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  1. What if we use Backlund as trade bait to bring back another top 4 dman. I personally think Lindholm at center can do all that Backlund can. Sign Hall. To Buffalo: Backlund To Calgary: Montour Leaves us with.... Hall(8) Monahan(6.375) Tkatchuk (7) Gaudreau(6.75) Lindholm (4.85) Mangiapane(3) Dube(770k) Bennett(2.5) Lucic(5.25) Gawdin(900k) Ryan(3.1) Reider(1.2) Gio(6.75) Andersson (4.5) Hanifin(4.95) Montour (3.5) Valimaki (900k) Yelesin(925k) Total cap: 71,150,000
  2. I've been thinking about trying to come up with some hockey trades... what about: To San Jose: To Calgary: Gaudeau Kane Monahan Meier Maybe San Jose adds. Cap is identical. Sign Hall. Play Bennett at center. Hall Lindholm Meier Kane Bennett Tkatchuk Dube Backlund Mangiapane Lucic Ryan Gawdin
  3. Here is what I would do: Winnipeg is in need of a second line center and some D, is Laine available... hopefully To Winnipeg: Backlund Hanifin 2nd To Calgary: Laine Roslovic Buffalo needs a changeup as much as we do... Is the return enough? Then to Buffalo: Monahan Gaudreau To Calgary: Reinhart Montour Mittelstadt 8th overall We would need to sign Hall Leaves us with: Hall(8m) Lindholm(4.85) Laine(6.75) Tkatchuk(7) Reinhart(5.5) Mangiapane(3) Dube(778k) Bennett(2.5) Roslovic (2.5) Lucic(5.25) Mittelstadt(900k) Gawdin(800k) Gio(6.75) Andersson(4.5) Valimaki(895k) Montour(3.5m) Kylington(900k) Yelesin(925k) I feel this makes us better. We have whoever is left at 8th overall as well as the potential for the third line to breakout. On defence, we get younger and less experienced, we would have the cap to resign Brodie if needed, or someone else. We are left with about 8mil in cap to sign a goalie.
  4. I’m loving the chemistry Bennett and Dube are building! They are flying tonight.
  5. I think for the Flames, if they are after Hall and the fit is there. The flat cap works in their favor. Potentially Halls value could be well below market value.
  6. No... as long as the player you choose was available at the Flames first pick.
  7. Here is my crack at it: LW C RW 1st Line Brad Marchand (2006) Patrice Bergeron (2003) David Pasternak (2014) 2nd Line Mathew Tkatchuk (2016) Mathew Barzal (2015) Nikita Kucherov (2011) 3rd Line Jamie Benn (2007) Ryan O'Reilly (2009) Mark Stone (2010) 4th Line Jakob Pelletier (2019) Sean Monahan (2013) Justin Williams (2000) LD RD 1st D Duncan Keith (2002) Kris Letang (2005) 2nd D Colton Parayko (2012) John Carlson (2008) 3rd D Juuso Valimaki (2017) Noah Dobson (2018) Starter Pekka Rinne (2004) Backup Mike Smith (2001)
  8. What if you were in charge of scouting and drafting for the Flames from the 2000 NHL entry draft until now, what would your roster look like?? Rules: Pick a player you would have selected with the 1st round pick from each draft year starting with the 2000 NHL draft. The player must have been drafted lower then the position the Flames own (Ex. In 2007 they owned the 24 overall, can only select the original pick (Backlund) or lower) Must pick 4 LW, 4 C, 4 RW, 3 RD, 3 LD and 2 goalies (Players must play their position, cannot have a team of all centers) For the years the Flames didn't have a pick assume they did: 2018 select a player 12 or lower 2015 select a player 15 or lower 2010 select a player 13 or lower Players must still be active Would be interesting to see what kind of teams everyone comes up with! Would this team contend for the cup?
  9. If Jack Quinn falls to us, I feel like its a no brainer. Gunler will be there and I think he would be a great add. Both these players are goal scorers, something our team really lacks.
  10. Jack Quinn would be a stud on the right side of Mony and Jonny.
  11. I agree on your assessment of Brodie, but I just don't see the need for Hamonic… If we sign him for 3.5 to play on the bottom pair then its Stone all over again. Our D is very good without him: Gio - Brodie Hanifin - Andersson Valimaki - Gus extra: Kylington, Yelesin, Forbot Now this being said, if the plan is to dangle Hanifin for a top 6 winger maybe signing him makes sense. But definitely not more then what you mentioned @3.5 x 2. Gio - Brodie Gus - Andersson Valimaki - Hamonic extra: Kylington, Yelesin, Forbot
  12. I like his shoot first mentality. We don't have many like that... the second Monahan goal was set up because of that.
  13. I agree with this 100%... I think it will also relieve the pressure from Gio to play in every situation. This will keep him fresh for the playoffs. Gustafson can play PP and Forbot can play PK... I think this makes our D very strong and balanced.
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