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  1. If only that Kadri deal went through, that was a perfect deal. Goes to show Brodie can fetch a decent return. I wonder if BT and Fenton circle back at all on a deal for Zucker.. he would be a nice add.
  2. Squilliam89


    Very sad news. RIP Larry. Thank you to Carty and Pyro for all of your work, very kind and thoughtful. I will have a drink for him tonight.
  3. Lindholm's addition to the topline, Tkachuk progressing and becoming a star and Giordano playing like a monster!
  4. I think most people are scratching their heads with Prout getting in the lineup tonight, not the goalies. That said- hoping Prout can have a solid game.
  5. Hathaway got banged up in the Chicago game fighting Manning, he fell on his shoulder so maybe thats why
  6. Squilliam89


    Yeah I am sick of smith getting chance after chance. Its not fair to Rittich, and its not fair to the team. Playing from behind all the time makes everything more difficult. Based on the numbers, i have no idea why the coach doesn't just roll with Rittich for the next little while, as long as hes playing well and getting wins
  7. Why is Mike Smith starting They should be rewarding Rittich with an increase in play, i mean he got a shut out the last game he played. Frustrating. Also GFG!!! need this one
  8. I wouldn't even want to include Andersson lol. I think he has top pairing potential, he's already shown he's top 4 capable. Maybe Hamonic and Neal but Hamonic wants to stay out West.
  9. It was a great road game for the Flames. They dominated the game and Tkachuk was clutch once again. Rittich was fantastic as usual. I was going nuts when we scored with 50 seconds left lol.. i think the poeple below me got mad.. I was wearing my Tkachuk jersey too
  10. I'll be at the game tonight! GFG
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