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  1. My point I’ve made numerous times! It irks me that more often than not, when talking about trades, Posters often state most trades of our players would require a huge sweetening of the pot; usually three of our players and/or prospects to one of whomever, regardless of skill level. Can Brodie go this year? Absolutely! But I would expect nothing less than a 2nd rounder by himself, if not more for a proven top for D that Shows versatility of playing both sides of the rink. I am not in favour of going for Virtanen. Anytime I’ve seen him, he’s shown to be an undisciplined hothead that causes more issues then he solves. Kadri is the same with far better skill sets, and we don’t need to spend more time killing stupid penalties. Mangepane can develop into a better version of what Vertanen can offer; grit, and intensity, but with better hands and vision.
  2. I would like to know why some have such a low opinion on kylington. What I have seen is a youngish skilled player with huge upside and a desire to learn. A lot of the concerns that were observed were improved or Corrected in Stockton. When called upon, he did exactly what was asked of him. Did he make some mistakes and/or errors in judgement, but didn’t Ras have similar criticism in his first year? I think so. I think it would be a mistake to dismiss him so soon. He will only get better, and as it stands, he already shows similar movement and skill set of a seasoned Brodie.
  3. Try dat! But as I recall, Lazar started off strong and then faded out. The argument was that Ottawa did not develop him properly. Sounds eerily familiar. Having said that, I still am not in favour of trading for P. I think we have the makings of a really good team. We have shown good relational pairings, and players that can be interchanged positively. BP has recognized that and isn’t afraid to mix it up to generate offence, or to shake a line out of apathy. I like our depth (except for Ryan, who I never liked as a signing), but still think Smith is too slow for today’s game.
  4. The only trade I think we need to address is with goaltending. We don’t need another “project “ like Pulijarvi-anyone remember Lazar?! If we need more right side depth, play Jankowski there. He played that a number of times in the minors, and when he’s been with players from the top line, stuff happens. Moving Neal to the top line to “jumpstart “ his scoring is ridiculous IMO. To me it’s rewarding complacency. Neal has to make things happen at any given line, with the time he’s given, to get the reward of bumping someone down, who is being successful on a particular line.
  5. This lends to my point exactly. He scored 18 and 18 in his first year. Not exactly a playmaker, but the hint of a playmaker. The big difference between Mony and Bennett lies in the hidden strengths. Most of Mony’s goals are from in front of the net. Bennett plants in the corner and tries to charge into the front. He needs to either place himself better or play with his head more in tune with the pass. Just a reminder that Mony also played his first while without Gaudreau, and scored goals the same way he does now. maybe this speaks more so of his hockey smarts and on ice vision, as well as understanding the role you need to accept in order to succeed in this league.
  6. And I can’t agree with you here. Calgary may have struggled with his development, but Bennett didn’t help himself at all. I still contend that Bennett’s problem is he plays selfishly. He tries to do too much by himself and as a result does very little effectively. Even last game; he may have been “buzzing”, but how many people did he help to create quality shots? His mindset needs to alter in order for him to become more effective.
  7. I find it interesting that we, as a team are willing to bend over backwards for Bennett given “three years of investment”-and Jankowski, who has less then a full year with the team is considered an afterthought, or “maxed out” with his ceiling. Yes, I’m a Jankowski fan in as much as he has done everything he has been asked to; and stepped up to every task assigned with a positive attitude and a desire to improve. I can’t say the same for Bennett. Jankowski has shown he could contribute and hold the third line center, as well as produce as a shooter. With all the talk of Bennett playing RW on the top line, why hasn’t Jankowski’s name come up in the same breath? He has shown, IMO, a better ability to act as a defensive playmaker for a top line then Bennett has.
  8. Go Stockton!!! Show us what you got! It’s good to see Poitier step up like he is.
  9. I was never a big fan of the Stewart pickup, but at the same time, it didn’t cost us anything. At the end of the season, have a nice day. i have been a Brodie fan from the beginning; especially after he was needed to support, and usually exceed Bowmeester’s play, which if people have forgotten as constantly criticizied. When he left, I can’t remember the amount of people stated his poor play was the result of being misused. Brodie is no different now. His play when placed on the right side was far superior, so for the love of Pete, play to his strengths, and play him on the right side!
  10. I tend to get frustrated at the inconsistency of people’s perception of how a draft pick should progress. Bennett had a good, but not outstanding first year. Lots of people stated he needed to be played at centre to progress. That proved to be a rash thought, as he struggled from the very start. Back on LW with good support and we see confidence and the start of progress and growth. Allow him to develop at his pace, people! Not all players develop at the same rate. I seem to recall that too often, people considered Backlund to be a waste of a draft and too slow in progressing; perhaps a draft failure. Good thing management didn’t listen! Backlund grew at the pace he needed to, and is now a prized shut down centre, leading one of the best 2 way lines in the league. Have patience, people. He is still barely 20, and has lots of growth left. He can play 3rd line with good players like Janko and Jagr, and gain from the time. What I see is the building of 3 really good lines right now, and the need to improve the fourth. Once that is complete, this team will be incredibly dangerous and successful.
  11. I struggle to accept the flak that Brode is taking. I recall when he was placed with Bowmeester, he actually appeared to be the better player. Nobody questioned his hockey IQ then. Even now, when we are talking of stabilizing a struggling player, the two defencemen mentioned are always Gio and Bodie. He's like the Swiss army knife of the Flames defence; used when a specific job is needed, or always on hand for another job. Keep in mind that neither He nor Gio is playing the game as they had been the previous 2 years; hence, their numbers won't be the same. BH's expectation of the defensive game is not the same as GG's. If Bodie is usually put with a partner that needs stabilizing, or a solid back up, how could we ever expect Brodie to ever do anything more than what he is doing right now. Half of his game is ensuring that his partner's not going to screw up and having his back if he does. as with any other human, he is going to make mistakes, but I think he is playing the game well with the hand he's been dealt.
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