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    How can anyone blame Ramo. He played great. It was the slugs in front of him that didn't show up. You can't play the better part of 2 periods inside your own zone and expect to win. Wideman should have bought a ticket to the game as all he did was watch byfulin (sp?). How many poor choice passes were attempted only to end up on the stick of the jets. A very poor performance
  2. We need to improve at D no doubt. The other thing is both Gio and Wides will be 32 yrs old next season. So when do you trade so you get something in return so people aren't complaining that the flames missed the best before date like with Iggy. Also for help what about Chara for short term. Boston was rumoured to have him on the block at trade deadline. And possibly Brent Burns out of San Jose. That's if they try to shake up the team - but that's probably a very long shot.
  3. I can't believe some of you guys think Russell is the weak link on that line. He spends a lot of time covering up for wide(open)man's mistakes. I would like to see the flames pick up another d-man as well for the 3/4 pairing but I would be putting wideopen to the 5/6 position and use him on the PP.
  4. When everyone in flames world collectively held their breath last night when Gio left the ice, it pointed out how badly we need more D prospects in the system. Hopefully at least 2 of our current prospects pan out to be at least 2nd line capable.
  5. swayze67


    Both Ramo and Berra have been playing very well but I think their success has a bit to do with the flames play in there own zone has improved some (not a lot-still needs a lot of work). If they could sign Berra to a 2 way contract (not sure if that is possible) then I would jump on it. Then they would have great options for the next couple of seasons. Bring up hot goalies and see what they are made of as well as send cold goaltenders down, and it would give them opportunities to see the other 2 goaltenders.
  6. swayze67


    I see Ramo is scheduled to play again tonight. I like that. Play the hot goaltender. You lose (which can be not his fault but..) your out and the other gets his chance. Get a friendly compettion going and the stronger survives. Maybe Hartley played Berra all those games to get his time equal to Ramo and now it's win or sit. It will be interesting to watch.
  7. swayze67


    I don't know how anyone can make any about the quality of any one of our goaltenders when our defensive zone play is so pathetic ( and not just the d-men or the rookies ). All the goaltenders are being sacrificed. That said I think Berra played great last night. I also think that the games should be split up some because how else do you see what Ramo has to offer. But Hartley does have his favorites and maybe for good reason ( or not ). I wonder if Ramo will give up at some point and head back to the KHL. And to think Gillies is the next coming of Kipper is giving him way to much credit at this point. Let's face it - he's playing college hockey.
  8. swayze67


    I'm not a Mac hater, but this is the way it should have started the season. We have a rebuild going so let the goaltenders decide their fate. It's too early into the season and rebuild to start worrying about goaltending. Let these goaltenders have the experience see how they fare. It is much the same as the forward/defense, everyone is on a trial until proven. And phoenix is right, the chances of finding another Kipper are rare. We need to focus our d-men on defending more. I think they have went a little too far on getting them on the rush. They need to play somewhere between a sutter style of game and Hartley' s style. Adding 2 defensive D-men wouldn't hurt either.
  9. swayze67


    I think there is more to the story such as a slight injury, poor performance in practices, etc. But I agree that it is a rebuild era so let him play and see what he has and wether he improves his game at all. I would play who wins if it were between ramo and berra, but with mac I would play the shift out of ramo.
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