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  1. s4xon


    I'm on board for anything to shed Wideman's contract. If the target is a viable backup or an up and comer and Wideman plus a B prospect is the price, then so be it. I believe Fleury and Bishop negotiations are done with Calgary. I'd be surprised if either of those 2 ended up in Cowtown this season.
  2. s4xon


    Goalie list updated on the OP. Glad the brass addressed the starter issue with Elliot. Always liked the guy's playing style, and we'll see how he does with a new coach, and Calgary's D core implementing a new system. It'll be interesting who they sign as a backup. I've never been to high on Ortio, while others have. He's had his moments, but I've always likened him to Irving who just couldn't quite grab the reins. I hope they don't jump the gun and bring Gilles up for a few games. IMO I'd prefer to play the whole season in Stockton.
  3. s4xon


    E4 is practically a done deal.
  4. s4xon


    I wonder if there's a deal to be had for Fleury, now that he's had his 2nd cup, and with Murray stealing his spot. I could see Pitts looking to shed some salary.
  5. Hartley, you will be missed. Thanks for all the hard work, the playoff run, and your positive work ethic attitude. Also the Hartley-isms. They were a treat each interview. Good luck to you and your family!

    1. Krule


      Couldn't have said it any better!

    2. The_People1


      Thanks for the, like, memories!

    3. DirtyDeeds


      I'll miss him. The man loved his work and working for the Flames.

  6. s4xon


    There's two sides to the coin here. Ortio is doing really well as he's had consistent starts and has earned Hartley's favor for the time being. However, one could argue that he's playing in meaningless games at the end of a season when points don't really count towards the score card.
  7. Janko has looked really good in his debut. He's already got his first point, and Huska has nothing but good things to say about him. 3:16 - Janko's first professional assist Huska, Schneider, and Janko interviews
  8. Bring on the draft lottery already...so I can end this dream of Matthews coming to the Flames and get over waking up to him in an Oilers jersey.

    1. xstrike


      The dream has died.

  9. s4xon


    He's not my solution. I said he was a viable option, and I agree, it most likely won't happen this offseason. Bennett, Mony, Gaudreau, all are viable options. So are draft picks. So are prospects. So is cap space. Assets are assets. It's up to the GM to decide which ones are expendable for a need, and which ones are needed with the club. What would be your solution to starting goaltender needs, other than hoping Gillies pans out?
  10. s4xon


    Well, it's no secret that either wouldn't come cheap. Goalies, and starters at that, tend to come at a high price these days. The Flames do have a solid pocket full of picks they could deal with, and also a few players on hand that could potentially be dealt. The Flames won't be paired up with Gio forever. Like it or not. He's a viable option while his stock is at it's highest. Bishop has one more year on his contract at nearly 6 mil cap hit. With Stamkos looking like a possibility of exiting the club, they may look to retool on the fly. Andersen will be an RFA, and Gibson is already signed long term. Anything is possible if either the Ducks or the Bolts have needs in other areas and are willing to deal. I did forget to mention Raanta as well, from NY. He may be a doable FA signing if the Flames can entice him, and the Rangers don't put ink to paper with him before Free Agency.
  11. s4xon


    The only 2 I would love to see the Flames make a push for would be Bishop or Andersen. (or Mrazek, but that's a dream scenario lol). I keep hearing talk from Flames fans about Reimer, but I've never been high on the guy. If he couldn't make it with the Leafs, he's not going to be much better with the Flames. Other than the two mentioned above, I don't see much else in the way of future possibilities.
  12. s4xon


    Hoping this doesn't end the career of the guy. He really just started warming up, and I do much prefer his style of play over Hiller's. It's more attuned to Kipper's style.
  13. s4xon


    Trainer: "Where does it hurt, Karri!?" Ramo: "......youreleanaonmhdf........" Trainer: leans in - "What was that??" Ramo: "....you're...leaning...on...my...testic - uhhhhh!.."
  14. Why, all the best players not in the NHL of course Also, when your "best" assets are Nemisz, Wahl, Negrin, Howse, Erixon (mr. Flake himself), etc for almost a decade. Then we have a draft problem. I'd say it's gotten better over the years since then. The 2000's, minus a gem in Brodie, were abysmal. Even Bouma - injury laden, and Backlund - injuries and underperformance for most his tenure, haven't lived up to what they were "hyped" as at the draft. Granted, the draft is nothing but a hype party itself. See Connor McDavid.
  15. s4xon


    Personally I don't find it funny. As Flames fans, we were spoiled with the likes of Kipper and rode him into the sunset of his career. Now we finally see the benefits of having a 1st line center and star scoring winger, and a very capable and skilled top 3 D core, and we're left with a hole in our net. It's unfortunate really
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