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  1. Right because Nashville wants to allocate more money to their blueline? They could has interest in a stajan and someone like raymond would fit in there but theyre still going to want some value coming back because i doubt theyve given up on rinne yet.
  2. IMO kinkaid is both a worse prospect and goaltender than ortio. Hard Pass. I think Bishop os out of our price range with the big raise he will get in 2017. Andersson is the guy i want the most with great number, size and still young enough to develop into an elite tender....alas i doubt the ducks trade him to us. They probably target toronto or someone else out east. My top target this summer will be Brian Elliot. Hes having another terrific year and would be great in a 1A/1B system with ortio. Unfortunately i hate that system because its proven not to work come playoffs. The issue is we basically have no choice as no ones giving away a 65 game starting goalie. Atleast with Elliot we would create a winning culture without blowing up our pick/prospect pool and allow the immense goalie talent we have in our system to develop. Hopefully in 3 years weve draft/developed our own elite #1.
  3. I agree bishop is someone BT should be doing his homework on. A huge #1 goalie with playoff experience. Unfortunately he comes with a big contract that might be too difficult to afford without leaving holes elsewhere. Another situation im watching is in Anaheim. I would think you could probably steal one of their goalies for the right price. Anderssons RFA year end and will probably command a similar contract to Bishop.
  4. Could easily work in the opposite direction. Kane was investigated for rape and his reputation took a major hit, he responded by the most dominant season in a handful of years. Adversity builds a champion.
  5. DISGUSTING! Jimmys a choke artist and we want absolutely no part in him. Problem with jimmy is you dont know if youre gonna get the top 10 goaltender jimmy or the bantam aa goaltender jimmy. He is someone you want zero part in especially with that insane contract.
  6. Before we start selling off assets i think there are some key questions that need answering. #1: Can we realistically afford to sign an upgrade on Kris Russell in free agency? Playing next to Dougie, size and offensive skill really arent necessities. Russell is the safe defensive focused dman who can allow dougie to play up on the rush and help cover for some of dougies turnovers. The guys shot blocking ability is invaluable on the penalty kill and overall leadership and intelligence is key. I would guess he would give a hometown discount to stay and gives us a reliable #4 at what i think will be a steal of a price. I would estimate the contract on an upgrade in free agency to be around 5 million for atleast 3 years. #2: Is a 50 point Hudler good enough as our #1 RW? Like a few Flames i believe Hudlers simply having an off year and primed for a bounce back. I would like to throw out this and last year to really understand who Huds more likely is as a player. A consistant 20goal 50point player who had one of the only positive +/- in that horrible 13/14 season. He's certainly nothing flashy or special but he brings that consistancy, leadership and capable play for a discount price. I know we all thought he was out of our price range but i think after a weak season this year it brings his demands back to earth. My guess is hes in for somewhat of a raise but maxing out around 5 mill for 3 years. Again the question becomes can we realistically find an upgrade at RW for that price or afford to pay more? Sometimes the best Trade is the one we didnt make. Its tough to rely on continuity at the key positions after a part season of underachievement but the grass isnt always greener and in a case where we will have to make tough decisions with 3 massive upcoming raises for our forwards the resign route is often the cheapest way to go
  7. Ive always thought brodie was underated, and this year hes proven it. 2nd in the nhl in points, +6 on the year, and has visibly been near lights out defensively. He's not the flashy and sexy #1 everyone wants, but he's likely in the top 25 in the league as well as a very capable first pairing dman, and he's only now reaching his ceiling! I was very impressed by wotherspoon during his call-up last year. If he's playing at that level this early into his career it's not unreasonable to think he could become a solid top 4 in a number of years.
  8. I poorly explained my stance. My fear is ramo got hot after his injury and wont be able to sustain anything near what he did the latter part of this year. I guess its probably unlikely for a veteran(used loosely i know) goalie like ramo to get overly comfortable but im skeptical that hes as good as everyone thinks and dont want bb to put his eggs in that basket without seeing what available via free agency or bargain trade. I just hope burke tries to bring in more competition for ramo, and i definatly dont mean mcd (hackdonald).
  9. Strange he would put it that way and not say ramo earned a solid shot at starting. Ramo did well but competition is important for everyone. For all we know ramo come to training camp out of shape and or ortio blows him out of the water. It obvious if thats the case that everything will change, but i wouldnt mind us trying to sign a backup with potential to push ramo for the starting job on top of holding onto ortio and ramo
  10. They didn't ask to me moved as you insist. They were asked if they would move, It doesn't nessesarily mean they want out. There was never ever ever ever a viable report saying iginla or bouw or really anyone wanted out. The Flames finally decided on a rebuild and their top players (except kipper) complied. Some players actually show a trait called loyalty and one thing involved in loyalty is doing whats best for those you are loyal to, which is what iginla and jbo did. Although keeping Iginla runs the chance of him not resigning. There was nothing that ever said Calgary even offered Olli an extension, it doesn't mean it didn't happen though. Purely opinion here but I got the feeling we didn't because of his lack of conditioning not matching up with hartleys style along with his old age. Top is a tough word to define. I guess the last top by what i would consider your definition would be jbo, but even the hudler and wideman signings were big. Wideman was definatly a top 10 free agent this year and hudler wasn't far off that. You take into consideration that the flames were widely regarded as a team to fail by a lot of people it's always nice to pick up guys like that. I thought Shultz was your pp qb..? Anyways he's the one I have a problem with, that rule should be completely scrapped as it just loses credibility at the draft. A team spent their pick on him and he didn't even have the respect to show up. Good call on Erixon though, but his antics haven't exactly made him a well liked player by my observations. Why should shultz be any different. If I were in the league I would have no respect for a player like that. But unfortunatly that's all just my opinion.
  11. Hahaha, Iginla and Bouwmeester have both publicly said that feaster came to them asking if they would be open to trade and provide a list of teams. At no time was there any viable press release saying either of them wanted out. They both also commented on how sad they were to leave. Jokinen was reported time a time again that he wanted to come back to calgary. It seemed that feaster didn't want him and thats why he is no longer here. If you want some proof look at us deadline dumping him on NYR and then him resigning with us at a fair price a few months later. We consistently miss the playoffs yet continue to sign top free agents and have a high resign and loyalty rate. The fact that Iginla going to the pens over the bruins because of "player choice" will only raise the reputation of the calgary flames management and continue to make it a more desirable place to play. Before you say he made the choice because he had to waive, it would've been pretty easy for feaster to neglect mentioning that he had a satisfiable agreement with the pens to iggy. I won't deny our organization has made it's share of mistakes, but people like to play here and it's unlikely someone pulls a "too cool shultz" on us. I also certainly hope we don't draft anyone with the morals and arrogance of your new pp qb.
  12. We have sooooo many goalie's and are starting some what of a rebuild if not a total rebuild. I think we have time to wait until someone pans out since we won't be contending for a while. With the sheer numbers we have and some of the amazing #'s the young ones have put up I'm pretty confident with our goaltending situation. I will be perfectly fine without a proven starting goaltender for next year because unless we get crazy lucky in free agency we won't be in the playoff race anyways. One more thing is it will start a new reality that we can't rely on our goaltender to win us games.
  13. Only if theres some sort of hidden love affair with crosby. Hate to say it to a flyer fan but malkin is a great solid young player. Only reason I could see them doing this is in some sort of effort to blow it up and rebuild which makes zero sense for a team of there quality...although philly somewhat did it. To answer your question I say no.
  14. Time to start trading all of hall eberle rnh and so on for 2015 firsts.
  15. Hall vs Tanguay: Neither have proved that much but tangs has played more consistent then ever since joining the flames and hasn't missed near as many games as hall. I would still give it to hall, but untill he proves himself its not by as much as you might think Cammy vs RNH: Impossible to say untill RNH has more then one season under his belt and we see what cammy is like at center Iginla vs Eberle: Tough one but Iginlas a 11 consecutive year 30 goal scorer who leads a team. Eberle has only player two season and only one was over 50 pts, Ill admit he really impressed this season but it's tough to make assumptions that he will duplicate. At this point I go with iginla but not by too much. Yakupov vs Cervenka: Both rookies so its impossible to say. Gagner vs Backlund: Ill give you this one hands down for now. Hemsky vs Hudler: untill hemsky proves he is past his injury problems then you have to go with hudler. You have POTENTIAL to have a way better top 6, but its a real toss up right now as both teams are loaded with question marks.