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  1. Personally I just think you only like what you want to hear. Face it the Flames suck, not as bad as the Oilers but almost. As for JH you made my argument. Home team matchups shut him right down. And what are you talking about in 3 years Lucic will hurt the Oilers. Who cares things change the team filled needs, solid defense brought in and arguably the best power forward in the league. And one more thing, the Flames dominated, right. Here and now you won 3 we won 2. Lets see what happens this year.
  2. Your right against Van he was good but against Anaheim a little bit heavier he was .6 gpg. Visually though in the Anaheim series he seemed to disapear.
  3. Actually I like Gaudreau but how did he do in the playoffs? A little bit of a Houdini(disappearing act), wasn't it when things got a little rough?
  4. That's awesome, you talk like the Flames are a perennial playoff contender.
  5. Its not totally devoid: Leon Draisaitl, Centre, 19 yrs, 6’2” 210lb, 2015 Memorial Cup Leading scorer and MVP, Drafted 3rd overall in 2014 Darnell Nurse, Defence, 20 yrs, 6’4” 205lb, 2015 World Junior Gold Medal and MVP, Drafted 7th overall in 2013 Griffin Reinhart, Defence, 21 yrs, 6’4” 212lb, 2014 Memorial Cup Champion, Drafted 4th overall in 2014 Larrent Brossoit, Goal, 22 yrs, 6’3” 202lb, Started all 4 games 2013 Memorial Cup was 1-3, Drafted 164th overall in 2011
  6. If it means anything the Oilers are slightly heavier than Calgary
  7. Just wondering what is your point? Are the Flames going to walk all over the Oilers like they were a sub-par AHL team? Please let me know. thanks
  8. Eberle figures the Oilers have a shot at the playoffs edit: sorry cannot get the link to work Ok this one works Eberle
  9. Hoppy had a little stick in mouth desease and had to miss a game and wear a cage for several games. It just came off last game or two. Sven's a keeper no doubt.
  10. What about Sven Baby, I was leaving a spot for him. Wasn't that nice of me?
  11. Are you going to feel silly when the Barons overtake the Heat, then you look at the league scoring leaders and see Oilers 1,2,3 and possibly a forth in the top 5?