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  1. Agreed. Especially because Hudler can play right wing as well... Besides, I don't believe it would be a good idea to trade Hudler based on the hope that Gaudreau turns out at the NHL level. Instead, see how he fares in training camp. If he earns a spot, play him in a third line LW role. If he plays lights out and you're struggling to find more icetime for him, THATS when you trade Hudler or someone else that is preventing him from getting more ice time. On an unrelated note, I would love it if we could resign Cammy and target Callahan in free agency. If that happened, our lines next year would look like the following: Cammy-Backs-Callahan GlenX-Stajan-Hudler Gaudreau-Mony-Colborne Bouma-Granlund-Byron Thats a fairly competitive forward group IMO. An actual NHL caliber top 6. Of course this is assuming Gaudreau makes the jump. It is also unrealistic as we will obviously insist upon dressing a dancing bear, and in addition it also leaves several players off the list, including: Our first round draft pick this year (assuming its a forward) David Jones TJ Galiardi Reinhart/Knight/Poirier/etc... The roster next year is gonna be very hard to predict... Total crapshoot!
  2. That would make more sense.
  3. Olivier Roy was just recalled from the Aces to Abbotsford. Anyone know what this is indicative of? Is one of Ortio/Macdonald hurt or might a trade involving one of our goaltenders be looming? I can't see Ortio being assigned to Alaska as he has been playing so well.
  4. This reply was just absolutely all over the place. Don't even know where to start to formulate a response, so I'm not gonna waste my time. QFT^^ Completely agree. And this is what I was trying to get it. Its way too early to be judging Ramos play, especially with our suspect D coverage, terrible PK, amount of penalties taken, etc... In my opinion he has done well with the defence that he has had in front of him. I think that if he can keep improving then we may have a reliable goalie to use as a stop-gap until one of our prospects emerges as a true star/starter. Agreed again.
  5. Those 52 NHL games are absolutely irrelevant IMO. Took place WAY too long ago, isn't even a factor imo. You say that you want to see consistency from him over 5 or 6 games in a row, but there is no evidence of that. Um, yah... thats probably because he has only played 3 games? And only 2 in a row. Give him a chance to show some consistency before you jump all over him, my god. I don't know what games you guys have been watching, but Ramo has been hung out to dry on most of the goals he has let in. Of course there are a couple of exceptions. But that isn't even to mention the atrocious PK we have and the riduclous amount of penalties we have been taking. His EV SV% is respectable. That gives me reason to believe that he has the ability to be a respectable goalie, and show consistency if given a chance. Disagree if you want, but I know you've had it out for him before he even played a game with the Flames, so I'll respectfully ignore your opinion until I see him play more.
  6. Way too small of sample size to be making conclusions like that. In my opinion Ramo has been good. Not great, but solid. There is only so much he can do, especially when our defence and defensive structure has just been in shambles of late. How many breakaways has he stopped? What do you expect him to do when an open man is left open right in front of the net, like the first goal last night, or the Burns goal in san jose, etc... Sending a goalie down after he has played THREE games with absolutely sh*t defences is ridiculous. Give him half the season before you even BEGIN to think of that.
  7. Who is the "we" that you refer too? Since we drafted him Feaster & Monny said his goal was to make the team this year... No idea what or who you're referring too. Whoah, easy man. I don't understand how saying a certain player is not "legendary" is so insulting to you, and I would actually agree with geos. Unless he progresses dramatically, he will never be crosby/ovechkin/stamkos grade (legendary). He might be a toews-grade player (some might consider him "legendary"). Which I think would be absolutely FANTASTIC and MAYBE even more crucial to our team then a crosby-type player (younger then cros & has won 1 cup more then cros). But I don't think there is much of a dispute that he doesn't possess the raw offensive skill that you see in crosby/stamkos/ovechkin/gretzky at this moment. So take it easy, geos really wasn't being that insulting... like, at all.
  8. Although that line sounds fantastic on paper, is highly HIGHLY skilled, and would be exciting to watch, I think it would be an absolutely awful idea to throw three rookies to the wolves like that. Would prefer to keep at least one vet with the young kids, otherwise your really just asking for it. Rookies should be sheltered by the vets & I think we have seen just how well that is working with the likes of stemp/hudler with baer/mono & gio/wides with brodes.
  9. I actually heard that he was closer to 200 lbs, if not over. If you watched the game last night then you'd see that while he may not be noticeable at first, he is definitely making an impact and deserves to be on the team. He is head and shoulders ahead of alot of the other players who will be on the team. No he can't go back to the heat. Also, he turns 19 a week into the regular season.
  10. I agree... No clue why he is stating this as a fact. In my opinion it looks like they have Ramo slated to be the starter and that its up to Berra to oust Macdonald from the backup seat.
  11. I completely agree. If he is ready then he deserves a spot, if he isn't ready then send him back. Point being there is still plenty of time to decide.
  12. Thats all I ask! Hahah. Gratts is excellent.
  13. . Best analogy EVER. Basically what he is saying tho lol
  14. I doubt that many of those make it to free agency tbh. But i get your point... if the "foreign" goalie route doesn't work out, then we do have options... especially with all the cap space we have now. I just don't want Feaster going and pulling a philly with bryzgalov...
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