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  1. Agree, especially you can get so good return today.
  2. Trocheck is TOTALLY WORTH it. End of the story.
  3. Maybe we should just get Toffoli instead, if you look at today's price.
  4. haha, is there anybody left for Flames to get? lol. Just so funny, we like waited, waited. Later BT will tell you that we believe in this group, just like last year. LOL.
  5. Vancouver beat Boston 9-3, and Toffoli score 2 goals. We can sit here to talk about we can't afford this, we can't afford that. While watching other teams in the same division blow us away. That's has been BT's problem at trade deadline. It's not like he is so careful about the trades and making us any better here. We are also low on draft picks too, while we are not getting any significant additions with very little cap space left. So anyone can tell me how our GM is doing a great job? Remember he is the GM got Neal in the first place and now we stuck with Lucic for the next 4 years. He is also the GM got Hamonic for pretty high price, now we might lose him for nothing. He also resign Stone after buying him out and let Fantenberg walk. Our GM is not buy low, sell high type. We usually waited our player decline until there is no value left. Like Bennett, Jankowski, Neal, soon be Brodie and Hamonic. Gosh even Hanifin trade value is declining everyday. If you look what he did in the last 2 years, he hasn't really improve the team much. Mangiapane is playing good hockey here, but he is not a power forward. BT didn't really give him a contract until very late. Now you have to resign him with much higher price in the summer. Other team can shut down our top line easily in the playoff and we already witnessed that last year and BT did nothing to address this problem. It's the same reason that Toronto is not doing well too, with bunch of high skilled but soft players. We need size, we need players not afraid standing in front of the net, blocking the shots. We need players that have work ethics. Honestly, Giordano is heart and soul of this hockey team, but I still think we should trade him in order to get some good return while we still can. Let him to have a chance to win the Stanley cup. We traded away Iginla, so I don't think anyone is untouchable here. To me, besides Tkachuk, Lindholm, Valimaki and Anderson, everyone can be sold in the summer. The problem with BT is that he always get players only looks good on paper, but not tough enough in reality.
  6. 6-1 Canucks is smoking Bruins tonight. So much for the top team in the East. If we can't win home games, then we don't deserve to be in the playoff. No more excuses.
  7. Yeah, Jeff Ward should listen to himself. Asking himself why Vancouver is leading Boston, 5-1 after 2. Instead of saying oh, we got unlucky tonight. We saw the games too, and they didn't play 60 minutes. We should have won that game with Boston last night.
  8. Forget about Hall, we are dropping in the conference fast. By now, we probably should be selling rather than adding. Vancouver smokes Boston, and both Predators and Coyotes win big games. The problem with our team is that we don't have any players on this team can make any difference. I really have problem with the comments our coach made last night, he was saying that we did okay by hang in there. It feels like losing by 1 goal to Boston is already pretty good. If this group of players still have no urgency after last year's early playoff exit, then I don't think they have learned a thing. Maybe they just don't deserve to be in the playoff this year. BT hasn't really helped this club either. Neal trade didn't happen in the trade deadline, so he has plenty time to study the player before he made the move. If you want to blame, BT is the one. You look Boston made big move to send David Backes contract with 1st round pick to get themselves more cap space. What we did? We stuck with Lucic for the next 4 years. We were always too conservative. Sometimes you just need to make bold move to win. Look Coyotes too, without Hall, this year they have no chance. Also VGS move out Eakin, that means they are going boost up their D again going into playoff. BT waited and waited, couldn't finish any trades. We may as well be sellers at deadline, at least we can start to rebuild next season.
  9. BT is in stress to make the deal this year. Last year he sat there and did nothing and it didn't work. This year if he still do nothing, then everyone knows BT is incapable to make any moves. You can't just stand there and watching all other teams around you get better. Team like Avalanche already too dangerous and they are still looking to add, and we are barely holding onto the last spot of wild card. The whole purpose of the entire season is playing into the playoff. BT has done nothing this year, not a new coach, not a new player besides Lucic. I mean Lucic is playing good lately, but do you even give him a chance to show his impact in the playoff. BT must make move, or he should get fired and making big changes in the summer. This team is low in confidence, they could use some help on offense and defense in the last 20 games to make a push. But please don't get another bottom 6 players, we already got too many of them. If you trade Brodie (which I think he should), then you need to bring D back in similar level to fill the duty slot. Whatever it takes to win, where is that attitude? Players also need GM to step in to give them a confidence boost. We probably don't have the right guys to go deep in the playoff, but if we add now we still have a chance to get into the playoff. Who knows what will happen once you are in it? Miracle happens sometimes. If BT don't add now, we have pretty low chance as the remain schedule is not too easy for the Flames.
  10. Just like last year, he wasn't able to get any deal done. Then he tell the press, we like the group, we believe in them. lol Last year we really had chance, this year we are not even close. I felt this whole club has this problem, from GM, coach down to players, doesn't know what to takes to get a win.
  11. I think the Flames should consider Kreider, he is type of players that Flames really miss. Of course the price probably too high, and we still need D. Not sure whoelse will make any difference for this team.
  12. That's the part I also can't udnerstand, why not bring up Czarnik? I think BT should trade Brodie when he still worth something. Especially you can get good return for D now. Jankowski, Rieder won't make any difference if you trade them away, because you are not gonna get any returns. We might get some return back from Bennett, Dube or Kylington and we may need to include the picks too. But most importantly this team need some help on offense and defense badly.
  13. BT needs to make a move now, we are in danger of not making the playoff. If we get some help, we probably still can win few games. We stick with the current group, we are joking with ourselves. Longer team, this team needs lot of changes.
  14. Tkachuk didn't play a good game. He is just too fancy against this Boston team, and I am not sure if he had any shots on goal tonight. Sometimes you just need to simplify the game, which I agree with you totally. Lucic actually playing well in the last couple weeks. But it seems we are like that, only few players step up in few nights, we just couldn't get everyone all at same time. Gosh Hanifin, so painful to watch him play too. Given we have high expectation on him when we trade away Hamilton.
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