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  1. Me too lol
  2. I thought Rams had a hell of a game last night. Couple of questionable goals but man did he come up big when he had to. I think with Hartley saying that he was going to run with Ramo for a string of games has done wonders for his confidence. He knows there's no pressure, wondering if 1 bad goal is going to send him on a one way trip to the bench or minors.
  3. So is it safe to say that Johnny Gaudreau is the best player on this team? I think so. This young core has so much talent but JH just takes it to a whole new level.
  4. Less than stellar performance by Ramo tonight. No way this game should have been that close. I like the idea of hiring Burke as the new goalie coach. Treliving would be very familiar with his work.
  5. Agree. Gillies will run with the ball for a while I suspect. Going to be interesting to see how Ramo reacts to this. Will he be professional and take his lumps or will we see the uglier side as these things tend to go? Or..... Will someone take a flier on him and he stays in the NHL?
  6. Derek Wills ‏@Fan960Wills 4h4 hours ago #Flames Bob Hartley confirms that he will give Karri Ramo the start, that he will split up top line vs. #Capitals.
  7. Ramo may be interested in getting back in there but repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Time to shake things up. You don't think Ortio is chomping at the bit to get in there and turn things around for this team?
  9. +1 Couldn't agree more. Just doesn't make sense that they would keep this festering for so long.
  10. It's a frustrating situation to watch, I can just imagine how it is on all 3 goalies. That's a lot of pressure to put on them when they're trying to win you hockey games and getting you off to a good start to the season. I don't like and haven't liked the idea of carrying 3 goalies. I'm even less enamored with it today. It's a distraction this team doesn't need. As of right now I'm giving the organization a C- on this decision to keep all 3. I understand why it is, I just feel like something needs to be done sooner than later.
  11. I don't think the Flames can wait that long to be honest tmac. Yes, you're right when it comes to experience but I don't think you can let that interfere with Ortio's development. The only way to get experience is to actually play in games. It's clear that the Flames can't carry 3 tenders for the entire season so something has to give. Ortio may not be our future starter but we cannot say that for sure until we see what we have in him. Personally, and I said this before, Ortio should have at least got the first 5 starts so that the Flames could evaluate him. We know what we have in Hiller and Ramo. The problem lies in what we do when it comes to assignments. Sending any of the three to Stockton takes time away from Gillies and that's not conducive to developing goalies. The solution is to find a trading partner for either Ramo or Hiller. Personally I think it should be Ramo who gets traded the more I think about it. The Flames may have to take their lumps in a trade but I think you have to settle the goaltending situation sooner rather than later.
  12. Then there's always this.....Who would you rather have mentoring Ortio?
  13. Torie Peterson ‏@ToriePeterson 20m20 minutes ago Jon Gillies pitches a shutout in his professional debut - the @AHLHeat drubbed Rockford 7-0 tonight.
  14. Have to agree. Hiller looks to be more in control in the crease whereas Ramo has happy feet. They've only played 2 games. I knew that Ramo and Hiller would start the season off against the Canucks. Ortio will get his shot against St. Louis I believe, unless Hartley sticks by his you win you play rule.
  15. Lots of buzz on the interwebs about how a trade between Buffalo and Calgary is a match made in heaven. People are screaming to get this done and I'm one of them. Having 3 goalies is a distraction this club does not need right now. I've mostly been on board with trading Hiller personally but I'm starting to see the merits of Ramo being the odd man out as well. Ramo probably fetches you more in the way of picks and/or prospects and he has the friendlier cap hit. I'd be ok with packaging Raymond as well. Of course you'd probably have to eat some of his salary.