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  1. What is likely chance to get a player like Laine at 22 years of age without top 3 first round pick in any particular year??? Does Calgary Flames has any slim chances to get into top 5 picks in the next few years? I hope not but likely zero chance too. Therefore getting Laine... it’s almost impossible even with offering like Hanifin + Dube. Laine is a 50+ scorer, not many in this league, no need to say more. I doubt Winnipeg Jet wants to trade Laine to same division rivals.
  2. Leivo is nice signing. Now it’s official Vancouver Canucks is the farm team of Calgary Flames. Lol. I am wondering if Flames is doing another big deal soon to ship out Hanifin and Ryan/Dube for possible Laine? What is the asking price of Winnipeg Jets for Laine? Good D + good prospect + 1st round draft pick? Would Winnipeg even consider to trade Laine to Calgary after they lost first round to the Flames? However it feels we got too many players now on bottom 6, it feels like a big trade is coming and it’s not involving JG.
  3. First Schmidt is way more than Tanev, they don’t play the same game. Second, if we are depending our scoring from the farm team, then we are really screwed.
  4. Yes, I agree lot of players don’t want to play for Canadian team because Tax issue and smaller market. Look Taylor Hall, so much for money doesn’t matter and winning is important. Then he goes to Buffalo for more money and possible not winning. We still need to upgrade our team. I don’t really see that we are getting better because the addition, maybe we are even worse on blue line. We add no fire power on forward and we probably lost PP QB and PK ability as well. So I am not sure that BT is thinking, because I don’t see the current team is anywhere near as playoff team. There are only 2 good RW left, Hoffman and Dadnov from Florida. I am not sure if we have any money to sign them. Lot of teams got upgrade this year for really cheap and short contract, and I am not sure why we couldn’t do any of it. Maybe as you said, nobody wants to come to play in Calgary. Seriously, nobody also think we have chance to win Stanley cup with current lineup. So BT, still got lot of work ahead you, make some magic, we need some scoring front and back.
  5. The only one gonna take discount is Hall. Hoffman, Toffoli and Haula are not gonna take pay cut and we are probably don’t have the money to sign any of those.
  6. Derek Forbert signs for 1M with Winnipeg. I am wondering why all the sudden we are all signing those expensive and long contracts? Haven’t we learn anything from James Neal deal yet signing those 30 years old players for long contracts. Guess we are not planning to win this year yet. Lol
  7. I think Toffoil is doable and I think that we really need another scoring forward especially on the right side. If we get Toffoil, at least we will have 2 good lines if our top line is not working sometimes. It’s still way better than now. Right now it’s very much same as last year, unless you want your goalie to bail you out every night. Haha.
  8. We still can’t win our playoff with our top line, they are just not dangerous to other team. We don’t have QB on power play. I hope our GM sees that.
  9. Tanev was signed for 2 reasons. 1. Making Markstrom comfortable in front of the net. 2. Helping to develop Valimaki. However we lost offence from this free agent season, we must add offence forward.
  10. Valimaki can’t be QB now, maybe in the future. We can always trade Hanifin, haha
  11. Markstrom said yesterday during the interview :” I believe that Calgary has got something really BIG going and I can’t wait to be part of it.” What can be really BIG than Markstrom himself? Do I hear Taylor Hall? Haha
  12. Craig Smith is gone at 3.1 x 3. let’s get Hall, then thinking something else. Lol
  13. We We got 6.5M cap space left, we can still ship out Derek Ryan or even Sam Bennett. The point is that you don’t get a chance to chase player like Taylor Hall every year. Now it’s right in front of you to grab him, so whatever it takes. Replacing JG by TH is probably a long-term approach, but I think that we need to win now. This is no way we lock TH for long-term deal now after those 2 deals we just did. So we are not gonna lose JG just in order to sign TH for short-term deal. It doesn’t make any sense.
  14. Yes money aside, we are must front running on Hall. It’s his hometown for God sake. Also we almost pull the deal last year with TH, even not considering trading JG away. How can’t we not do it now. You sign Hall now then ship JG in 1 year time. For now you keep them both and try to win the cup while GIO still here. I mean that got to be the plan right?! It doesn’t make any sense that we stop here. Toffoli is good but he is not TH. We don’t need another guy who can score 15 goals, we need someone who can put up 60 points. Look TB did, look the fire power they got. Remember the year Paul Kariya took 1M deal? Why TH can’t take 4M and trying to have a chance to win the cup in hometown.
  15. BT needs to do heck of job to convince TH to come to Calgary to win the Stanley cup and he has the elite goalie. For TH it’s winning, and he knows that he is not gonna get a big contract this year under flat salary cap. There are not many teams TH will consider either. Edmonton and Canucks don’t have the goalie or D to win the Stanley Cup. Toronto can’t afford him, not even 4M. Only Colorado has tons of cap space and can be a cup contender. But winning in hometown will be special for TH, he knows it. Calgary flames will look extremely good if TH signs cheap, he knows that we have a winning chance. For BT it’s winning now too before it will be too expensive to keep the core.
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