sorry, not to reply to myself, this is just for my reference only... Flames back at 0.500 since this post... Were 7-12-1 when this post was written. Only need to go 3-1-1 in the next 5 to match last years record, which was awful at the time, due to an 8 game losing skid last December Since the 24 game mark, the Flames defense is as follows... GP G A PTS +/_ Mark Giordano 6 1 3 4 +4 TJ Brodie 6 2 5 7 +6 Dennis Wideman 6 0 5 5 +1 Dougie Hamilton 6 1 4 5 +6 And I didn't even include Kris Russell, as he missed 3 games, but this here is the present 6 game win streak!
  3. Well, I was only able to catch the tail end of the 3rd through the shootout, but from the sounds of it, the defense was more in the play, like last season. Great goal by Hamilton. Hopefully this sparks some life to go on a tear. If the Flames can go 8-1 in their next 9, they would have an identical record that they had last year after 34 games. it's a stretch but not impossible. 4 more games in a row at home. Last December the Flames went on an 8 game losing skid. This December, the Flames go on a tear to get back in the playoff race! GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!
  4. Maybe all the NHL teams have figured out the Flames stretch pass this season which results in bad goals in the Flames end and lack of scoring opportunities. Has Gio fully recovered from his injury? Through 24 GP last season GP G A PTS +/- Mark Giordano 24 6 18 24 +12 TJ Brodie 24 5 15 20 +15 D. Wideman 24 8 5 13 +1 Through 24 GP this season Mark Giordano 24 5 3 8 -15 TJ Brodie 15 2 5 7 -2 D. Wideman 24 0 9 9 -9 So Calgary's top 3 dmen, THIS season combined, equate to Mark Giordano's point total through 24 games last season. This time last season, TJ Brodie was leading the NHL in +/- and the Flames top 3, combined a +28. This season, Captain Mark Giordano, is a team worst -15, and the top 3 combined is a -26. Flames top 3 had 18 goals at this time last season, compared to the 7 they have this season. Then they acquire Dougie Hamilton, who through 24 games last season... Dougie Hamiltion 24 5 9 14 +4 VS Dougie Hamilton 24 2 3 5 -6 It really is amazing how weak our back end has been this year compared to last. Not even a Miikka Kiprusoff could save us at this point.
  5. lol, yea definitely trolling I'm being realistic. The Flames are the 6th most expensive team in the NHL this season. Mostly due to goaltending. But when you factor in that Giordano will have an extra 3 million in cap hit next season, and Monahan, an extra 4.5 million, there is reason for concern if the Flames end up drafting in the top 5 again. While David Jones comes off the books. Somebody will have to replace Hudler if not resigned, adding an extra 5 million to Johnny Hockey's cap hit will bust us in the stretch. I'm not saying it will. Definitely not saying I want Gaudreau traded. I've been a fan of him long before you ever heard of him, most likely. But if he wants to move, and the Flames tank, it would probably be an option Burke/Treliving would consider. Just the business. Just my prediction.
  6. I heard much different stories. Mind you, it was from his uncle but I've known his uncle for some time. I was just talking about how Burke would think. Johnny was pushed off the puck quite a few times tonight, gave up a few turnovers, and was held off the score sheet for the 4th consecutive game. If the Flames don't make any progression and are looking at a top 5 pick themselves, I could just see them trading him to acquire a 2nd top 10 pick, as well as another 1st in 2017, and a prospect. Trust me, I hope not. But Burke is a big Monahan fan. Bennett is still a rookie. Out of the 3, Johnny Hockey is probably the odd man out. It is what it is.
  7. Nah, I'm just saying I know there was talk about him holding out and playing another year in College so he could choose his own destination and that New Jersey and Boston, topped his list. When you look at Gio at 6.75, Hamilton at 5.75, Brodie at 4.65, with a Monahan cap hit of 6.0 next year, that's already 23 million in 4 players, and in 2 years you have Bennett at a cap hit of 6.0. Add Gaudreau, that's 37 million in 6 players. If the Flames season continues to falter the way it has been going. I'm afraid to say, he would be the odd man out. Not that it makes any sense whatsoever, but that's just my prediction unfortunately.
  8. I hate to say it as I am a HUGE Johnny Hockey fan but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he was traded before year's end. He wants to be out east. His family wants him out east. And he's not a Brian Burke type player, the package would most likely include two 1sts and a prospect perhaps? New Jersey will most likely finish in the bottom 10, maybe Boston as well. It would be pretty hard to pass that up.
  9. Well that just absolutely stinks that Gio's on his way back to Calgary. As much as I want to see the Flames make the playoffs, I also want to see Gio win the Norris. Hopefully it's only 4 games.
  10. True, but by not announcing the status of Gio's injury, it opens the door to teams who may be looking to make some cap space and get the negotiations started. Had the Flames announced that Gio was done for the season, then, yes, other teams would hold bargaining power, but the Flames wanted an upgrade in their bottom 3 to begin with and by giving Engelland a bigger role, sheltered by Brodie, it could open the door for a bad contract, such as James Wisniewski or Mike Green with possibly Engelland going the other way. Gio was holding his wrist after the play. I was more worried about the knee, as well. I think his wrist is a little sore, and they are waiting to see the progression over the next couple days. I would NOT be surprised to see Giordano back in the line up come Tuesday.
  11. Does anyone think Gio's injury is more precautionary? Treliving was asked that if it was safe to say Gio's season was over, we would know today? Wideman was asked about playing without Gio and he responded, "Oh, Gio isn't playing tonight? Somebody said that"? Now that may be sarcastic, but from what I see is the Flames definitely do not want to take the chance of Gio injuring himself further and want to make sure he is 100% fine. The preliminary tests may show he is good to go, and perhaps, they want to further check on it. Gio is still on Long Island, that's also a good sign. Treliving confirmed if was "upper body" which is good news, which means his wrist I presume and not his knee. I would be more worried about his knee then his wrist. But on top of the Flames being extra careful, tonight's game is the last game before trade deadline for the Flames and with Gio out, maybe it might spark more interest from other teams in terms of a trade. Maybe this is a precautionary and strategical move by the Flames? We can only hope for the best. I am hoping to see Gio in the line up next Tues against Phily, along with another top 4 acquired by deadline day, in which it would look like Treliving would have to be more aggressive due to the "alleged" Giodano injury. The Treliving interview sounded oddly suspicious.
  12. Saweeeeeeeeeeett!!! Too bad it's replacing Tyler Johnson and not Sid the kid but I'll take itLight em up Johnny!!!!
  13. Damn you Chris Johnston!!!! AND SPORTSNET!!!
  14. I talk to his uncle every now and then and though they would like him to stay in Boston, they are fully supportive of him moving out west. But with his lack of size, there is still some building up in size and strength to be done. His family is mostly working class and I don't know that any of them have a college education. I think with him being 3 years out of 4, and with the potential that perhaps he is too small for the NHL, the college education is more of a necessity to him and an accomplishment in his family, just as much as hockey is. I don't think the value for him would be any less now, then this time next year, if we didn't think we could sign him. I'd say it's 50/50 right now whether he signs or stays in Boston, and that is no where near good enough. If the Bruins were interested in him, that would be his preferred choice, but Calgary is his 1st choice, only when he is ready.
  15. You are correct. Boston College pretty much have a 100% chance of playing in the tournament at the end of the month and into April. They are the 2nd ranked team in the states and ten teams get voted in plus those that win their league. So were looking closer to mid April before we can sign him but it wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to finish his schooling before joining the NHL. Even though many people say to trade him if he doesn't sign this year, I am pretty sure he wouldn't pull a Schultz if he went to school another year.
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